Dog Days ” – 04

Dog Days 4-04

This Off-MetaFap is brought to you by Demon Lord Valeria’s dungeon trap… (NSFW)

Welcome back to Flonyard! While many of us are looking at our chances for falling snow, the cast of this show are looking out for chances of falling clothes. It wouldn’t be Dog Days without it right?!

So, what was this show about anyway?

Dog Days 4-02

While everything else was happening…Milliore just rolled around in the grass…

Well, it started off rather cuddly didn’t it. The Dog and her Boy were up to the usual tricks. The Girl and the Squirrel bascially love lazy sleepy time. And the Bit Tat Cats always have a Groomer. But, you have to hand it to this franchise, they know how to cover all the bases. There’s fanservice, and then there’s Dog Days. While many shows are so blatant and random, this program manages to make it so much part of the world, it’s hard to deny it. Yes, it’s silly, but by giving us the characters and their attitudes up front, they manage to make it somewhat squeaky-clean in comparison to many other attempts. It might be the blocking of the shots, the resiliently ridiculous set up, or just the prevailing idealism of good clean fun, but it works. As the pace picks up, I hope the Cinque/Milliore fans weren’t too ticked off this time around…

Dog Days 4-01

Just gonna put this here…

So, what were we doing again?

Dog Days 4-03

 To be fair, the squirrels of Pastilliage are new to the game….

So basically, our Demon Lord is an idiot. Centuries ago he concocts a creation that will allow him to rest in peace, in his highly raidable dungeon, during his long hibernation. A slime that can divide, disarm, undress and conquer his foes, leading to abject failure and a hefty poke to morale. If there is one weak spot in the “armor clad” storytelling of this franchise is that after so much example, the cast of characters remains blissfully genre un-savvy….I mean, I know they go full on into battle, knowing most of the stakes, but assuming “it won’t happen to me” is only going to take you so far. Valeria’s been around for quite some time, and even he just can’t quite get on the uptake….he should have know his lady fair, Adelaide would not have much humor in the situation. You kept that pesky thing around for what reason now? Oh, the service…

So, we go to the Rescue?

Dog Days 4-05

…well, no….not exactly….

But you can’t keep a strong bunch of adventurers down. So it’s, once more, into the breech. Now, given what they know, they should have let Vale just take care of his own garbage, he created it, so it should be on his shoulders. But Adelaide is not hearing it. Girls have got to defend themselves from this non-sense after all. I love how the barracks of soldiers are ready and able to take the slime on, but the fashion show cannot even make a dent. Why were they even there in the first place? Oh, yeah, for the service.

So, have we taken enough yet?

Dog Days 4-07Dog Days 4-08

But no matter how stacked the odds, the Heroes are always there to save the day, right? Push them into enough corners sans enough clothing, and then they open up all the channels and slime stomp.

Dog Days 4-09

…and Perflat LOLi beats Busty Bishoujou in the Combined Form!

Well, even if it’s a mighty amount of plot filing for the hole, the Heroes do manage to pull out some flashy moves to take care of the situation. We’ve not seen this sort of combo work out with Adel and a nation’s leader before, so I wonder if other opportunities like this will open up as a new danger comes to threaten. For that matter, I still think the Crystals have been used way to much up front….hmm, am I calling an endgame to early? There was the bit about Adel paying homage to Pastilliage’s former royalty….so we had some plot in this thing…

Just a few more things

Show ▼

Well, this one was short and to the point. It didn’t bother to let any plot get in the way of good old fashioned fanservice. At this point, we might have seen the show reach a bit of a peak for the time being. I doubt the major demon plot point is going to lay still for long, plus the main draw of the show, the Sports Combat has yet to even make it to the stage. So I would call this a Dog Days heavy panting before the main action begins. I’ll see you around for when the show hits more of it other strides…


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16 Responses to “Dog Days ” – 04”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Um… Was this series ever this Hentai or has it just upped its Hen’te this season?

    Also, I like the cute sexy Demon Lord Valeria. She is cute. ~

    • skylion says:

      I seem to recall an episode in Single Dash that had nearly this level…but that one was a bit more suggestive…

  2. Wanderer says:

    What we got here was some confirmation of material that had previously only appeared in Japanese DVD booklets: Valerio was the brother of the princess who summoned Adele, Adele was originally from France, Valerio wasn’t actually a “demon” by Flonyard standards, per-se, but just a misguided and perverted animal-lover whose “animal” of choice did happen to be demons, and so on.

    • skylion says:

      Ya see, I knew there was some plot stuff in here. I must have been distracted….

      • zztop says:

        What Wanderer said.

        Also, the booklets implied Adele was the target of Valerio’s many sexual harrassments(like flipping her skirt up with magic or spying on her in the bath). So we can imply her treatment of Valery is retaliation for all his perversity long ago.
        Despite his pervert nature, Valerio was also a very skilled warrior in fighting demons, so at least he was fairly useful back then.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    I don’t watch this show cause I am not down with the furrs even though all they have are tails and animal ears, but judging from these screenshots I have to say WOW it looks completely terrible and this is a third season? I hate to see what goofy things S2 pulled.

    This gets a 3rd season, but we don’t get a 3rd season of Index or Railgun?! Just kidding to each their own and I guess this must have a huge fanbase.

    • skylion says:

      I think this show is to furry as carrots are to dingoes. I’m fine with furry in the abstract, but like a few the over-identification of the cosplyers are kinda “huh” to me.

      But what, to you, going by the screenshots, make this look terrible?

      Ah, yes, “show such and such gets this while muh fav don’t get squat”. We can never live that down can we. Where my Zvezda 2!

      • Foshizzel says:

        Ohhhh most of the shots I have seen from sankaku complex and over here because it looks like they are pushing random nudity to push dvd sales? Of course I only saw ep1 of season 1 so I have no idea why everyone is naked lol

        • skylion says:

          …cause naked people are fun/funny…No seriously, if it were to push sales, they would push it in another direction, perhaps being a bit more “upfront”. As it is, it’s probably the most demure fanservice out there, if that is even such a thing!

          • Wanderer says:

            It… really is. Combat destroys magical clothing, resulting in nudity, yet the nudity doesn’t feel particulaly erotic. This is nothing like, say, High School DxD where girls get stripped naked and it’s played for sex-appeal. In Dogs days it comes across almost with an… innocence, really.

          • Foshizzel says:

            @Sky: True that~

            @Wanderer: I see I see! I haven’t watched since the first episode of season one so I guess they don’t have a pervy MC like the one out of DxD? I think that is probably for the best.

            @DiGi LOLi JUSTICE

            • skylion says:

              Well the relationships are played with. Cinque is the typical “who me? I’m embarrassed” chick magnet. Nanami has no problems being the center of a cat cuddle puddle. Rebecca seems to have a monogamous relation with the squirrel; and a bit of a thing for Cinque.

            • Di Gi Kazune says:


              Beastiality if fine too.

            • skylion says:

              Well. Maybe. But the characters of Flonyard do call themselves humans.

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