Parasyte – 19

Parasyte-Welcome back

That’s a nice welcoming committee

winter15-highwWell, what’s the show going to do after the death of Reiko?



There was a distinct lack of overt murdering with Uragami

While Uragami thought he saw something from Shinichi, he couldn’t make a determination, and I am going to guess it’s because, in his head, Shinichi is still human (even if it’s with Migi’s cells throughout his body). We did get more of Uragami’s background. And while he is a bad guy, who has probably murdered a bunch of people, he didn’t get caught when he had murdered someone, but when he had followed a parasite. Did they connect other things to him at that point? I don’t know.

Parasyte-the pull of two worlds

Pulled in two directions

But he’s now a part of Hirama’s investigation into the parasites, which is ramping up to some big effort. And for that, he’d like to get Shinichi’s help. That doesn’t sit well with Satomi, tho, who thinks Shinichi has done his part. And although Shinichi is back to school, it’s kind of hard for him to get back into it. Is he really like the others? Of course not. From the big scar across his chest to his long absence, he kind of feels that he doesn’t belong, that it’s not worth it. But on the other hand, it seems like Satomi has fully accepted that he is back to the person she knew, even if there isn’t too much different from him from just a few days ago. She’s started looking to the future, too, and I wonder what she was going to say about going to university.

Fighting Back


Meanwhile, everyone who’s not a parasite gets a massive dose of radiation…

There’s a new guy taking charge, tho, and Yamagishi seems a lot less worried about the parasites than Hirama is. I’m guessing this is trying to set up that old friction between the local cop doing things the old-fashioned way and the big city guy coming in like he owns the place. And when they put their operation in place, it definitely seems like it’s going their way, although the ‘sniper on the roof’ story that they are peddling is the fakest of fake. They do have a plan, tho, which is to run people out through a x-ray emitter, and see who has bones in their head. We’ll see if it will catch Gotou and Hirokawa, but it seems to be working already.


We don’t know how they’re going to try to take down the parasites after they’ve identified them. That could be one place where everything goes wrong. And we know that Hirokawa’s group is significantly reduced after the loss of Reiko and the 3 others who tried to kill her. I think that it’s likely Hirokawa will try to finagle his way out of being exposed, just like he’s already stalled for time by saying they should evacuate the women and children first. And when they’re exposed, will they fight back? Reiko didn’t because I think she had moved past that, was more interested in protecting her child, and maybe even proving the point that the humans and parasites aren’t that different. But Hirokawa and Gotou certainly don’t have any of those compunctions. You wonder if the operation force knows really what they’re up against.


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11 Responses to “Parasyte – 19”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    I’ll say it was interesting in some areas and others not. Reiko’s presence held a big part of interest in this show aside from Shinichi. Now with her gone, that also is lost and a change can definitely be felt.

    Honestly, I find myself uncaring of Uragami’s backstory or his character for that matter though I will say he’s pretty vile. Even if he was unjustly incarcerated at that time due to another’s criminal actions, the way he was going, he’d get locked up eventually.

    The counterattack against parasites was inevitability so no shock there. However, one has to wonder what Migi sees in all this. Giving info to use against someone is one thing but the target is of the same species. Surely he’s considered there’s a possibility the Intel could backfire on him. Not to mention he’s dangerously close to those that will take him out without a second thought or hesitation.

  2. HannoX says:

    I can’t see this plan to take out the parasites going well. If it did, wouldn’t that wrap the show up next episode? So while I can see them taking some of the parasites out, others will escape. Hirokawa’s got to come up with some sort of plan to get himself and some of the others out. After all, his plan to run for mayor was pretty smart so he’s no dummy.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Any retrieval or extermination mission in effect this early on is destined to get repercussions. It leaves room for liabilities. I don’t know if you’ve been following but in Cross Ange, a large scale retrieval mission was initiated in episode 17 (out of 25) and suffered huge casualties and other setbacks for it.

      • HannoX says:

        I have been watching Cross Ange. Of course the good guys’ big plan this early has to go wrong or the show is over.

        • BlackBriar says:

          A means of generating more drama and tension by creating an atmosphere of utter hopelessness.

      • Highway says:

        I think this plan could go mostly right, but still have a flaw or two where Hirokawa and Gotou get away. Besides, what can the police do against Gotou? He can completely change who he looks like, he can blend in anywhere, and he has no conscience about killing off other people. Maybe a fusillade of machine gun fire would do it, or maybe nuke it from orbit?

  3. skylion says:

    So where was this awesome X-Ray tech back when they did the squiggly hair thing?

    …and I don’t know much about parasite biology (I failed xeno…), but it seems people should still have them head bones…

    • Highway says:

      It was the same place that it is right now, not existing. Plus, you don’t want to go around irradiating everyone in the world. It reminds me of the old shoe fitting flouroscopes, which gave everyone a nice dose of radiation to their feet, body, and eyes.

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