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Moving is sure tiring. Though, at least more than one month down the line, I can easily say, I’m done with assembling all house furniture like a mechanic! I’ve become a nice one in the process though, which I’m sure will help me in life points in the future. But yeah, I finally do have some spare time to catch up to my posts and aniblogging schedule. So, hopefully, you will be seeing a bit more of me.

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Another contest of a death match but rather than an ugly version of humanity, this time we were granted a sweet yet melancholic love story. Seriously, this series is definitely climbing up on my list of favourites with its diversity of storytelling and depth. Who said, we’ll get bored of the one story per episode trick? I was glued to the screen throughout the run of the episode and liked the addition of Onna, even when her numbering seemed more robotic than human. Though, it seemed intentionally done on her part, showing individuality and perkiness, in comparison to Decim, who is too serious for his own good.

Our new players portrayed yet another layer of human emotion and believe me, 12 episodes would not be enough in covering all of them. We are filled with contradictions, love, hate, jealousy, pride, anger, happiness, wonder and so much more. I’m really looking forward to this exploration in the continuing episode.However, I was glad for a light-hearted story than the previously perverse and ugly emotions. Two people who knew each other came face to face for a much needed tête-à-tête. The heart bowling balls were symbolic and very appropriate indeed. It was sweet, melancholic and heart-warming when Shigeru finally realised just how much Mai always loved him and her I love you was not induced by a puppy-love alone.

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There are times that what we are looking for in life is right in front of our face but we don’t realise it on time. This was the case with Shigeru, who always vied to get Chisato’s attention and failed to see his childhood friend Mai’s feelings for him. Time must have escalated her remorse of this fact, which led her to the drastic measure of plastic surgery but there is sadness in this fact even. For the best cosmetic surgeon in melbourne visit us.  As her Chisato-like face was the thing that caught Shigeru’s attention rather than her forever present feelings for him.

Whatever the case maybe, it was a sight to see, when Shigeru realised everything including his own mistake but still played along to close their bowling game. It was quite moving to witness him asking Mai out for however a short date they could muster before passing on. It was rewarding as well, when both of them were sent for reincarnation rather than the void and I wished, even when this is just a story that they would meet again in another lifetime to realise their love. Really, I was reminded of how few Mushishi and Natsume episodes leave you melancholic yet feel-good. Death Parade did just that with this episode and I have nothing but applaud for the entire team behind its production.

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Decim and Onna ended up working as a team yet again. Their chemistry is definitely improving to the point of Decim cracking a joke, which is always good. Tomoaki Maeno has always been good but I’m liking Asami Seto even more due to her variety, who has not only bagged Onna’s role but the stern Mado Akira in TG:A. For Onna, you could really see the woman’s intuition working in her favour because Decim either is too straight-laced or lacks human emotion to properly gauge his subjects’ reactions. Is it because, he was never a human, while Onna was in her previous life? We are still quite in the dark about the backstories of Arbiters but like episode two, I hope we do get a glimpse of the overreaching plot about the setup and Quindecim crew.

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Previous episode explanation wasn’t necessary but a nice touch. Death Parade after all is an anime original and audience can be really picky these days so it was better to elaborate on the background setting rather than continuing on with the case per episode. I can only hope, we see the remaining crew as I’m really anxious to hear Yoshimasa Hosoya’s character, Ginti. I’ve been really missing his voice lately.

Anyways, I forgot to mention the deliciousness of prominent seiyuu who have been voicing cameo roles since the first episode, beside the permanent cast. We already had Saber (Ayako Kawasumi), as Machiko and Date Masamune (Nakai Kazuya), as Takashi, while this episode had MAO and Junji Majima voicing our lost lovers, who have idol status in the seiyuu world for different reasons of course. This is another good ploy to keep the audience’s attention along with some nice teasers via their official website and twitter account.

I do wonder if we have another couple in the next episode or the staff will break the related streak at some point. Death Billiards OVA was exciting because two people who didn’t know each other went head-to-head, while the two stories we have seen unfold under the series were all about couples. Let’s see how things continue with Kara covering the next episode. And do share your theories for the shenanigans until now.


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Gamergate, this will be not.


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18 Responses to “Death Parade – 03”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    After episode two I wondered if we were going to have a repeat cycle with the original game playing out with two people battling and the following episode being the “breakdown” of events from the previous duel, but it looks like we are going to have the “game” of the week formula since episode two was sort of the introduction to how things work in Death Parade.

