Dog Days ” – 10


Lot’s of pics I could have used, but I just like Sharl….

Welcome back to Flonyard everyone! So what kind of goofy fun are we up to this week? Spoiler alert….there is no clothing damage, and there is still no Eclair….

The Sky Priestess and the Star People


That is one big miko!

It’s a good thing Flonyard has the market corned on demon fighters, cause this place surely needs them these days. ‘Cause like a hydra, when you cut down one head, many more pop up to take it’s place. And like so many of the occasions we’ve seen involving demon incursion, this one has a vector of sorts, if that’s what the surprise “villain” of the arc turns out to be.

I think this one fired on a few more cylinders than the last episode. My complaint of the Star Whale interior being littered with bland locations has been addressed in the form of the Mermaid grove. This is more like it, and in retrospect it actually kinda feels like a console RPG in that you’ve got to slog through the tunnels to get to the good parts. It’s also quite cool that they’ve underlined the fact that Le Grande Marnier Troupe visited them before, and a legacy of the Sky and the Land having a connection. Because one big cuddle puddle is the Dog Days way….

Well, we’ve got a bevy of new characters, something the Dog Day’s franchise never seems to run out of. Along with a heaping helping of cute, but sickened with demon poisoning, mermaid  we’ve got the Big Sky Miko herself, Farine. Like many of her sister’s in the cause, this one is ready and able to knock the demons down more than a few pegs. Adding into the mix we get a bit more into Aria character, as it seems she is the song that is the cure for all that ails the Star Whale. Not forgetting to mention the Colour Bodyguards gossiping of Gaul; oh they all have him in the childhood friend zone, and they are shipping him with Aria already. If Leaf wasn’t bro-ing up the possible BL. But romance aside, the little mermaid is the key, if she only had a voice. Now, show of comments, how many of you instantly thought of Milliore? I know I did.


Even a recording of her is magic healing….

It’s all fun and games inside the Star Whale

Show ▼

Meet Verde

Well we have to have our bad guy of the piece, and since the show grooves on demon tainted possible-protagonists, I’m going with the idea that this hapless, yet very powerful and jealous fellow is something of a pretty decent egg. Perhaps he grew to clingy and the demons, that the Giant Star Whale like eats out of the sky like a cosmic vacuum cleaner, got their usual possession point in that process. But before any of that conjecture is answered someone has to kick his ass, as that has been his mustard since he showed his really creepy face.


Cause nothing about this doesn’t scream control freak!

Alright, that was a pretty good ending, leaving us with just the right tense note. With two of the hero’s en route to fetch the Royal Back-up, and one would assume a portable idol stage for Milliore (airlifted by the Pastilliage forces). Can music sooth the savage beasts, and can this demonic problem be resolved? We’ll find out next time….


If Aria is a mermaid, is Verde an octopus-dude? 



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13 Responses to “Dog Days ” – 10”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Mmm… Pettanko. :3 Pettan pettan tsurupettan~

    Also, at least we have a bacon snacke this week.

  2. zztop says:

    2-3 more episodes left, and the writers bring in a new Verde? They must be very confident for another season!

    • skylion says:

      I think it’s three more episodes, as the prior series each had thirteen.

      …if I recall, both Val and Addy were brought in rather late in the previous outings….

  3. MR.KLAC says:

    this show keep getting too many characters in 3 seasons already got wonder which so many it hard to get everyone appear on it?

    (sorry eclare you got out of focus demoted to extra in s3 most times i keep notice each eps)

    uh-oh trouble appear in verde give total give everyone aka yuki, sharl, rico, mermaids, & mini-farine the WORF treatment all cause want aria.

    gaul & etc where are you & if wonder ika musume also came from this world?

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      I’m sad(or proud, take your pick) to say that the whole objective of this series is kemonomimi moeness. Everything else can take the exit on the right.

      Hence while I appreciate the soft, furry, fuzzy and nibbly kemonomimi, I am not really into the series.

      Can someone furnish disc sales to back up whether this show sells or not?

      • skylion says:

        Indeed, I love the show for just those reasons. But it’s one of those “laid back” kind of things. You’re either into it or not.

        I don’t know if Seven Arcs has a license to print money, but they do go quite the way with franchises.

    • skylion says:

      Yes, that is a rather odd way to prove your bad guy is a bad ass. I’ve never liked the Worf Effect….

      I guess lots of characters are good for sales….

  4. Wanderer says:

    Glad to see that Aria’s situation is nowhere near as unshippable as I was afraid it might be. Can’t survive long away from purified water? A trifle compared to her actually being the consciousness of the space whale (which is the idea that had occurred to me last episode). And Nanamit and even Genoise seem onboard with shipping her and Gual together.

    That aside, this season is still painfully lacking in Eclair.

    • skylion says:

      Everyone loves to ship in this show, it has to be the biggest pasttime outside of Sports Combat…

      I know, I know….needs more Eclair…

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