The Rolling Girls – 10

The Rolling Girls (1)

Chiaya’s mom has the best glasses~

 Woooooooooooooo! Time for more Rolling Girls and just like most of the other shows we are near the end, but I have my fingers crossed for a interesting set of final episodes.


Extra Rolling girls

The Rolling Girls (3)

What a badass girl! She was great <3

The Rolling Girls (4)

I want a Chiaya-squid plushie.

The Rolling Girls (2)

These two need a spin off series. 

The Rolling Girls (5)



The Rolling Girls (6)

Dun dun dun! Who is the evil character?!



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6 Responses to “The Rolling Girls – 10”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Momo shall be defeated by the exalted Sith Lord, Ana. 😀

    • BlackBriar says:

      Too much blood rushing to her head. That challenge is reckless. The girl won’t stand a chance.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    So we have in all, 4 stories happening simultaneously within a 23 minute period of time. A bit much in my opinion. Interesting nonetheless, though. Let’s see if the show can manage juggling them all and doing a good job when there are only two more episodes remaining. I imagine the majority of the viewers would say everything’s going to be rushed from here on out.

    When Chiaya’s mom was told where the octopus pot she’s been searching for was, her pride had to have been hurt because it’s in the most obvious place. Searching far and wide for this elusive item and oh… it’s right under your nose.

    No denying Nozomi is fundamentally idealistic but it’s often misplaced in certain situations. Kaguya was in the right scolding her after the pirates made off with their license, the last shred of dignity that’s left. Nozomi just got into town so what would she, an outsider, know about what goes on in the area? At times, it’s irritating to see idealists do that, especially when they’re not up to speed on the circumstances.

    • skylion says:

      …and yet I still feel stories about idealists are valuable….

      I like the idea of four stories running into each other; other than that it made the show go by faster than I would have thought. And they’ve done the balancing quite well. It’s not as if the information given needs them to put brakes on…

  3. Irenesharda says:

    So, this episode, we see how Chiaya and her mother got to Earth (over 4 centuries ago?) and that Chiaya is actually the daughter of her adopted mother’s professor, whose life she saved over her own? They are a group of octopus people that seem to mostly keep human form except when hit or sleeping. And the all turn into little octopuses with flowers on their heads.

    We have two stories being told simultaneously, with Okayama on one end where Ai and Chi are, and then we have Hiroshima where the other two girls are, one in prison. The two stories are going to converge and both of our arguing rolling girls are going to learn lesson on what really makes a Best and what makes a Rest.

    And from what we saw from the president’s flashback, the hearts seem to be an after effect of when their ship crashed. And honestly, the way she called them “good luck charms” I’m wondering if they are really as powerful as we’ve been thinking they were.

    Also, like you guys said, I was suspecting that guy helping the pirates as being the professor too. It would explain a lot. So, what will be his response to seeing Chiaya again? And why is he doing this?

    This story will be the one that gets all of our characters together for the big finale.

    • skylion says:

      My guess is that the stones might be little more than charms to the President’s eyes. I mean, whatever effect they have on humans is probably rather mundane compared to what they are supposed to do….be the heart of their own little TARDIS….

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