Trinity Seven – 05

After this, they had lots of sex.

Oh look, here comes the seventh and final member of the Trinity Seven.



Double Trouble

Why hello there.

This episode formally introduces Lieselotte, the final member of the Trinity Seven and the older twin sister of Selina. Right off the bat, Lieselotte is particularly interesting because she not only serves as an example of a mage “gone bad,” but also challenges Arata’s understanding of where to draw the line in his pursuit of magic. Lieselotte had no qualms about conducting forbidden experiments and constantly seeks to augment her powers by way of stealing others’ magic, things which we are told are unacceptable in the magus society. However, when confronted by the rest of the Trinity Seven about it, she maintains that it is absurd to label certain acts as taboo when it comes to magic simply because magic itself is illogical. All that matters is to achieve your goals by any means necessary. That’s quite the pragmatic approach, and at this point I can’t quite argue against it since, like Arata, I have no idea why the things Lieselotte did were considered taboo.

Mmm, delicious imouto~

Stealing magic from others I can understand as taboo, depending on the consequences of the act. No one likes the idea of something they worked hard for being taken away by an opportunist after all. But Lieselotte’s amagami way of going about it (certain readers’ dreams just came true) makes it hard for me to disagree with. Especially in combination of her seductive mannerisms. As far as the whole Eternal Library thing goes, I get the feeling this is the biggest of Lieselotte’s misdeeds since it was allegedly the one that made her a wanted criminal. But as I’ve already said, I don’t know enough about the matter so the significance is lost on me. We’re told that she connected to the library to retrieve a certain (very modern looking) grimoire for the purpose of further magic research. So what’s so special about this grimoire that makes its use taboo? Or was it the act of connecting to the Eternal Library itself that was taboo? And if so, why, again?

Le Harem

Arata’s #1 and #2.

Trinity Seven continues to leave me with more questions than answers. But it’s not like the show leaves me in the dust. Magical concepts are constantly being elaborated upon, and our journey into the world of magic with Arata follows a rather straightforward path all things considered. So for now I will set the topic down and instead take a moment to discuss Arata’s relationship with the girls. As has been obvious since the very beginning, our hero is very quickly amassing a harem of his own. Technically it’s just Arin and Yui right now, with Lilith-sensei in denial, Mira playing the tsundere, and Levi, Selina, and Akio watching from the sidelines. Which strikes a very comfortable zone, because it doesn’t make Arata out to be some sort of unbelievable chick magnet. So I have to wonder how much things will change from here on out. I can see maybe Lilith being honest with herself and Mira coming around. But I actually don’t think Levi, Selina, and Akio will become much more than good friends to Arata. None of those three have any particularly romantic attraction to him. Then again, things can change very quickly in a story like this.

Extra Tongue

Show ▼

Well, this turned out to be a short post because most of the episode consisted of Yui throwing herself at Arata and close up pans of Lieselotte’s nice body. Maybe next episode things will pick up when the Trinity Seven take on one of their own, who just so happens to have become a Demon Lord Candidate. Any bets on whether it will come down to the good ‘ol suponpon magic again?=3

This is what happens when you drink too much Red Bull.


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13 Responses to “Trinity Seven – 05”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Lotte no Omocha. Literally.

  2. bobob101 says:

    So remind me again, why isn’t this show included in the Metafap? Maybe this is my bias, but I refuse to believe that this show has more to offer than Grisia no Kaijutsu. I’m not saying Grisia is an amazing show (but it is IMO), but I think you could agree they are telling a more interesting story than this.

  3. Wade Wilson says:

    You are pretty much spot on about the relationships in this series. However, Selina doesn’t like Arata, and Levi is more of a wingwoman than a harem member. She flirts with him a lot too but manily because she’s a massive troll heh.

    • Sumairii says:

      Haha, Levi certainly gives off that impression. I love how playful she is, and I’m glad she doesn’t transition into boring dere dere mode. Ninja wingwoman ftw!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    The start-up was nice. Guy has two girls in his bed and gets caught. What does he do? Tries to make room for a third. Genius!!!

    So the final member appears. Why are the hot ones always the most mischievous? She easily loosened Levi’s spot on the pedastal as best girl. To me, especially with her charismatic, seductive mannerisms and dangerous aura, she’s almost like this series’ Kurumi Tokisaki.

    Lieselotte’s mindset is basically saying “There’s no shame in taking what you need to hold your position“ so stealing from others no matter the cost fits her perfectly. I can’t see a person like that going through normal channels. When someone is that driven, the rules of right and wrong surely no longer apply. Though I have to say, leeching even off your own sibling for a power increase is pretty low. Goes to show her treachery knows no bounds.

  5. Hugh says:

    That beginning scene with “Come on Lilith” and Yui’s “I’m fine with being a mistress” is hilarious. If this is not the best harem ever then I don’t know what is.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s the best yet. It’s got competition. Like Issei Hyoudou’s harem from High School DxD for instance.

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