Trinity Seven – 06

After this, they had lots of sex.

You know that training episode where the main character goes away and powers up? This is that episode.



Tongue In

The girls have some wardrobe issues.

You know, I was wondering last time how Arata and the girls would beat Lieselotte. And the answer is: they don’t. Fortunately, Liese herself isn’t quite prepared for the powers she stole from Arata either. So the showdown ends in a stalemate of sorts instead. Kind of a cheap way to give the hero time to power up. But if we believe that Liese is also spending that time powering up herself, then I suppose it all balances out. Anyway, after all is said and done, I wonder if Liese could ever be tamed and welcomed back to the Trinity Seven. We know for a fact she is going to be defeated because plot. But given all the rules she’s broken and all the taboos she has committed, one has to think that the only thing waiting for her is to have her magic stripped for her crimes. She’s certainly too dangerous to be left alone.

Face sucking engage!

Moreover, even if she were defeated, I don’t think Liese would be interested in joining a bunch of losers who are afraid to do anything necessary to achieve their goals. That’s just not her style. That said, I can certainly see her becoming specifically interested in Arata. She’s already shown some signs of interest since she first asked Arata to join her of his own accord before resorting to some more “forceful” measures. And since Arata is the lucky lead of this harem in the works, I wouldn’t put it past Trinity Seven to have Liese join the likes of Arin and Yui in wanting to get in our hero’s pants. Well, in this case she would be more interested in erotically sucking out his powers or something (hue hue hue). But you get the point.

The effects of having your magic stolen.

Of course, even if she were to join the harem, I still think Liese would work on her own. She has no need to collaborate when she can just steal others’ work after they’ve made all the effort on it themselves. However, there is a slight chance that this might change. Now that Liese has Arata’s power to copy others’ powers, surely she has no more need to steal said powers. All she cares about is her own advancement, so it’s not like she’d deliberately choose to set others back unless she’s a real douchebag. And while she may be a bit of a naughty girl, she certainly isn’t an asshole. So if she can get her shortcut while not screwing over her victims, everyone wins. Sort of. No one seems to have a problem with Arata doing it so far. So I imagine it would be much the same for Liese if not for any lingering suspicions due to her previous behavior.

Secret Badass

Oh don’t mind me. Just your everyday badass passing through.

I could go on an on about Liese because she’s honestly the most interesting character so far, but that would just get old. Instead, I will just spam lewd pictures of her below in the extras and talk about an old, pervy man instead. Yup. So it’s always been hinted that the chairman is sort of a big deal. You’d have to be in order to be the head of a magic school. But I never suspected him to be such a badass. Even facing Liese alone head on, he didn’t so much as bat an eye. In fact, he even had the time to calmly lecture her on magic. While it’s a bit silly to be revealing tips to the enemy in combat, it’s still pretty awesome in a cheesy way. It’s like he’s so confident about his abilities that he’s willing to share pointers with the enemy so that they don’t get so summarily spanked.

Liese is having second thoughts about sucking the chairman’s face.

And judging from that last scene with all that weird, creepy stuff looming behind the chairman, he’s certainly not someone to be taken lightly. Hell, that was probably the first time we saw the look in Liese’s eyes change from playful and confident to fearful. Unfortunately, given the goofy nature of the chairman’s character, I can’t imagine him defeating Liese and punishing her in erotic ways. He may be a secret badass, but his character as presented to the viewers demands that he be nothing more than just a joke. At the same time, I also can’t imagine him losing to Liese. So most likely the evil mage will just make a hasty retreat and seek to challenge the Trinity Seven and Arata instead. Maybe it will be justified as her thinking that obtaining all of their powers will allow her to finally challenge the chairman.

Extra Magic

Show ▼

I’ve never given much thought to the chairman before now. But this episode certainly instills us with a sense of respect for him. Whatever magic society exists does know what it’s doing by putting him in charge of educating the kids. Anyway, more interesting is the language Liese uses to refer to him: paladin. If my RPG-fu is strong enough, I believe that a paladin is traditionally some sort of “white knight” who fights for “justice.” This obviously contrasts with the title of “demon lord (candidate)” given to Arata and seized by Liese. So perhaps this suggests that there are grander schemes at work in the world of magic? Maybe the title of paladin is what stands at the end of the path that Mira is set upon? Kind of the ultimate enforcer of all things magic?

I was gonna use this as the featured image, but then I made that gif…


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19 Responses to “Trinity Seven – 06”

  1. skylion says:

    Technically, a Paladin is a knight of a religious organization, or church. They fight for the diety and for faith.

    Not all of them are white, indeed, many can be black. Last TRPG I played in, my character was a Paladin for Defenstra, the Goddess of Churches, Temples, Shrines and Assorted Religious Paraphernalia, but not Censors Cause the Smoke Makes Her Cough.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Also, I had a funny feeling that I had seen the caption before… and I was not wrong. EVERY review had:

    After this, they had lots of sex.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Heh heh heh, surely there are other means of draining a target’s magic but it’s become undeniable that Liese prefers a more personal touch to her thefts. She keeps that up and I may not be able to distinguish her between a mage and a succubus. Already her attire and attitude are provocative. 😛

    Arata’s group barely defending themselves was expected to a degree in the face of an enemy that just got a huge power-up. However, even on the defensive, Levi stole the show. Plus her ninja outfit. *wolf whistle*

    The Headmaster was a total badass. Though I’m not entirely surprised. Earning a high ranking position in the magical world should be nothing to sniff at. But he exceeded my expectations by hardly making any moves against Liese (Breaking a sweat is for chumps), all while teaching her in the process.

    • Sumairii says:

      Lol “personal touch,” eh? If she were sucking out “life energy” instead of magical energy, she’d pretty much be a succubus. Although since we’re told that a mage’s magic is his/her life, it might be close enough in this case.

  4. HannoX says:

    While I agree it’s rather dumb for the Chairman to be giving Liese tips on using magic while battling her, he is a teacher and she is still technically a student in his school. So he’s using this as a teachable moment. Perhaps we should also chalk it up to his being such a badass that he knows he can always crush her whenever he decides to.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Even in battle, he can’t ignore his faculty duties to his students. Now that’s dedication.

  5. bobob101 says:

    I loved seeing that belly button do a 90 degree turn 🙂

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