Absolute Duo – 08

AbsoDuo 8-03

Tomoe can’t believe the things she see’s this episode! (Some of the pics are saucy!)

Alright, it’s getting pretty late in the game, and that calls for the ever popular beach episode, with onsen added. But let’s not forget this show has it’s fair share of action and attendant nasty school life business to deliver.


AbsoDuo 8-02

The breast part of waking up…

You know, as far as the somewhat obligatory beach/vacation/onsen episodes go, this one was actually pretty well done. If they come this later part of the over-all story we can get a good mix of sauciness, bikinis, befuddled male main character, screw-ball comedy, nudity (censored or well blocked of course), and if they still have enough blood left, the staff usually remembers to add to the overall storyline, and to advanced the characters along. The pacing, general hanky-panky, and repartee were well balanced and fun. Also, seeing as how we are probably going to rush headlong into the major arc by next episode, we are given a great mood of the characters so far. It isn’t a by-the-numbers encapsulation of a recap episode, but since we know these characters it gives us some clearer insight into motivations, feelings, and agendas.

I think it helps that you had a nice sweet relative newcomer like Imari to pretty much hand this to us on a sliver plate vis a vis Tor’s relationships with his harem. Lilith is passion, Tomoe is good understanding friend, Usa-sensei is a challenge, and Julie is his Duo partner and of the most interest. This is an interesting break down for a couple of reasons. One, Imari doesn’t mention a singular quality that Miyabi has. Two, she breaks down Julie’s relationship as puppy to owner more than lover. The series qualifies Tor and Julie as the OTP, and it’s interesting to see another observer with a different, yet obvious, take. But the conversation can go to more places. It gives Miyabi the impetus to confess, and it rather ignores that fact that Tor and Julie’s relationship can mature.

AbsoDuo 8-06

The show discarded first girl in the first episode, first confessor may get similar treatment

I love how Miyabi’s confession totally suited her character. Being the quiet type, any overly bold declaration would have been off putting. She stated it simply and with all her shaking heart. Given how it was going, the blunt reaction she received would have played of well, but for it’s lack of bottom. We all know that Tor has a trouble past, but it has been awhile since we’ve seen a clue of it. That would be one thing against it, but there are far more to my mind. It’s flat as a pancake. We’ve not seen it evolve, it’s been so one note that it fails to register much. We know that he blames his weakness for a past tragedy, but why on Earth should it be connected to anyone else that comes close to him. Callow youth or inexperience cannot be blamed here. It’s not very good writing to have let this part of his past stay in the past, especially when it was used to close such a well played moment.

AbsoDuo 8-07

It’s interesting you see yourself as a sacrifice, but for what price, for what reason?

I really do wish some of the sub-par developments stopped there on the sunset soaked beach, but I’m afraid there is more. Much like Tor’s past, the background element has had no clear direction or indication other than the awkward altercation during the mostly useless Bristol arc. As far as I know, given what I have been shown, Rein and his soldiers are just some random plot device to give the show drama. They feel like some arseholes from a different show, one that has some tangential connection to Absolute Duo. But then so does any other ecchi harem show this season (It’s a secluded island, where’s Iris and the “D”?) We’ve been given some indication that not all is what it seems and in this scene Lilith even adds some extra fuel to the fire in the name of Diabolique Blaze. Interesting, but unfettered to anything I care about at this moment. Other than making both Sakura and her feel like they are perfectly fine with murder. While that is interesting in giving both of them layers, again, to little to late…

AbsoDuo 8-010

Anime Sins +100 Dipping into the Valvrave pool of story presentation….

Great Duos

Show ▼

Now, I know that most anime these days are basically payed-for ads for both the source material and for merchandise, I’m under no illusions about the business model, it is what it is. But that doesn’t mean I have to settle for a bad adaptation. I’d like to buy the LNs, if the character are any indication, it looks like fun. If the tip of the iceberg of the larger background is as good as the stuff under the water-line, than I’d like to read all about it. But if the stuff is good, I want a studio to have the stones to give me that. If you’re story is all that, then show me all that, don’t tease. And get off my lawn! ::ends grumpy old fart rant:: And stop giving good characters death flags!

