MechaNORN – 07


Gundam swimsuits and yuri fun!

 Sorry for the delay on the episodes, but like always Jrow is here with me to talk about all the giant robot fun from the past two weeks and things are heating up as we slowly make our ways to the mid season stuffs with all three shows! I will also make an announcement that Aldnoah.Zero will also be added to future MechaNORN episodes so you can look forward to that whenever the next season starts for that.


Time stamps

Cross Ange 00:14

Gundam Build Fighters TRY 10:18

Gundam G Reconguista 29:06


angeeeee (3)

What the hell is even going on anymore in this series? LOL


Hoshino and friends saw something crazy!


Awwweeeee yesh~

Bonus fun


God bless you Gundam Build Fighters TRY for Mirai’s white bikini <3


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5 Responses to “MechaNORN – 07”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    WTF is going on with this series? It is attempting and I DO HOPE getting on with the serious business of storyline-plot-ese instead of all the ridorkculousness in the last 10 episodes…

    I do sincerely hope raep from this episode forward can be justified. Even Touka Gettan had a better setup… if you watched it in reverse.

    So as I pray…

    In other news, I saw episode 13’s title and just want to add:
    Their attacker was Chelzski! Defeated 10-0!


    • Highway says:

      1. Sexual assault is never ‘justified’.

      2. The incidents of it they had in Cross Ange so far have made perfect sense, story and setting-wise. Maybe they were a little gratuitously presented, but they did have a point in the telling of the story, specifically the complete break from Angelise’s former life.

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    Ok…The Hero Club now facing a Crisis, but what about the Normas, After the dramatic outcome of the 2, The Mana on the other hand had no idea what’s coming for them, it seems that DRAGON’s are intent to manipulate the mana people…and…who is girl named “Sara”?…Ok I’am Babbling too much!

  3. Highway says:

    I thought these were two very good episodes of Cross Ange, especially episode 11. Episode 10 gave Ange the chance to see what we all saw in episode 1, that the people of Misurugi are petty and base, all too happy to turn on someone who isn’t exactly the same as them. The point of the whole first part of the episode was to finally get Ange to realize that they’re all like this, although it did it in typical over-the-top fashion.

    I don’t know how much credit Momoka should get for not treating normas like subhumans. I note that she’s never really treated the others at the prison as ‘ewww, get away filthy norma!’ the way that even Emma Bronson does at the prison. I don’t know if it’s been particularly covered up by “you shouldn’t associate with such rabble”, or even “Nobody else matters but Angelise-sama” but I haven’t gotten too much of that feeling. I wonder if that’s because she’s always known that Ange is a norma, and realizes that she’s pretty much the same as everyone else, and so are the rest of them. But like I said, that might be giving her too much credit.

    Episode 11 was the kind of thing I watch anime for. Bombastic, thrilling, terrific, funny. I love the new understanding between Ange, Hilda, and even the rest of the squad, and Salia realizing the truth in Jill’s words. I also loved how they were able to get on with the business of fighting, even while noting how Ange and Hilda needed a shower.

    I really like the show, and Episode 11 was the best so far.

  4. Irenesharda says:

    Gave up on Cross Ange episodes ago. It was becoming okay, but just became ridiculous after awhile and it just wasn’t worth it.

    I’ve caught up on G-reco, but again, that show’s begun to lose me too. I’m really just sticking with it as a Gundam fan.

    Sigh, not much going on this season for mecha. We’ll have to see where things go this winter…

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