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Junketsu no Maria 6-013

How long with Popo-chan put up with this crap? Maria brewed some Starbucks and didn’t invite her….

Welcome back to the Hundred Years War! It’s halfway through the show and events are starting to take great shape. Along the way, we are seeing some secrets bubbling under the surface. Man, those thing are never good.

Sub Rosa: Under the Rose *

Junketsu no Maria 6-01

Yes, Josef makes great acquaintances…

If it already hasn’t been made apparent, both Bernard and le Comte are eager to use Maria’s will and magic to their own purpose; the war’s end and the consolidation of their power. As I discussed last episode, the fighting is nearing it’s end, with but a few years left by historical measure. Bernard briefly mentioned Rouen, the largest English stronghold in Normandy, and the eventual retreat they make to the Channel. They have the confidence even without our hindsight. But what they lack is the control, specifically over Maria and what she represents. Neither the Confessor nor the Count trust Maria to, basically, just stay quietly in her forest at war’s end. They both fear her for the power she represents, and the influence she has over the people. Which brings to mind Gilbert’s contact as both informant and a provider of medicine….a substitute for Maria, perhaps.

Junketsu no Maria 6-04

Micheal finally lowers the boom

 So with that in mind, they are willfully drafting Galfa to be the weapon of last resort against Maria should all else fail. But, given the mercenaries own words, there’s little to profit in killing a witch, should they have predicted that? Once the war is over, what keeps jim in that region, even caring about it’s goings on. He is curious about Maria yes, and wary enough to put the points together once he sees them. How much did Ezekiel give away after Maria stormed off with Josef in toe? Another odd matter is Viv and her new friend Edwina. The latter appear to be a witch that wants to be left alone. But what does the Drills have in mind for her?

Junketsu no Maria 6-07

Popo-chan has a lot on her mind…

I do wonder if Galfa has any other gear when it comes to women, or is this part of the ruse he’s playing to get closer to Maria. It was a fine sequence of events for her to haul Josef off for a private talk. But with Ez there, we have a development going on behind the witch’s back. I don’ think, given Bernard’s very pointed expression that he knows the curse Maria is laboring under, and it’s not secret, even in confession, that it came from Galfa via Ezekiel. That little angel is now officially on the fence, as Ann’s innocent pleas to save her father have fallen upon ear’s that have much more sympathy. Oh, and did Popo-chan give her the right medicine? I do wonder why Cern made an appearance, and as a serpent no less, before Micheal came in like a storm.

Junketsu no Maria 6-09

Indeed he is mean isn’t he?

But it seems that the powers that be are missing a great point with Maria. With Bernard’s so-called wisdom about fruit and people, along with Micheal so-called insight into human nature, they forget what is most important. The people. For Maria, it isn’t about the war, it’s about the sanctity of life. Something the church and the heavens just aren’t quite understanding. Ezekiel was very much on the fence again giving Maria the warning that Ann’s father is back on the front lines. Given her order from Micheal, and her growing feelings, what place will the messenger play when we join her next time? And one final thing, is Maria needed as much as she thinks, as Josef comes into to save the very man Maria is rushing to protect…

This has probably been my favorite episode to date, as it has many of the threads coming to a whole picture and suggests quite a few more to come. I love how the dreams that both Maria and Josef share came into play, leading Maria to hesitate, but after getting a snitty little boost from Ez sets her off. How well and easily both Bernard and le Comte thinks Galfa is manipulated is a slippery slope, and I’m interested in seeing what the big lug has in mind as events unfold, I don’t think he is entirely sold on what they have in mind for him. Also, what are Viv and Edwina going to cook up for the future, and what role will Gilbert’s contact have in the overall story? I’m looking forward to watching these plots unfold…

* Under the Rose is a phrase that often means “things kept in secret under confidence”

Next Time

Junketsu no Maria 6-012

Spoils of War?


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  1. BlackBriar says:

    Halfway point and it’s all getting very dicey. That’s pretty harsh forcibly changing Ezekiel’s objective from observation to elimination. If you ask me, it doesn’t seem right.

    Bernard is becoming more unhinged whenever Maria is a topic. Now he knows about her purity and most likely the condition Michael laid down. I have a bad feeling about where this is heading.

    Something really caught my attention. On the battlefield toward the end of the episode, le Comte mentioned “Saint Martin”. The island where I was born and currently live on in the Caribbean is named after that saint. What a surreal feeling it is to see that. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Martin

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