Trinity Seven – 04

After this, they had lots of sex.

Lots of magical stuffs to go through this episode. Let’s get right to it.



Clear as Mud

Levi is expecting… Err wait, that came out wrong.

Trinity Seven continues right along with its world building. This episode, we finally learning what exactly a thema is, as well as what it means for a mage. From what we’re told, a thema is the thing farthest away from the mage in question. So as Levi explains, she has no expectations since her thema is expectation. But then she goes on to say that because she has no expectations, she expects everything. Which kind of confuses me. How does having no expectations directly lead to expecting everything? There’s a bit of a leap in logic there that isn’t explained to us. Moreover, what exactly does it mean for a thema to be “the thing farthest away” from a mage? Is a thema a concept that the mage has no grasp of? A concept that the mage actively denies? Or perhaps a concept that the mage avoids?

When you grab Lilith-sensei’s boobs, you expect them to be soft.

To begin with, when Levi says that she has no expectations, are we supposed to believe that this can be a defining characteristic of her person? Expectations are so mundane that we don’t even think about them. As you go about your daily life, you expect so many things to happen simply because they’ve happened before. And the show wants us to believe that Levi is devoid of any of these expectations? When I go to hit the ‘a’ key on my keyboard as I type this post, I expect the letter ‘a’ to appear on the screen. Similarly, whenever she goes for her sword, surely Levi expects a sword to come out of the scabbard instead of a bouquet of flowers. Whether she thinks about this or not, it is still an expectation. Now, I can understand the bit about her expecting everything since it is meant to tie in to her sin of invidia (envy). But even then the problem remains to explain how exactly having no expectations leads to expecting everything.

Yui isn’t a very friendly person. Oh wait.

Yui’s case is a bit easier to understand and believe, since her thema is friendship. One can simply avoid human contact altogether or act like a complete douche bag to everyone else to avoid making friends. But the problem here is that judging from what we’ve seen of her so far, I can’t say I get the vibe that Yui avoids friendships. Sure, she isolates herself in the dungeon. But as I understand it, this is more out of necessity since her magic, if uncontrolled, could put the entire world to sleep. More to the point, it would appear that Yui already has a connection going on with Levi that might as well be friendship. And she doesn’t seem to be antisocial in any of her interactions with the rest of the cast so far. Heck, she’s not even shy. So where is this avoidance of friendship that the show speaks of?

I Am Confuse

Kuma-pan: the official panties of justice!

I hope at this point that the show just hasn’t revealed enough for us to understand what exactly is going on. Because otherwise, this whole thema thing appears to be full of holes and inconsistencies. If we go off what’s been revealed, would not Mira be without justice? Because from what we’ve seen so far, she seems to be quite zealous about bringing justice upon aberrations that threaten to destroy the world. Unless the catch is that she is unjust in her haste to eliminate those responsible for Breakdown Phenomena. But here we touch upon a fundamental problem when you consider a thema that is subjective. What is “justice?” And upon whose criteria are we supposed to believe that Mira is just or unjust? As long as she believes that what she does is righteous, wouldn’t justice be a core principle to Mira?

This is my gun.

To further beat the dead horse, there’s also Arata’s thema of domination. Wouldn’t the allegations here imply that in his heart, our hero does not want to dominate anything? Yet, we see Arata boldly proclaiming over and over again that he is going to dominate things left and right. And he certainly doesn’t seem to be lying about it either, since dominating everything is made out to be the fastest way to finding HIjiri. So what exactly is going on the thema?

Whoops. I spent the whole post picking at the questionable bits in the concept of the thema. But in terms of actual episode content, there’s not too much to discuss. The gang raid a dungeon. They fight minions. They fight a last boss dragon. They rescue a “loli” with big tits (the blasphemy!). Really, the only thing to take away is that Arata formally adds another member to his harem. Which is business as usual at this point. Anyway, next episode supposedly sees the formal introduction of the last member of the Trinity Seven, so hopefully things get a bit more exciting.

Why hello there~


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  2. BlackBriar says:

    True, Levi’s explanation on her thema is hard to make sense of but at least it’s not convoluted and heavy in its workings like Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. I’d spend days just trying to understand the concept of their most basic techniques. I wonder if thema isn’t related to similar concepts from Index. Each esper’s ability is based on their personal reality. Saying she has no expectations may be Levi’s reality.

    For the funny stuff: LOL at Levi fondling Lilith’s bust with an upset face because she thought the worst had happened to her. Odd way of showing discontent. Mira is facepalm worthy. For someone as snobby as her, the last thing you’d expect is to see her wearing such childish underwear. Come on, a teddy bear?

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