Sword Art Online II 17-18

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Oh, I’ll make you a sandwich alright…

 Welcome back to the Full Dive. This time we bundle up two episodes, as we bring the end to the Excalibur arc, and open up the Mother Rosairo arc.  So without further ado….LINK START!



sao2 17-lead

Yep, that’s a sword alright

Really there isn’t much to say to conclude the final part of this arc. It was as straightforward, to the point, and as blunt as a blow from Thor’s hammer…literally! But with that being said, it was a really good slice of online life vis a vis all out monster combat. And even though Klein is still stinging from the “trap”, it’s good to know that a good deed is rewarded, despite his lack of hammer skill. But, I hope he learns to hammer in the morning, hammer in the evening….etc.

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Thor : I’ll show that Chrism Hemsworth wuss a a thing or two…

And so the the quest is finished. Honor is restored to the land, and all the heroes rejoice with renown and loot. Huzzah! Klein gains the affection of Skuld, and some respect from the girls. Kirito, with some help from Shino, gets to keep his awesome sword, and Sugha has saved the Tonkii! Huzzah! But for me the most interesting aspect of the show was the wrapping up. The quest was something you could have found in any show that did this sort of thing, but in the end we have to have some cool character moments to make the show their own. I enjoy the fact that they are experimenting with ways to have Yui interact in the real world. It still feels a bit to close to Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica, but that’s just me.

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<caption contest>

The Forest House

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Never stand in the way of Asuna and home ownership. That is the take-away I got from this episode. Actually, there is quite a bit more to take-away, but that stood out as the strongest. Once the news was available, that was her goal to fight for, and she really got a chance to stand out, taking on all she could and prevailing in the end. Of course, it was a Final Boss raid, but she got her moment to shine. Which is something I’ve wanted since the end of the original Aincrad arc.

sao2 18-switch


As a whole, this episode was quite a nice slice of virtual life. Having earned this home, the are quick to set up housekeeping and making it a place to relax in their virtual online, and be with friends. I’ve read a bit here and there in our not so virtual online about how goofy it is to Full Dive and then just hang out, study homework, and nap, but you know, it’s not really all that goofy. We are not far away from this sort of experience already. Given the advanced nature of this virtual world, it won’t just be all business and serious online play.

sao2 18-03

Poor little rich girl?

But when we peel back a layer of Asuna’s real life, we can see why she fights so hard in, and for, her virtual world. In real life, well, to put a fine point on it, she’s a trophy. The daughter of a rich family, with suitors from other rich families to attend to. I don’t really know how prevalent this is in modern Japanese society, but for the sake of this story it feels like a set up for more drama. I’m getting mildly suspicious here.  Is this foreshadowing another Kirito has to rescue the princess plot; repeating the regrettable collection of tropes from AOL? I certainly hope not.

sao2 18-04

Nice try heroes…

So we are not long in our introduction for what will follow on this arc. Zekken. The Irresistible Sword. The Mighty Sword, or such things like that. It felt like a good set up all things considered. Solo player shows up, and claims that if you can beat them in a duel, you can achieve a special skill only they possess. The 11 strike combo; with the best so far being 8, and that isn’t likely to be achieved either. Lots of tried, all have failed, including everyone in our gang. Well, except Asuna, to whom this story is a catch-up. (Oh, and Silica who took the better part of valor)  That scene with her trying to get a signal for her gear was funny. At first I thought, “What? She can’t get a mobile hotspot or something?” But then I think that is what her family was planning all along…no Diving for her when she’s attending to these duties. Even Mighty Kirito failed to best this sword arter. But, it is revealed he did ask Zekken a question, something he is keeping close to his vest, as the other girls don’t know that it is. And I did love that tidbit at the end. Is Zekken a former SAO player? Kirito confirms that if they were, they would have been the player that would have achieved the top prize of Dual Wielding, and not him. All this adds up to color Asuna intrigued enough to take on this duel.

sao2 17-02

So…why is Pina so ticked?

All in all this was quite a fun set of shows. All out crazy combat, and by my tastes, a great helping of it’s signature slice of life style. They did quite well in wrapping up the side quest, showing off all the characters we missed during GGO with panache. It looks like they given us a great start to the upcoming arc as well, with some Asuna focus that I’ve been craving. I make no secret that I really love her character, and having been waiting to see her shine since the dull moments in AOL. She really fit the bill here, with some great promise to come. About the only compliant I have is the “they/them” game that was played with in Zekken’s identity. We were paying attention you know. Take Zekkun colors, and compare to the new character we saw in the OP, and then confirm in the ED. Zekken’s a girl! A minor complaint, I know, but it is a weak trope in my mind. So with that, I ask, what’s on your mind?

sao2 18-01

Virtual World? Real World? Eat when your are hungry, drink when you are dry. Sleep when you are tired….

