Parasyte – 15

Parasyte-Awww yeah

Awwww Yeah!

winter15-highwHey everyone, the weekend’s here and I’ll be watching the first major auto race of the year, the 24 Hours of Daytona! But in and around that, I’ll be watchin’ some anime and writin’ some posts. So let’s start off a good weekend with some bad monsters.

An Act of War

Parasyte-The wrong place

Being in places you shouldn’t be gets you in trouble

Or maybe this section should be titled “Not Leaving Well Enough Alone”. Our PI friend has a compatriot helping him, but he follows the wrong guy and ends up at one of the new ‘safe’ ‘dining areas’ for the parasites at the wrong time, and sees the wrong thing. And of course PI Kuramori doesn’t have anyone else to turn to so he comes to Shinichi. Of course, taking a look at the place, Shinichi and Kuramori end up in the same boat, as a parasite has brought a girl there to eat. And even though Migi wants to stay out of it, Shinichi tries to be a hero, which doesn’t even work because the girl gets killed anyway.

Parasyte-Kuramori gives up

Kuramori’s had enough

But the combo of Shichich and Migi are definitely better than a single parasite, and I’m starting to wonder if their experience at fighting parasites is becoming a significant advantage. How many of the other parasites have actually fought against parasites? I’m starting to think that most of the ones that are left probably only have one or two fights against them, especially the political cabal. But anyway, that aside, Shinichi and Migi do kill the guy who brought the girl there, but that really puts the spotlight on him, to the point that they’ve now decided that he’s too dangerous to let live. Also having a change of heart is PI Kuramori, who having now seen two parasites fight, realizes how far over his head this whole situation is. And while Shinichi recommends the policeman who helped his father, Kuramori hangs it all up, knowing that continuing to think about trying to expose the parasites will just end in his death. He even gives a mea culpa to Shinichi for saying a lot of high-minded (and high-handed) things about his responsibility to humanity, and now realizes that that’s big talk that’s disconnected from reality.

A New Challenger Appears

Parasyte-Miki on the scene

Looks like trouble

But Shinichi’s not out of the woods. The cabal has decided that they need to off him, and they send out someone who should be able to handle the job. While it’s not quite the guy who ran amok at the yakuza office, Gotou, it is Miki, the same guy… kinda. I’m sure they’ll explain a bit in the next episode. Suffice to say that Shinichi is right to run away from him, especially with Migi taking an unfortunately-timed nap. But no matter how Shinichi tries to get away, he really can’t, setting up what appears to be a showdown for the next episode.

Parasyte-Arima Kousei

Kousei gets beefy


To be honest, I’m not really worried about Shinichi’s fate in this next fight. He’s got pretty much impenetrable plot armor. Heck, he’s already died once, and that didn’t really stop him, just made him more of a badass, or ‘a badass’. So while he’s certainly got his hands full with a fight with Miki (whose name “three trees” indicates his control of three parasites in one body), I’m pretty certain he’s going to win and get out of this, especially since it’s episode 15 of 24. But his chances with Satomi might have been torpedoed even further, as she seems to get the creeps even looking at Shinichi now. I kind of wonder if he’d even have a chance if he told her the truth. I think that ship might have sailed.


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4 Responses to “Parasyte – 15”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    I’m guessing the general message is that actions, good or not have consequences and you have to be prepared to face them because one way or another, something is going to happen. Kuramori made a wise decision to back out but I’m afraid it’s too late for him. He’s seen to much to let it all go. No way such sights can be forgotten.

    That three-in-one parasite combo went over my head. The idea of it is out there. This is probably the story’s way to one-up the uniqueness Shinichi and Migi have made themselves into.

  2. Overcooled says:

    Miki vs Migi! I know Shinichi isn’t going to die, but I’m interested to see how he gets out of this mess.

    • BlackBriar says:

      It’s like Migi’s facing a bigger, stronger, meaner version of himself.

    • Highway says:

      There are quite a few spoilers I know about the characters we’re seeing from having looked on MAL (seriously people, don’t put spoilers in plain text on MAL before it’s revealed in the show). Far more than “Shinichi has impenetrable plot armor”. But Miki’s story is pretty interesting (maybe even shocking), and we’ll see if they weave it into the fight, or they explain it afterwards.

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