Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – 11


Oh, so close…

Welcome back, Battlers! I think it’s safe to say that last episode dealt with our least likely romance candidates. But this one we get a closer look into the most likely. But, as we will see, it’s not game set and match quite yet.

Infectious Agent


Twelve White Winged Blades!

Well, I have to admit my bias. I’m a Tomoyo shipper, have been from the start. So I look at this episode in terms of distance covered in closing the gap. Tomoyo has gotten a much clearer lead than Hatoko, but even that may be subject to change. Next episode notwithstanding, romance can lead you to unexpected places. I doubt they will back-track to Sayumi or Chifuyu, thou those two still have their shippers as well. And speaking of back-tracking there is a certain Robber who has come back into the fray. So, let us unbox this episode a bit, as I found some rather interesting points in both dialog and animation.


…slapstick violence can make a point…

We can’t be in the same spacetime as another person. The above pic is the perfect illustration of that. We can get close, and closer still, but we can’t violate physical law. I saw this instance as how far these two character were upon first meeting each other. She was the resident chuuni, and he, well he loves him some media, but he has yet to display what has become his trademark Dark and Dark personality. In fact, he’s against it from the start. But that doesn’t mean Tomoyo didn’t have an influence on him; it was shown at such in a previous episode. And as we see here, he definitely had an influence on her. So did she give up her chuuni ways after meeting Andou? I’m gonna say a qualified yes, as she was probably wanting to dump for some time. So there is a crossing of paths here, and a closeness that takes on more than just sharing space.

Too much by the book?


Will he notice me if I reuse the same shot as before?

So if we have some proximity alarms going off with Tomoyo x Andou, how does it far with Hatoko? I’m kinda getting some clues from the animation itself that she has a long way to go, if the journey has any merit. As I joked in the above pic, shots were reused to effect, they did 2D character spin twice in one minute, and the emphasis on the magazine article all made me feel like Hatoko was, in effect, spinning her wheels. And as with Tomoya and her “bike trick”, Hatoko and Andou were on the bad end of a not at all well played out slapstick farce. If felt like they were over selling on how much these two just cannot be close. Now this has alot to do with Hatoko’s approach, as it’s faux-predatory manner just doesn’t fit her personality, and with Andou’s comments about her getting her swimsuit tips from a magazine, he ain’t buyin’ it. He does manage to compliment her look, which she does deserve.

InoBat 11-bounce

…I mean, I couldn’t pull this look off…

But she seems even further away in her matchmaking come night. She crossed the given name line, and her re-emphasis of her mildly more proper pet name…it doesn’t rub Andou the wrong way, but he does find it awkward. But all isn’t lost, as he does have feelings for her. Thou they might not be proper romantic feelings, his regard to her does speak volumes about her true character. She cares about people, and she brings out good things in them. A reassuring presence is nothing to take lightly. That’s the girl he considers special.


….she got close thou….


InoBat 11-float

…at the pool…

I do wonder if her time alone gave her what she needed to gather her thoughts. I like how it was presented here. She had little business going, other than the “it would be a waste” excuse. But it was important to get here. Both the least likely relationships got settled in this location, and I fell that they were showing how it was a missed opportunity for her. Did this make it feel like she wanted to give up, or bide her time….

Make or Take


…yeah we all knew she would be super ace at this, right?

Sometimes you miss out, and have to make your opportunities work out better next time. This chance invite, to the summer festival of all places…gives her another set of shots. We get to see the pair act natural with each other. The daily give and takes which make up their lives. I have said, I’m biased, and I have also said these two just seem like a couple; sharing interests, being able to communicate (such as it is) are some good foundations.


…and headbutting…

But at this point we have to pay some attention to Andou’s reactions. I don’t think it’s just me, but doesn’t he seem to playing the “If I don’t make a choice, than no one is left feeling hurt” card? She lost again, it was something important. Yes, she will take his halfhearted empathy.  She needs it. I don’t think he knows that, which is at least one point off the ship. Can they get that point back? Dude, secret spot. You gave her everything she needed to fall in love with you even more….

InoBat 11-bashful


On the Horizon


…hoisted by her own petard…

Well it finally looks like the everyday is going to start getting unconventional.  With Mirei the catspaw of Fallen Dark, we have our first taste of the upcoming battles. As for why, well that’s a story for next time…

Well, the feelings were touch and go, but I do think that Tomoyo is getting closer. Now, as it stands, it looks like we may be getting a No Choice End. To which I say….boo. But that’s the way these things go. Some research tells me that next episode is anime original, which can mean quite a few things. The most likely candidate is next time will be the end. But let’s see how they play out before final judgement…


  1. Usual Days might be a bit misleading…or not…


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9 Responses to “Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – 11”

  1. HannoX says:

    I’m still onboard the Hatoko ship, but after this episode I think it’s going to fail to launch. And while I don’t think Andou is going to make a choice, if he did I think it’d be Tomoyo.

    I don’t see how the Fairy War and Fallen Dark and just the Literary Club’s using their powers (and do they keep them?) can be satisfactorily wrapped up in just one episode. Everything would have to be rushed.

    Now an end to the first season could be done in one episode. Anyone know how many LNs there are? Could there be a second season sometime next year?

    • skylion says:

      So you’re on the Hatoko ship, but realized it’s docked at Pier Tomoyo? No….that doesn’t make any sense.

      …yeah rushed…

      There are 9 LNs, the most recent one published about a month ago. I’ve yet to find any data, but I am assuming, considering all the stuffs I’ve learned from SHIROBAKO, that about four maybe five of them have been adapted, with episodes 2 and the final one being anime original.

      So yeah, hopes for a future season? Magic 8 ball says, “LOL WUT U MAD”

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Meanwhile… at the pool…

    Insert in Jaws theme. 😛 OMNOMNOMNOMASS

    • skylion says:

      …as long as we can get that De Palma style stretchy zoom onto Tomoyo’s Tomo….then that’s fine…I’ll bring the cellos…

  3. JPNIgor says:

    Seriously, I’d be so pissed off if the someone who said “fuck off with this chuuni stuff” appeared months later doing the same things I used to do. I know it was better for her, but come on. It’s so much hypocrisy.

    • skylion says:

      Well, he gave her good reason, not quite as harsh as you make it in comment. Still, the sentiment is there. My guess is she just went with “Whatevs, dude.”

  4. JPNIgor says:

    Whining time about spammy being spammy. Someone, pls.²

    • skylion says:

      …sometimes you got give Spammy a chance to spit it back out…he doesn’t like the flavor off all comments…As for what his tastes are, you’d have to ask Highway…

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