Trinity Seven 10-12 [END]

After this, they had lots of sex.

This last arc certainly ended the show on an anticlimactic note. Oh well.



The Final Showdown

Lugh is defeated.

My apologies for the lapse in coverage of this show. I didn’t have a lot of free time in weeks past, and it just wasn’t a very high priority. Anyway, Trinity Seven closes with a showdown between Iscariot and the Trinity Seven plus Arata. The battle itself isn’t much to talk about and is quite honestly boring compared to ones in previous arcs. Levi, Yui, and pseudo Liese squaring off against Lugh was forgettable. And even when Hijiri, Arata, and the rest of the Trinity Seven arrived to up the ante, the excitement just didn’t build. In fact, the final battle was more a bunch of jumping around, misdirection, and the big damn hero swooping in to save the day. Granted, in this case it wasn’t so clear what exactly Arata’s role in the whole thing was since technically it was Lilith who fired the deciding shot, albeit with Arata’s magic negating support. I’m still not sure how they were able to combine forces like that though, since you’d think Arata’s power would just negate Lilith’s magic to begin with. But the magic in Trinity Seven is just getting too convoluted for me to care anymore.

Some Explanations

Arata loses Hijiri again.

Then came the revelation that Hijiri did this all for the sake of ending a cycle in which the demon lord within Arata awoke and destroyed the world with the aid of the Trinity Seven. Which could have been interesting. But instead of trying to put a remotely novel spin on things, the show just leaves it at the cliche of a character attempting to shoulder all the responsibility so that the others will be saved. I will admit that Hijiri’s true motivation seems more in line with her character as portrayed by the show. But that doesn’t make her desire to destroy the world so that Arata won’t have to live the cycle anymore any less trite. If anything, the one good thing that came out of this is we get to catch a brief glimpse of Arata with the Trinity Seven as his harem proper.

You Call This An Ending?

And now for something completely different.

And so with all that said and done the show leaves the last half an episode for… a date between Arata and Lilith? Ehhh? OK then. At least that’s a bit more interesting than the boring magic battle and justification of actions we just had to sit through. But as entertaining as it is to watch Lilith (and later Mira) get flustered around Arata, I have to wonder what the show was thinking by leaving things on this note. It doesn’t give any sense of closure since this isn’t the kind of show where it is satisfactory to show a return to normalcy (for now) as a conclusion. And it’s not like there was much relationship development to speak of in those last nine minutes. Much less would any potential development have any meaning considering the show is coming to an end imminently. So the decision on the part of the show just leaves me scratching my head as to what it was trying to do.

Two hotshots ignored.

It could have done so much more by properly expanding upon and exploring the cycle of destruction and the implications it has on Arata and the Trinity Seven. It could have explained the connection between Hijiri and Arin, assuming one does exist. Which one has to, considering how in-your-face their similar appearances and even magic have been all this time. And it could also have developed the magic world a little more between the two headmasters’ brief encounter. Even if the workings of magic itself get a bit bogged down by things like thema, which honestly doesn’t appear consistent all the time, surely the background of the society of mages could at least be expanded upon without becoming cumbersome or confusing. But alas, we get nothing of that kind.

Extra Magic

Show ▼

So now that it is all over, I have to say that Trinity Seven turned out to be one underwhelming mess. It had a relatively interesting premise and a promising start. But all of that was squandered by some unfortunately bad story-telling decisions. It’s almost like the show chose to ignore the juicier bits and instead left us with a clunky magic system and a collection of cliched developments culminating in an appropriately meaningless finale. In fact, there was so little proper build up to the final revelation of the truth of the world and the reason for Hijiri’s actions that it didn’t feel like a climax at all. Especially when the supposed resolution to the situation is Arata repeatedly claiming that he’ll rule over and dominate everything until things go his way. That’s like saying “I’ll make it happen because I say so.” Who’s supposed to believe that?




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22 Responses to “Trinity Seven 10-12 [END]”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    After all that, they had plenty of sex and apples. 😛

  2. Highway says:

    This show wasn’t as clunky as Vanadis with telling the wrong parts of the story, but it wasn’t particularly good. The magic battles had no sense of urgency, instead focusing on explaining whatever they were doing (completely inadequately). They might as well have reversed the polarity on the deflector dish and reenergized the dilithium crystals, because there was nothing really close to a coherent, understandable system of magic presented by the show. Heck, I joked last week about Sailor Moon Crystal “How much time did they need to waste? 4 full transformations and catch phrases.” But Trinity Seven tried to match that with what, 6 or 7 “Connect to “n” archive. Execute Thema.” None of which were even as interesting as a Sailor Moon transformation. Thankfully it didn’t take as long, but they just made that up with the mid-fight explanations and wisecracks.