    This episode thou! WOW! Such a great story and I was happy the tone was different instead of RAWR I’M PISSED BECAUSE I DIED! Instead it was more like they figured it out and accepted their fate and even found some love near the end! I really hope Madhouse can continue giving us unique stories every week <3

    I need more Nona cause she was awesome~

    • BlackBriar says:

      Rare for a person to accept their death just like that. Normally, dictated by human nature, they’d reject the very idea.

      • Kyokai says:

        Maybe this is the reason, their memories return when they are in the middle of a play rather than the beginning. A nice ruse indeed.

    • Kyokai says:

      I thought the same thing but at least we have new stories to look forward to. I can only hope they continue with shifting tones and interesting themes rather than just sticking with the ugly side of our emotions.

      And if you need more Nona, I need MOAR Gint and that Kouki voiced lift operator. It’s about time to see some side character backgrounds too now, right?

  2. Highway says:

    At some point I kind of hope that we find out why Onna doesn’t get the memories of the people like Decim and Nona do. And maybe a little more about what her role actually is, whether it’s just to be ‘helpful’ (“fuTATsu!”) or she’s in training for anything.

    I liked the tone shift, and the subtle things they showed us, like there’s not always one winner and one loser (unless I’m mistaken, both were sent for reincarnation this time). Essentially, they seem to be playing against themselves rather than the other person. Or maybe that’s a special case for this match and ones like it.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Essentially, they seem to be playing against themselves rather than the other person.

      A sort of self-discovery that determines where your personal road ends.

    • Kyokai says:

      Onna is an Assistant rather than an Arbiter, which must be the reason behind her not getting the memories dump. But as we have witnessed, Decim does divulge some of the details so she gets the juicy stuff before us. Is she an Arbiter in training? I guess, we’ll find out. But yeah, knowing more about her should be fun.

      Both were definitely sent for reincarnation so I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule for that. But yes, there’s less judging and more realisation by self on how they did in the game of their life.

  3. skylion says:

    Yes, this. I love how they took what was vicious and found a way to make it endearing and hopeful. I still feel the plastic surgery angle was a bit out there, though. I understand they wanted to show Mai would go to extremes, but….

    And dat NoisyCell ED! Love it…

    • Kyokai says:

      Yep. This is the best story yet but you have to give them some slack on the extreme. It’s a thing with the staff, like how Takashi goes berserk at the end of episode one, which was kind of unnecessary. Same for Machiko playing it along with the other man. It’s like, the writers are trying their best to highlight the extreme theme.

      And this is the only Winter anime, where I don’t skip the OP or ED. Both are quite awesome.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Wow, nicely done. I really enjoyed this more than the previous entries. So much feels! There was a lot of depth between the two players and I liked that they kept a friendly mood with each other until the very end.

    But it’s sad nonetheless. Not only were they childhood friends reunited after a long period of time, they were so young and never had the chance to get far in life like the previous couple. I mean, Shigeru was a college student. He had a bright future ahead of him. And because they both cared for one another, the outcome leaves you wishing there was a loophole for both of them to be winners. What a shame and a waste.

    Side note: Oops, you made a little mistake there, Kyo. Her name is “Mai” not “Mia”.

    • JapanInspired says:

      But is it that the both can’t be reincarnated?
      I mean, I dont think they mentioned it, that they cant. Or am I missing something?

      • Highway says:

        The show was pretty obvious about showing that they both had the same “good” face, rather than the devil face, I thought. If so, then basically people are playing against themselves rather than against the other person.

        This also would indicate that there doesn’t need to be a winner either.

        • JapanInspired says:

          I think, Shigeru look’d pretty sad at the end. Maybe he realised that he was wrong, not noticing the person near him, who was looking for his attention. But then again, Decim and the team cant read thoughts.
          It’s nice if both of them went to being reincarnated, though.

      • BlackBriar says:

        No word of that was talked about. So far, it’s stated that of the two that are presented, one will have the chance to be reincarnated and when that player is determined, the one that isn’t gets sent to the void. The conditions are pretty black and white with no signs of loopholes to take advantage of.

        • Highway says:

          I don’t recall that being stated, and as I said, it seemed to me that both were reincarnated this past episode. All that I can recall being stated is that they are betting with their lives.

    • Kyokai says:

      This was a very nice story indeed and a nice change of pace as well.

      Good catch on the name, now fixed.

      Btw, for all, pretty sure both of them were reincarnated as I mentioned. I think the outcome is dependent on the deeds of people rather than a rule of 1 or 2 ruling. If both were good and realise their mistake, sending one of them to the chopper (void), doesn’t sound right. 😉

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