Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 04

yuuki yuuna (8)

Fuu shows off her Beatbox skills this week~

Welcome back to Metanorn! Now it is time for your weekly dose of super cool magical girls! This week we focus most of our attention on Itsuki as she goes through some changes.


 Hey folks, welcome back to our tag team coverage of this unexpectedly great series. I hope Fosh remembers the pancakes, I’m feeling hungry…


Little sister problems

yuuki yuuna (3)

Being the cute little sister is hard work.

For the first time we get our first real non-magical girl episode because the main focus was spent on following Itsuki struggling with singing because she is a really shy girl who is afraid of singing in front of others. Yeah on paper that sounds really boring, but thanks to the magic of anime we get the addition of music and singing which made for some great slice of life moments and teamwork moments with all of the girls banding together to help Itsuki become at singing! We even had Karin lending a hand to help which was a huge surprise for me; however the main theme of the episode seemed to be all about pushing Itsuki to become a stronger person and not rely on Fuu so much? At least that is what I think they were trying to do with her character.

Darkness all around

yuuki yuuna (5)

JACKPOT! Err wait something about this isn’t right…

After all of those fun moments we also got a tiny reveal about Fuu basically taking over the role of mother for Itsuki after her parents got killed, but at the same time she also blames the god of the area for their deaths? Is that a hint of darker things to come in the future of Yuuki Yuuna? While I am speaking of the possible dark side of this series and I have to ask just what is with all these damn death cards being drawn? Should we take them serious or just ignore them and take it as a simple comedic gag just like the main cast seems to be doing? Now the last dark moment hit me like a ton of bricks because I swear that the creators are making it so obvious the death flag on Fuu’s head has been activated thanks to that final scene at the end of the episode! I could seriously hear all the alarms were going off in my head or maybe it’s just my experience with seeing tons of anime that is give me those vibes? I suppose only time will tell if things actually get dark even though I still prefer the lighthearted precure-ish side of Yuuki Yuuna instead.

Karin’s magical corner

yuuki yuuna (9)

Karin has a future as an idol!

You can call her Nibosshi from now on I guess? Not the first time anyone has gained a nickname for a favorite food. But, Karin, does it always have to be dried sardines? I’m willing to try lots of foods, but I don’t think I can touch that one. But the, later in the episode she does have some rather strange ideas about “health supplements”. And not to deft a hand at illustration. Fosh? What is up with that cat? But more on Karin in a bit. A part of this episode reminds me of a an old routine by stand-up Steven Wright, “Once I played a game of poker with a pack of tarot cards. I got a full house and five people died” With that in mind, does the sheer repetition of the Death card from Itsuki’s pack counts as the much anticipated Death flag? One thing that gets me is how Karin is absent from the OP. Since she’s in the show proper, shouldn’t she have a place in it, and in the group shot at OPs end? She does rather get on Fuu’s case about who should be leader, adding she would be the best choice to do so. But rather than battles, this episode concentrated on the Hero Club activities. Now they still have finding the kitties a good home going on, but this one concentrated on helping Itsuki sing properly in front of her music class without getting nervous and screwing up. But, practice at karaoke and Karin’s suspicious, yet hilarious, supplement regimen. But I think the truth of the matter has a lot to do with her self confidence. Losing her parents at an early age, and having to rely so much on her big sister makes her feel like she hasn’t really accomplished much, or that she is a burden.

FK YA Extra magical girls

yuuki yuuna (4)

Don’t make him angry! You wouldn’t like him when hes angry.

yuuki yuuna (1)

That cat is going to give children nightmares.

yuuki yuuna (6)

Fuu is the best character.

yuuki yuuna (2)

This was kind of cute.

End thoughts

As I stated above it was a decent episode overall that followed Itsuki and to be perfectly honest I will say that she does come off as really boring, but I think that changed for me after seeing this episode because it did a fantastic job of making her a great character or were you just completely bored watching her? I can totally understand if you rather the series focus on one of the other girls and to answer your question Skylion that cat is the magical derpy cat of AWESOME! I don’t really know what the mascot designers were thinking at the time. So who will get the next episode dedicated to them? I think signs point to Fuu next time? Personally I can’t wait until we get more Yuuki or Tougou soon! So what was your favorite part this week? The dark side or light side of things?

They’ve done a very good job of building up the world around the Heros. There is some tension, as Fuu is getting word on the upcoming missions, leaving Karin out of the loop. Fuu also feels she should have demanded her little sister not be part of the Hero group. But a good sisterly talk between them managed to settle everyone’s nerves. As a result, Itsuki as able to deliver a good performance, and Fuu is relieved to know that her sister is happy to be a Hero along with her big sister and they could have left it at that. But they had to give us an after ED stinger. I have to admire Itsuki for wanting to press ahead with her future like that. But wow, the death card shows up once more. Since we go from that to Fuu’s discarded email to the Taisho directly talking about her being incapacitated, this isn’t looking cheery. And then, right on cue, Forestize Alert, the worst-case scenario. So, in final word, this show does a fantastic job of mixing SoL and Mahou Shoujo elements.


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    YARRRR! akjasdkfjioasn;klasdf;lkadsf;lkj!

    Did folks forget that this show exists! Don’t make me pingback!

    • Foshizzel says:

      lmao yes

    • JPNIgor says:

      I’m watching this but I’m not sure what to comment about… It’s not short on being interesting but watching it is all I can do for now. I’m still waiting for something really bad to happen XD

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    JACKPOT! Err wait something about this isn’t right…


  3. Namaewoinai says:

    I had a bad feeling that Little Green Lily (Itsuki) Will get PWNED Next Episode!

  4. meishika says:

    Really love Karin x Yuuna’s duet! It surprisingly sounds really cute.

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