Oh, and before I go, I would like to add something. I did go back and forth about this, mostly because I did’t want to look like I was patting myself on the back. But, when I thought that through, I came to the obvious. I’ve been very happy to have a great amount of support from both my fellow writers, and from all of our steadfast commenters. But, as of my fifth Sora no Method episodic I’ve hit 100 solo posts here at Metanorn. This is the 103rd. Thank you to everyone I’ve mentioned for your support. I hope to add 100+ more in the coming seasons. Thank you!


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28 Responses to “Sword Art Online II 17-18”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Caption: My Harem: One of everything, including loli. Tonight will be a good night!

  2. Wanderer says:

    I am tempted to make a dirty joke for the caption contest, considering the way he’s holding that sword, but I’ll refrain. 😛

    Is this foreshadowing another Kirito has to rescue the princess plot; repeating the regrettable collection of tropes from AOL? I certainly hope not.

    I wouldn’t worry about that. Kirito’s presence in this arc was minimal, beyond, you know, Asuna still being in love with him. His biggest contribution to the arc was even made offscreen in the novel.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      “Mine is the sword that pierces through -bleep*This has been autocensored by Team Kirei. TQ*bleep-“

    • skylion says:

      Oh, so we get less Kirito, and more of the others? I’m kinda liking this news…

      • belatkuro says:

        Less of Kirito but less of the others as well. It’s just Asuna and the girl in the ED plus those new faces in the OP.

        • BlackBriar says:

          So it’s Asuna finally taking center stage. At least they’ll have enough time to be developed. 6 episodes remaining. Because introducing characters late in a series usually turns out a messy ordeal.

  3. zztop says:

    Kawahara Reki says he wrote Mother’s Rosario as an apology, to readers who disliked how he made Asuna the helpless damsel in the Fairy Dance arc. He wrote Rosario to recapture the toughness she had in the SAO arc.

    On Fairy Dance, Kawahara said he made Asuna helpless to “increase the sense of urgency…and danger for Kirito’s adventure in the 2nd arc.” He needed to make her unable to help Kirito since “there was hardly any problem that the two could not overcome (together).”

    Kawahara has since had “some regrets” about caging Asuna.

    • skylion says:

      Good to see he didn’t take the option of doubling down.

    • BlackBriar says:

      That’s very good to know. I’m not even a reader but my image of Asuna crumbled drastically in the ALfheim game. As though Kirito rescued and got paired up with a helpless damsel in distress instead of the hardcore independent badass he met while trapped in SAO.

      • Highway says:

        I do think we have to be a little fair to Asuna as a character, tho: it’s not like she chose to be locked in a cage, nor did she not try to actualize her own escape. It was a situation where her captor had overwhelming advantages, over both her physical and virtual selves.

        I think it’s appropriate for Kawahara to ‘apologize’ for putting her in that situation, but think it’s not very fair to blame Asuna for the situation she was in.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    The end of one adventure and the beginning of another. Personally, the “Excalibur” arc was too short and felt like nothing much really happened. More to the point, it had some amusing stuff but story wise, it was rushed, therefore feeling hollow. Hopefully, this new arc “Mother’s Rosary” will at least produce something worthwhile and of interest as it will cover the remaining episodes for its season.

    A slow start for the new arc but it wasn’t bad. Nothing wrong with pure character interaction now and again. The entire conversation and carefree atmosphere inside the cabin shows without a doubt everyone there would much rather live in a virtual world than the real world. Sleeping in a game? That’s a clear sign. In their defense, it’s because in spite of its rules, the virtual world allows more freedom.

    Even Mighty Kirito failed to best this sword arter.

    Now that’s something you don’t see or hear every day. Kirito actually not winning a challenge, especially on his first try. I guess he is a mortal, after all.

    But, as of my Sora no Method episode five episodic, I’ve passed 100 solo posts here at Metanorn.

    Already? That was quick. Congrats on your post milestone, skylion. Pile ’em up high. Now go and get 7000 comments to add to your trophy case! 😉

    • belatkuro says:

      Calibur arc was actually just a chapter of volume 8 which also contained the Murder Case story from the first season(episodes 5-6 for reference). That’s why it felt short. Mother’s Rosario is actually volume 7 but timeline wise, Calibur comes first. It’s also a break from GGO and a good bridge before we get to MR and so I’d say it’s still a good arc on it’s own.

      And in a character interview of Kirito from the web novel, he mentioned there that even dual wielding, he said he was still not sure he could win against Zekken. Something to ponder about regarding this person.
      Of course, our dear Kirito will not let himself be beaten later in this arc so look forward to it.

    • skylion says:

      inside the cabin shows without a doubt everyone there would much rather live in a virtual world than the real world

      I don’t think it’s a case of “rather”, or even an either/or situation. They are comfortable here, in this moment.

      Thank you, I am sure to be piling on more in near future…

  5. AllenAndArth says:

    that trap…it made me so traumatized T^T

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