Spring Anime Catalogue 2015


Welcome to METANORN’s Spring Anime Catalogue of 2015!

Holy crap, where did the last season go? I swear it felt like I just moved but the season is already changing and even when it’s nice spring flowers for most of you, I’m moving towards Winter but it should be all good. Spring Anime season however is usually as strong as Fall and there are some nice contenders like Fate/stay night: UBW and Gintama continuation (which is ALWAYS good), along with Shokugeki no Souma, Yamada-kun, Sidonia and maybe another nice instalment from MAPPA in Punch Line? Let’s see how the onslaught of new shows fair in sampling.
Hoorraaay Spring is here which means it’s once again time for a new season of fresh anime and for once we only have to worry about Assassination Classroom continuing on through the next season, but I will be honest and say that I am somewhat sad that there are no mechs besides Sidonia for a long time! Ah well I guess I can always look forward to more Gundam Origin OVAs in the future huh? Anyway this season looks fantastic with the likes of Gintama, Punch Line, Gunslinger Stratos, Food Wars, Yamada and the Seven Witches, Show By Rock, Houkago no Pleiades and High School DxD BorN! Yeah as usual I will probably try a lot of different series.
Holy LOLi! It’s finally Spring! And like most new seasons, the anticipation is high. It looks like we’ve got a well rounded batch of shows, with genre’s to please nearly anyone’s palate. There are quite a few interesting science fiction themed shows with Gunslinger Stratos and Plastic Memories , as well as fantasy style series with Dungeon ni and Yamada-kun looking like fun contenders. Toss in some drama, and magical girls, along with vampires, and food wars, and slice of life, there should be more than enough to keep us busy and happy til Summer….And yay, with this Seasonal Catalog, I’ve done a full years worth of duties here at Metanorn.
winter15-sumaSpring is here! Now, I admit I haven’t exactly been very active throughout the Winter season. But hopefully I will have more time to cover shows this time around. Anyway, this being one of the bigger seasons of the year, we can expect a packed schedule. From anticipated sequels and continuations for shows like Fate/Stay Night, High School DxD, Gintama, and even Nanoha to exciting new series like Food Wars and Yamada and the Seven Witches, there is sure to be something for everyone!
I’m a little afraid to get too excited about the upcoming season. There are shows that look good, but I feel like so many of them could go wrong. I was excited for Shokugeki no Soma…until I heard it was being animated by JC Staff. I want to be happy for more Fate/Stay Night but the first half of it was so miserably boring that I ended up only watching for the animation. Ninja Slayer also looks wonderfully fun, but it has a risk of wearing thin because of the inherently cheesy nature of the concept. But hey, anything could happen out there so we’ll have to wait and see!
I’m making MetaVerse a weekly podcast for the Spring ’15 season as myself and one co-host from the team will recap the week in anime with news and views on current episodes and extra discussion on anime; in essence, this replaces the mini-talks Fosh & I have done in past seasons while having more personalities appear and discussing more anime. This season is looking nice with a lot of great-looking shows across the spectrum; quite a few sequels of popular shows and some new adaptations that look nice. I’ve read Shokugeki no Soma and Triage X long before they reached this point, so I’m hopeful that they’re fun shows that we all can enjoy in the anime medium as I have in manga form.
Another spring season, another season of Utapri. Will it go full on BL this time? Time will tell… Well, I’m not overly interested in anything yet (I plan on just taking it easy and following other people’s recommendations this season), but things seem varied enough this season. Plus if all else fails, there’s always Fate/Stay.
To be honest, I’m way too excited for Fall season to be excited for super excited for Spring, but there’s still some promising series I’m looking forward to! I know Yamada and the Seven Witches is going to be a wacky ride from binge-reading the series a year ago, and of course Sidonia’s second season will provide some great mecha action. As for new series, Ore Monogatari and Seraph of the End are grabbing the most of my attention, though how long will a shoujo and a fantasy about evil vampires keep me entertained…?
It’s time for Spring! And while people say that Spring is generally the best anime season, this spring has to make up for last spring, which was generally underwhelming. More than that, we’re coming off a Winter that was just tremendous, so this Spring has a lot to live up to. There’s certainly things that look like fun, and at least I didn’t see 4 YoshiMatsu harem animes (yet). I guess he knows better than to go up against Issei Hyoudou!

Now that you have heard from the team, enjoy our list meticulously categorised for your viewing pleasure. Much appreciation for the Metanorn Team members, who took time to compile this list and a big shoutout to the Metanorn community, who are awesome as always.




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    Shokugeki no Souma! i need to see live foodgasm’s!
    the anime i’ve been waiting for…a really long time actually

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