Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 10

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Yuuna and Mimori are the best together!

 I haven’t even recovered from the last episode with Fuu’s breakdown! I wonder what we are getting into this time? I can’t see any happy moments on the horizon sadly…


Wow. OK. I don’t think pancakes are gonna work anymore Fosh! I might need something a little stronger…



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Welp the girls need to move to another planet…

Ahhh yes we finally have our first Mimori focused episode which kind of highlights her life before the tragic accident that cost her to end up in a wheelchair and to my surprise it was actually revealed that her family has been working with the Taisha for several generations which explains why Mimori is a perfect candidate  for the role of a hero. So what kind of accident caused her current state? I would have easily thought car accident or something else, but apparently it was revealed that she has been through the whole hero system before and went Mankai which took the use of her legs; however the doctors told her she was in an accident that left her disabled and she also lost roughly two years worth of memories? Wow what terrible doctors! Then again I kind of assume that they were told to keep the truth hidden. While all of that sucks on the bright side she gained a lot with her family coming into a lot money thanks to shinju-sama and shortly after leaving the hospital Tougou met Yuuna and they eventually joined the hero club together! That sounds fantastic, but we all know the truth and she also manged to figured out that everything she has experienced after the accident was basically set up by Shinju-sama even the fact that she was adopted into family because she had a high aptitude for being a Hero.

While all that is good for the reveal especially the fact that she has been thorough the system before nothing even comes close to the real TRUTH we learned thanks to Mimori going past the wall to find nothing but hell itself on the other side? So I guess that means earth is basically destroyed and Shinju-sama created some fake world for the girls to live in!? That really shocked me; however Mimori’s solution to the problem might be a bit extreme by letting those skull monsters loose in the magical world? I guess the plan might be to wipe them all out in one epic battle! Personally I thought she would have blown up the tree or would that be a dumb move? Either way we should expect one of the girls to go into super kick ass Mankai form and save the world! My money is on Fuu, Yuuna, Karin or Mimori to be the sacrifice.

Mimori is super strong

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LOLi Mimori ftw~

In a string of very well written episodes, this has been the best so far. There have been some times where I felt that the show might start to devolve. They run out of gas on the original premise and start to devolve into Madoka clonship, or at worst, just outright torture gorn. But there hasn’t been a single sign of that as of yet. Allowing this episode to rest firmly on a Mimori flashback was greatly paced. It flows so well. We had a huge charge last episode, and this one takes us back a much needed step into the past. The cold open was very well placed, as it shows us the story is going forward, and that it will change greatly by the time this episode is concluded. While Fuu was having her moment, it seems that Mimori was doing some very hard work indeed. You have to give this young lady her credit. She is incredibly brave. As we saw a couple of weeks ago, she rather succinctly told her friends of how the faeries are “insurance”, and how matter of factly she faced down many suicide attempts. It’s one thing to tell, and it’s another thing to show. I was almost as breathless as she was when watching, but her greatest bravery is not taking on this whole twisted universe, as it’s insanity is exposed, but wanting to face it in the first place. Turning a blind eye to the whole affair, once Sonoko (21 Faeries!) told her where to look to confirm the truth would have been easier. But I think we all know that that is a fool’s way. Mimori is no fool. Terrified, yes. But she knows how to take proper measure.


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Hnnngggg these two 

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Mimori-“Oh lord not the fire again!”               Yuuna-“WHOAAA FIRE OH MA GAWD!!”

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Mimori is a professional magical chef.

End thoughts

There is one thing I have come to relalise in the world of anime lately! Doctors and scientists are seriously EVIL! Just like Misaka in Railgun they lie to get what they want or is that not the case with Yuuki Yuuna? I suppose that doctor could have been paid off to lie to Mimori about the accident, but I guess he couldn’t really be like “Well little magical girl take these pills and call me in the morning.” because that just sounds CRAZY! Anyway I really loved the scenes with Mimori and Yuuna hanging out becoming friends! That was really touching and yeah even the reveal that the earth is practically turning into hell was screwed up and interesting; however as we get closer to the end I really expect Mimori or Fuu to be the final sacrifice since they know the truth, but part of me has to agree with some comments made last week that Yuuna being the one to call dibs on being the final sacrifice because she is a selfless character or will all the girls join hands and do it as a team? Now that would make for a great ending.