    I didn’t mind the date as a way to end the show. It might have been better if they’d bothered to try to connect it to the aftermath of the fight, but they hardly mentioned that. It was definitely an anime cliche date, with date peepers, drop in at a harem member’s cafe, and then the full harem getting together.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      They might as well have reversed the polarity on the deflector dish and reenergized the dilithium crystals, because there was nothing really close to a coherent, understandable system of magic presented by the show.

      I would have summarised it as “insert technobabble here” 😛 And just for completeness,

      Scotty: Capt’n.. The engines, she already givin’ it all she’s got! She’s gonna blow!

      The problem with a lot of these 12-13 episode shows is that have to do two things at once in a very limited amount of given time: Backstory and character building. Things are made easier if both are closely interwoven or have only a couple of main characters. Here, we have um… at least 7? 😛 It ends up alienating both sections of fandom on either side of the character or plot divide whilst completely causing the character AND plot faction to rage.

      To use my favourite example this season: Cross Ange. Fortunately it’s 26/25/24 episodes long which means it can waste the first 10 episodes doing nonsense. I harbour hopes it will improve.

      Other examples:
      Prisma Illya: Focuses on the characters instead because it assumes (correctly so) that people who watch anything that has Fate/(StayNight/Zero/Apocrypha/Extra/KaleidLiner/GrandOrder/Fake/insertmore) already know the mechanics of the Nasuverse.

      And while we are on the Nasuverse, FZ and FSNUBW take the ‘slow progression’ route. We hope that when Tsukihime finally gets an anime, it will be double season.

      NGNL (comes out of nowhere to win #3 anime of the year at ANN!). Seriously, this show isn’t ranked highly on many of the forum noisemakers list but it is a convincing #3!
      Concentrates on world building and the main 2 characters. (A steph is a steph and does not count). We want more.

      WIXOSS built characters in infected and did more backstory revelations in spread.

    • Wade Wilson says:

      Well the manga is still ongoing so there are clearly more to the story. Anyway, this is not a bad adaptation of the manga but it’s not the best either. Those who are interested in what happens next should start reading at Chapter 31.

    • Sumairii says:

      But Trinity Seven tried to match that with what, 6 or 7 “Connect to “n” archive. Execute Thema.”

      Yeah, I noticed that and immediately had misgivings as I was watching… It’s almost like they ran out of material and needed to pad the episode out with the transformations. But when you remember the utter lack of substantial material in the entire rest of the show, you begin to wonder just what the heck the adaptation was trying to do.

  3. skylion says:

    I liked the ecchi bits…yeah. So there was that.

    But, it was a fustercluck…the Pokemon you will never choose…

  4. belatkuro says:

    The deal of the Demon Lord cycle thing gets tackled in the next arc so go read the manga. The Hijiri-Arin connection is still left unanswered even in the manga but there are some speculations you could infer based on some of the developments of the current arc.
    And the date was the chapter before they started the new arc so it had to be squashed in. It’s kind of fitting for the season end. Either that or this could just have ended with Arata stripping himself since that was what the chapter ended in.

    Overall, it sort of lacked the intensity and seriousness of the manga. I could blame it to the director but I digress. The magic system is pretty lacking. You get it but at the same time you don’t. Some details could probably be in the prequel novels which I won’t be able to read.
    I still enjoyed it for the characters and their interactions. And the ED songs were pretty good, especially the first one. There’s also Lilith’s voice which is pretty darn sexy and semen demonLiese and her everything.

    Hijiri still did nothing wrong. She was doing it all for her husbando.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Showing how things were proceeding, a cliffhanger ending was the most likely outcome. It reeked of “to be continued”. Not that I mind because though the series wasn’t all that, Trinity Seven proved a good enough watch, on a moderate level but not a priority like Sumairii adequately put, with a handful of likable girls (Lieselotte is front and center, Lilith is second and Levi is third) and a tolerable lead. The character designs are what should get a little notice. I like how they look, they’re unique, especially looking at Akio (specifically when smiling). I can’t really explain but it’s a slight difference from the regular designs I’ve seen. Should a second season ever come to pass, that sequel would be welcomed.

  6. akagami says:

    Hmm, for me Trinity Seven was an 8 for me while Madan no Ou to Vanadis was a 7.5.

    I just marathoned Trinity Seven and loved every second of it. It reminded me of a mix between DxD and Hataraku Maou-sama!. A shame there isn’t a second season announced, as there is so much more I would have loved to explore (was way too short imo considering the amount of stuff they had to work with – speaking of, I want another season of Horizon!!! ToT )

    I liked the pacing and the characters, and the plot was decent. I would have preferred more focus on the magic system although, but with 12 episodes there wasn’t really that much playtime available. Added to my archives as I’ll definitely re-watch again. Bring on S2! (And more Horizon while you’re at it, thankyouverymuch).

    P.S. Mirai best girl. Yui #2.

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