First Impression – Dog Days ”


Every dog has it’s day….but so do the cats, the squirrels, a bunny or two, and maybe a dragon…

Welcome to Flonyard, a magical kingdom of all the kenonomimi. Practically everyone and every place is named after a treat of some sort. Battles are serious business, but not that serious, and everyone has lost their clothes at least twice.

Once Again, the Hero Returns


Becky, Cinque, and Nanami are eagerly anticipated

Well the show is cute, and very literally and metaphorically fuzzy. In brief, the world of Flonyard has a big old magical buffer. All the characters are able to engage in warfare, but none of the serious concerns of heavy wounds or death come into play. The rank and file get either exhausted, or more commonly, beat to puff ball status right out of the fight. Your named characters, the ones with the legendary weaponry and armor fair much better. Well, that depends upon your definition of better. Take a big enough hit and your armor will get shredded. Take an even bigger hit and so too will your regular clothing. You know, the kind of thing you can broadcast to the world. On television. Yes, they have TV, just like we do. Well fantasy TV. It was invented by a genius inumimi LOLi. Her name is Ricotta….


 ..and Ricotta loves to play….

Well, if this is your first time, then welcome to the show. If you’ve been a long time fan like I am, then welcome back. We got ourselves a Double Dash. Much like last season, we have the denizens of Flonyard awaiting the return of the Earthly heroes. Cinque, Rebecca, and Nanami. It does rather make me wonder what they do in the mean time. But, it does give that feeling of, “it’s good to see old friends and bond again”, which is one of the shows primary movers. Over the past two seasons of the franchise they’ve all had some grand times playing in the world’s battles, which are basically portrayed as high stakes sporting events, lots of the world’s economy is said to be supported by it. Of course bragging rights are at stake as well, which is why Couvet and her Duchy of Pastillage was so eager to enter last season.


Oh, everyone is so eager!

Of course our squirrel girl got the much more out of the bargain, practically wanting to marry her Hero, Becky. But then Milhore’s Biscotti, and Leonmarche’s Gallete got just as much out of Hero summoning as well. But all is not as sweet as the names suggest. There is the threat of vile prophecy and demonic invasion afoot. One of the biggest reasons why the characters are fighting in battle with such earnest. Is this the season where the preparation will pay off?


From exited to go, to just hanging around…

So, it’s now a new term break for our middle school aged heroes, and all three are eager to make the jump to their home away from home. Lots of fighting and snuggle piles are waiting for them. If only it wasn’t for that pesky lightning putting both Nanami and Cinque off course. None of the Republics where happy about that.


Do we have a new LOLi dragon?

Before everyone can be reunited, both Nanami and Cinque run afoul of a miscast summons. Rather than landing as expected in their separate Republics, they are way of course in the wild lands. Giant peaches and fuzzy dinosaurs are abound, along with a bit of fanservice via some accidental swimming.


Steady on there, Cinque, you should be used to it by now…

But, all in all, the two’s mini-adventure gave them the chance to meet a brand new character, Sharu. So this is where the hero’s meet the demonic as the dark forces are possessing the forest creatures. Sharu can hold her own, but she is lucky that Cinque can still pack the heat. But as we leave this episode, the two are not yet reunited with their friends. So what does Sharu have in mind for them? Is evil afoot?


They’ll be ready for it, I’m sure.

Yay, Dog Days is back, and just as cheerful and fun as it always has been. I have no problems admitting a love for all the stuff they do. It’s comfy, they do great on all the action and battles, the fanservice is never really over done, and it only rarely fails to satisfy. During Dash, I felt the comfy friends routine got a bit long in the tooth, and the world building felt like it took second fiddle to both that and some of the comedy. It’s my hope this season pays off with the dark demonic forces narrative. That’s the key to making the world both larger and a bit more something they can all be invested in fighting for. That would be a great evolution of what they established so far.


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8 Responses to “First Impression – Dog Days ””

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    This is the future according to the Kemonomimi Project! There is no such project that exists. >_>

  2. Wanderer says:

    Ah, good times are back. This show is just plain fun to watch.

    Do we have a new LOLi dragon?

    Her tail looks too fluffy for dragon. Folks on some forums I frequent have concluded she’s likely a horse or pony girl.

  3. belatkuro says:

    Are they going back to the demon plot again? I thought that was scrapped from the second season because the first season was too dark or something. At least that’s what I remember.
    Aside from that, good start and pretty much just a fun show to watch.

    • skylion says:

      Well, we have the Start of Demon Plot…they could derail that with more fanservice and Happy Picnic antics….

    • zztop says:

      I felt the demon plot in Season 1 clashed heavily with the overall cute and fluffy nature of the show; like mixing bittergourd and cake together.
      Maybe that was why the demon issue was downgraded in Season 2.

      • skylion says:

        I really didn’t have any problems with them mixing in the two. As you can tell, I’m not going to have a problem if they put it in for Double Dash…

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