Trinity Seven – 07

After this, they had lots of sex.

The face sucking continues this week on Trinity Seven.



More Tongue

She’s not so bad. Left her little sister on the brink of death is all.

Through the magic (no pun intended) of convenience, Arata gains yet another magical ability, Mantra Enchant. I’m not too sure on the details, but apparently the ability lets him “reinforce” his body with the power of feelings. Yeah, it’s that cheesy. So anyway, long story short we find out that Liese isn’t a lost cause after all. Who would have thought? She plays to a tee the character who made a bad decision somewhere along the line and can’t back out anymore due to unfortunate circumstances. I guess that’s the price you pay for playing with such dangerous magic. But I digress. Not even the power of friendship is able to save Liese here as she’s once again stuck in her isolated little world by the end of the episode. Which means we’ll just have to rely on the power of love to get the job done right next time. Or err, the motivation of boob groping in this specific case. Though I’m sure the good intentions of reunited a wayward girl with her sister and friends still remains.

Doppelgangers Ho!

One last kiss goodbye.

Moving on, it looks like the plot might actually start getting a move on from the little teaser at the end of the episode. We all probably had our suspicions about how Hijiri was connected to the breakdown phenomenon that started everything. And lo and behold the little tidbits in this episode heavily suggest that Hijiri was indeed a mage (makes sense considering she was holding on to Sora), was in some way responsible for the disaster (Arata’s magic going berserk notwithstanding), and disappeared when she lost her magic. To top it off, she might also have been blindly pursuing of some grand magical aspirations, much like Liese’s actions in the latest episodes. It’s not surprising considering the show’s depiction of mages as being compelled to research magic at almost all costs. What’s surprising, however, is the idea that there is yet another Hijiri look-a-like roaming about.

Now where have I seen this before?

It’s already weird enough that Arin looks so much like Hijiri. But now there’s another one? What’s up with that? Not to mention, this new Hijiri doppelganger is made out to be a dangerous dark mage. Certainly, one has to be extremely dangerous to annihilate an entire magic academy. And if it is revealed that the western academy was swallowed by a breakdown phenomenon similar to the one that consumed Arata’s hometown, then we have a veritable conspiracy on our hands. What does this mean though? In the end we are left with so many questions about just who or what Hijiri is, as well as what her intentions are. The cousin that Arata knew certainly didn’t appear to be a depraved mage obsessed with her life’s work. Rather, what little we saw of her suggested that she was a gentle and caring person who sacrificed her own life to save Arata’s.

Dun dun dun~!

So how does this reconcile with Arin’s aloof and detached personality as well with the dark mage look-a-like’s presumably twisted and malicious practices? If I had to stick with tropes, I would guess that the three might originally have been different facets of one person. But assuming that Arin and the other one have always existed since before Hijiri disappeared, this makes no sense. Unless instead of being split personalities they are more along the lines of alternate versions of one person. But whatever the case, there is clearly some very strange, deeper magic at work here. Maybe Hijiri attempted an experiment with some arcane magic dug up from the depths of the Astril Codex that she didn’t fully understand, resulting in the current situation. Who knows? It certainly makes for a good mystery though.

Extra Magic

Show ▼

Next episode promises to be a break from the action. But with the threat of the approaching dark mages I’m not inclined to believe that the peace will last very long. So Arata had better take full advantage of this lull to better acquaint himself with the girls. Or train his abilities for the coming battle. Or both.

Hijiri appears?


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13 Responses to “Trinity Seven – 07”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Lots of incest sex? :3 We also approve of her lack of use of needless supporting garments! 😀

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Aww… spammy unhappy it did not have lots of sex so it ate the message. 😛

  3. belatkuro says:

    Hijiri did nothing wrong.
    Oops, that’s too early to discuss. We’ll get to that later.

    Two words: Show ▼

    Pretty much the reason why Liese is the fan favorite amongst the manga folks.
    And new ED should be the big clue regarding Hijiri in the preview if you paid attention to it besides the girls getting stripped. We’ll get the answer as immediate as the next episode though so there’s not much time to speculate about it.

  4. skylion says:

    A LOLi BOOk is neither late nor early. A LOLi BOOk arrives exactly when she means to…

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Oh, Liese… Shouldn’t it be a crime for someone to be this mischievous and sexy at the same time? 😉

    A passable follow up from last week’s episode and a veritable turning point for Liese as she accepts the gravity of the predicament she’s put herself in. Once Arata finds a way to get her out, she’ll definitely be willing to join him. It would be a shame for her not to come back.

    I’ll give this series one thing, it doesn’t hold back on giving some of its female characters some very scantily clad attire. Not that it’s a bad thing because they look damn good on them and Sora’s no exception. But by far, Liese outclasses them all.

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