But what do we take of the state of affairs. It’s quite awesome that at least some of the gods would side with humanity. But as Sonoko states, Shinju-sama is a god, and well, thinks different. So with that the Taisha’s motivations become much clearer. But with two episodes left I think we might be in for a few more surprises


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8 Responses to “Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 10”

  1. Namaewoinai says:

    A-ha! So one of the girls had decide to go to the offshore border and…Wait…where are they? is that some sort of a Volatile-Oblivious-Inter-Dimension (AKA: VOID) that all of the vertex had originated…or… if their former home world is wipe out? i was thinking, is that a sun? if that’s so, it’s become a super giant! that engulfs near planets including earth!

    And…I Think Ms Tougou had a lot to explain, after… she broke out the wall…tsk tsk…well, it may sound…foolish but…i wish her luck!

  2. JPNIgor says:

    Yuuki Yuuna’s doctors aren’t evil per se, that’s what I think. They are doctors from Taisha, they are probably ordered around by shinju-sama. Though I would like to see one of them to see if they are having any problems with heavy consciousness or if they are following orders blindly like those guys who take care of Nogi.

    Well, that really blew my mind. I really did not expect that the world was a big and colorful lie to hide such a ruined world. I know that shinju-sama (who is actually a conglomerate of gods in favor of humans) is in their best interest but… Maybe Mimori got kind of broken once seeing that whatever they lost their body parts fighting against are just reviving and will continue to be revived in the future?

    Aaaah, I can’t wait for more mindfuckery. Show your cards, Yuuna!

    • skylion says:

      For me they really are exploring the metaphors for miniaturization. Sometimes life is going to server you a crap sandwich. Seconds? Yes, you will have that one. It makes it easier to stomach the third helping.

      It speaks a great deal about how we find ourselves in self-perpetuating systems that simply…exist to do just that.

  3. Highway says:

    While I guess it’s a decision by Tougou (I call her that because that’s what she wants to be called) to end the world, I find it too much of an act of hubris on her part. Did Yuuna ask her to make that decision for them? Would they want to give up a doomed world? Or would they be far more likely to not want to give up, even if it causes them pain? I think especially Yuuna would not want to just give up, because while she might suffer, she would realize she’s doing it so that all those other people she knows can live. That’s why she has such a high hero quotient. Even if she knows the truth, she wouldn’t give up.

    And it’s really hard to fault Shinju-sama or the Taisha in this case. This world sucks. The powers that be have tried to eradicate them. They are fighting a losing battle, essentially, for the very survival of any of humanity. Is that not a noble struggle? Is it better that they all be wiped out? Really?

    • skylion says:

      It is very difficult to take a character down that path. At this point I would be concerned that Tougou is on the Nice Job Breaking it Hero route, but we’ve seen all the Hero’s rise to the occasion. So it’s a tense wait and see right now.

      And…I’m seeing a thematic resonance in the Hero’s Mankai and Renge and Shinju-sama’s Mankai and Renge…

  4. We)ss says:

    Damn. I am drawing some similarities with this and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. A haven that is crumbling under the chaos that is the vertex.

    The heroines are placed in a VERY difficult situation now, and now I have no particular idea how this will end in the next few episodes. This feels it’s leading to a BAD END, or a End of Evavengelion end, or a Madoka Magica end, I don’t know.

  5. skylion says:

    Well, every system might have an escape mechanism built in. How well they exploit that will show how well they managed the overall story. Madoka had a bittersweet ending amidst all the dark…..

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