Next Time

AbsoDuo 8-012

Is it a Flag if they hang a jokey lampshade on it?


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22 Responses to “Absolute Duo – 08”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Absolute Hentai. Well at least we got Jibr Usasensei. Where is seirei tsukai when I need it… 🙁

  2. belatkuro says:

    Tor’s rejection is basically down to “muh revenge, muh dark past, muh Avenger”. It’s definitely silly, especially with how little we know about it. And instead of divulging more into it, we get PLOT and harem hijinks. Not that I dislike them but there needs to be a balance of things.

    • JPNIgor says:

      People on comments where I watch anime were talking that it’s much more important than that and LN readers must be aware of that and I really hope it is. But ultimately it just feels like a decent argument for Toru not to be paired, as a couple, with Julie.

      And I’m still not calling Toru as “Tor”, yet. It’s just too unfitting.

      • skylion says:

        I settled into calling him Tor cause that’s just the first subs I usually see. And I call Usa-sensei Bun-Bun for mostly the same reason, and mostly for the kicks.

        Ah, something happening in the source material that could have made the adaption that much stronger? I will reiterate my grumpy old fart rant…

        • JPNIgor says:

          Yeah, but subs are dumb, they don’t even care to make some research into source materials or external references (mostly for lack of time, I know) and at any moment did Tooru agree to be called Tor, so I’m gonna be stubborn and stick to his japanese name. Because he is japanese anyways.

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        Tor is encrypted.

    • BlackBriar says:

      We’re already 2/3 into the series and there’s absolutely no exploration of his past beyond these fruitless recurring flashbacks. His character won’t get much significance if the story doesn’t start building on that.

  3. Highway says:

    I don’t really care if Tor rejected Miyabi because of his tragic past. What I care about is that he turned into a goddamn selfish loser when he rejected her. At that instant, it became all about him, and this cute girl (any girl is cute when she confesses) who screwed up her courage to open her heart to him and put it all out there on the line was left with no response except having to assume that all of a sudden she was a leper, with the way he shut down at the news that she liked him. Ya ya, you’re the big bad hero guy with the fire in your past and failure in your heart. Big whoop. It’s not all about you.

    On the other side, I thought everything Miyabi did was excellent. No “I guess it’ll be ok if he just lets me stay near him”. No “I can’t go through with it.” I was afraid she’d chicken out, but she went ahead and said it, clearly, and repeatedly. And what did she get for her honesty and courage? An Absolute Jackass response.

    • skylion says:

      I am somewhat forgiving of the selfish response, as it qualifies as part of his character arc. Yes, it’s a negative aspect to his character, but awesome people being awesome in awesome moments are boring. Drama needs to grow. Now, did this particular drama comport itself well? Not really…

  4. BlackBriar says:

    What a way to wake up in the morning! I approve and Issei Hyoudou would be proud! Miyabi wins first place for “Most well-endowed” girl in the group.

    Here is where it gets confusing for me. What I get so far is Tor turning Miyabi down after her confession out of fear that he’s not strong enough to protect her if anything happens because of whatever occured in the past. Yet he took Julie on as his Partner as though he resolved himself to do whatever it takes to protect her.

    • Highway says:

      Issei wouldn’t be proud. He’d chew Tor out for chickening out. Every time (after the first time) that Issei wakes up with the others in his bed, he tries to cop a feel, grab a handful, or otherwise keep going, only to get interrupted by something else, usually Rias waking up and finding Akeno making moves on Issei, Asia busting in and saying she won’t lose to Rias, or Koneko getting annoyed at Issei looking at someone else with a lecherous face (when she wants him to look at her like that, well, maybe not ‘like that’, but that’s what she wants).

      • skylion says:

        Issei is the Best There is, The Best There was, etc. etc.

        • Highway says:

          Oh, I don’t know about that. Azazel might outdo him as far as best there is / was. That guy’s totally smooth. “A girl’s nipples aren’t buzzers, they’re doorbells. When you push them, they go ‘hynaaaa!'”

    • skylion says:

      Re: Confusing. I think this is another part of the badly written characterization.

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