The Rolling Girls – 11

The Rolling (3)

Ironman makes an appearance.

OH NOES! One more episode left of The Rolling girls, but I have faith they will give us a great final episode! Anyway I guess this is the longest arc of the series or I guess you could say the second half of the pirate arc since the first half followed Momo and her moms fighting each other.


Extra Rolling Girls

The Rolling (1)

Ai is the fastest girl alive.

The Rolling (2)

I thought she had a thicker skull.

The Rolling (4)

Yeah she could use a upgrade!

The Rolling (5)




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5 Responses to “The Rolling Girls – 11”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    I had forgotten this show harbored mechs. Definitely didn’t expect one to show up during the fight. No doubt Fosh enjoyed it. 😉

    Yeah, it’s clear as can be that the white haired guy working with the pirates is the professor from the space ship suffering amnesia. In other words, this means the sacrifice Chiaya’s mother made to save him was all for naught since all of them are far from home.

    Okay, that backstory on how Momo and Haru became foster mother and daughter. Now I really can’t stop comparing it to Momo Kyun Sword. Momo was even sent adrift down the river as a baby.

    • skylion says:

      We still have to figure out how they got shot down…then we can talk sacrifices….

      • BlackBriar says:

        True. Whatever caused it was a power similar to what people get when they become Bests. But that was before the stones fell to the earth.

  2. Irenesharda says:

    So, the pirate lady’s partner(Shima, I think?) is indeed the alien professor and Chiaya’s father? They do have the same eye color. 🙂 I’m guessing he got knocked back to Earth and lost his memory all these years. Does he even know he’s an alien? Also, if he’s that strong, are all member of his race that powerful? Chiaya? Her mother? That would be really awesome.

    The Momo and the peach story ended, with the demon leader being found out to be Momo’s mother, which was probably why her adopted mother didn’t want her to fight her. However, that ended pretty nicely once everything was explained and that the demon leader sacrificed herself to help the people.

    However, with the pirates, the three captives have escaped, but the lady leader is now able to activate a giant mech! So, next week, I’m guessing we’ll have a mech battle! Also, we’ll somehow have to have the professor regain his memories, find Chiaya and her mother, and hopefully they’ll all return home to their planet. Chiaya looks actually that she’s just happy to have spent time with her friends and to have made an impact. The professor continues to just look longingly in the direction of his home, even though he’s lost his memory, and Chiaya’s mother probably wants to return too. We only have one episode left, so let’s see how they end this.

    • skylion says:

      One of the things I didn’t share was how messy I felt the storylines were converging. It’s a good idea to parallel all the activities, but I kinda feel that they got a ladle too many in the soup…

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