Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru 06-07

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Tougou-“Dude I want to live inside this castle!”         Fuu-“Your brain is fried from the sun.”

 Time for a double episode review for Yuuki Yuuna because I was feeling lazy and I was somewhat busy leveling my character in the new World of Warcraft expansion, but anyway these two episodes throw in a new twist on things which I did not see coming!


 We are back with a double tap of slice of life. I hope Fosh made pancakes! I wonder if Fuu will leave me any?!


The cost of power!?

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What a fantastic shot.

When I saw the girls kicking ass in episode five using their Mankai! Not to be confused with Bankai! to take out the last wave of monsters I thought to myself surely there has to be some kind of price to pay for using that power like a debt that will be paid later on, but not so much because the girls gave up one of their senses for saving the town from danger and yes I know speech is not one of the five senses because for some reason they decided to swap smell for speech? So what character suffered the most? I would instantly say Itsuki because she lost the ability to use her voice which ties into her dream of becoming a singer while the other girls I feel have adapted fairly quickly to their new changes or do you feel one of the other girls is worse off? I suppose we could argue the fact that Fuu is not completely blind and Tougou is not completely deaf so there is a loophole right there; however I guess it is really hard to say who is suffering the most right now even though my heart goes out to Yuuna for losing the sense of taste and I know that isn’t really a HORRIBLE thing for most part, but can you even imagine not being able to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner or taste anything sweet ever again? I think it would suck! So I want to know, if you had to give up one of your five senses which one would lose? As for myself I don’t really have a detailed answer other than probably going with the sense of smell? That said I know I have tons of special needs in my personal life and I know there are plenty of deaf and blind people out there in the world that live perfectly normal lives so in the end it’s not like you would die without one of your five senses because eventually your body adapts to the change even if it takes a long time.

Time to kick back

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Karin-“It’s not l-l-like I want you to take sexy photos of me or anything! BAKA!”

If there is one thing that this show does well, it showcases that you don’t need a specific genre to work in. So long as you have good solid characters, and a desire to tell a good story, genre is just a set of suggestions about what to expect. And with YYY, we’ve come to expect some fine characters doing fine things. One of the facets that I loved for these two episodes, was how well they were able to show how these girls are bouncing back from a different lifestyle. Though all of them, save for Karin, have lost something in exchange for the Mankai they don’t let it get them down and out. They keep fighting back, they are the Heroes after all. But it wasn’t all Yay Yay Ganbare! All of them took different methods to keep their spirits up. Yuki learned to appreciate textures in food, Fuu, in addition to embracing her chuuni side, learned to let go of some of her guilt, and Togo went full student mode. Itsuki seems to be fine with writing down all her thoughts (thank goodness this is anime, and she gets awesome speed writing skills), but she’s the one I sort of worry about the most. I guess she’s just too darn moe, but honestly, that is the one thing I would hate to lose. I love to write, but I love to gab just as much they also did a great job with the events in both episodes, but the beach/onsen one stands out the most. For obvious reasons of course, but for a few other neat touches here and there. One, is the array of wheelchairs that Togo has access to; one for the water, and well, another one for the water. Beach and Bath Beyond! And also, the amount of food. Holy Crap anime medium, you make me want to cook like nearly every time I watch a show! Almost as much as you make me want the BluRays! The power of Steam-chan compels you!

Extra Magical Girls

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yuuki yuunAAa (3)

Shark-chan wants to be a magical girl too~

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Best troll ever <3

yuuki yuuna (1)

I could go for some right about now…

End thoughts

Wow these two episodes really showed us an interesting twist on the whole five senses thing and I still feel that Itsuki and Yuuna have it bad right now, but I have a feeling their loss is only a temporary problem and through the power of yuri friendship that they will get their senses back or will they?! I feel with the end scene of episode seven we now know there are new monsters appearing soon means more fighting! I just wonder how far the girls will be pushed this time before they use their Mankai powers and what will they give up this time to access that awesome power? I really hope they do not give up their lives in order to save everyone! Either that or one of them will become the sacrifice and I feel that would fall on Yuuna since she is the glue holding the team together with her cheerful personality.

All in all, this is a fine show indeed. It is comfy and relaxing when it needs to be, and nicely action packed when it wants to strut it’s stuff. But we all knew this was a hiatus didn’t we? What does this world have in store for them now. They got the phones back, and action is calling immediately. It’s my hope that they storm in with some world building, and the cliffhanger is the perfect excuse to flesh this place out. As it stands, we hardly know anything about how this place ticks, and if there is one development I crave, it’s that one. They’ve done a great job making us care about the characters, and make them look awesome as they fight for it, but now, it’s time to make us really care about why….


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10 Responses to “Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru 06-07”

  1. Namaewoinai says:

    It seems that the girls are suffer from the Mankai/Blooming effect (sort of), let’s see now:
    Yuuna: Lost of Sense of taste
    Mimori: Left Ear won’t hear
    Fu: Left Eye won’t see
    Itsuki: Lose of Voice
    Seems that Karin has no strange symptoms, (of she doesn’t used that mankai thing). and i see Ms. Tougou Likes to have…Scary Stories eh…and of it seems like they will be summoned to battle again…Fine…then we’ll see!

    and speaking of scary stories, i wonder if Ms. Fuu Inubousaki is playing a certain game and she scream like hell well…you’ll see

  2. Highway says:

    The quiet positivity of everyone is wonderful. They’re not making a big deal out of their diminishments, they’re just going on with life, enjoying what they can. The other thing that’s wonderful is that these girls enjoy each other’s company so much, even though they’re significantly different. Tougou would rather discuss the Japanese nation’s policies or history, but doesn’t get upset when they talk about boyfriends (or lack of such). Itsuki loves being the tsukkomi to Fu’s boke, and Karin is finding her place in the group.

    And Yuuna’s self-positivity is so nice, without being annoyingly grandiose. Like when she comes into the club room, it’s not an easy thing to pull off announcing yourself – “Yuuki Yuuna has returned!” – without sounding like a total git, but she’s able to do it. And when she brings up the yuusha-bu’s tenets, it never sounds like she’s preaching or moralizing. Just a great performance at being that girl that you would love to be around.

  3. HannoX says:

    I can see two things about Karin not having lost anything from using the Mankai. Either all her earlier training enabled her to handle it without loss or she has lost something, but it’s not obvious and she’s hiding it from the others. If it’s the latter, I’m sure we and the other girls will discover it at a critical moment when battling the new monsters.

  4. HannoX says:

    Spammy strikes again! And he’s not nearly as nice as the Strike Witches.

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