Sora no Method – 06

sorameso 06-lead

Yuzuki got off light?

Welcome back to Saucer Town. This week it’s the Onsen episode. No matter the genre, it’s obligatory! So let’s settle in and and enjoy some relaxed company.


True Friends

sorameso 06-01

Winning second prize kicks off the plot….

Yeah, I kid around about the obligatory onsen episode, but honestly, it is a facet of Japanese culture, and it stands to reason that it would be present in it’s storytelling mediums. In anime this seems to fall heavily into the broader forms of nude comedy with either censor steam or towels to diminish or even enhance fanservice. But really, it’s about closeness and propriety. In the context of this episode we see a double duty service as Yuzuki, Nonoka, and Koharu are allowed some time to relax with each other and make amends after some very prickly relations. And it also serves to show us how far removed Shinone feels about herself, and her developing relationship with Noel.

sorameso 06-05

They just kept missing each other

She’s a slippery one, that Yuzuki. Or she would be if she were more clever. It was a clumsy way to invite Nonoka via Koharu, but she felt that Nonoka could hold a grudge and didn’t want to screw this up. You have to give her some credit. Yuzuki wants to make full amends for her dreadful treatment, she’s just shy going about it. I know many have not like her character very much, but I find her brazen attitude and actions mixed with shy uncertainty to be a very believable mix. She can be very brusque and to the point, especially dealing with her twin brother, however. And with Souta relegation to shop sitter this episode, that may be something else she comes to regret.

sorameso 06-03

Yeah, just you and I, monster dude

I thought they did quite a good job this episode showing both the building of and stagnation of relationships. With both Souta and Yuzuki holding each other at arms length or further, and Shione being separated from the other girls more than by just mere scripted timing. The twins seem like the most compelling of the two parts, mostly because there is Souta’s impending departure. It’s something they aren’t talking about, so it leaves me, at least, some room to imagine what is going on between them. It feels like they are going from one resentment to another, or Yuzuki is anyway. At least Yuzuki seems to favor a relationship between her brother and Koharu, even if the later is somewhat blissfully unaware. That was no way to treat that poor boy.

Shinone continues to be the loner. But her time spent with Noel may be cracking this apart, sooner rather than later. She wants to observe and understand the saucer, and since Noel rather cryptically said she is the saucer, it feels like this relationship will have some wheels in the near future. We actually got to see her smile, as she enjoyed herself during her bath time with Noel.

Poka Poka

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If there is one thing I love about this show, it is how nothing is rushed. It took me quite some time to get into this particular groove, as I was expecting a whole lot more to unfold much quicker by the second episode. But the shows pace has caught me, and I am enjoying how it takes it’s own time, and trusts that we can follow the characters. Yeah, they’ve been very very immature, and overly emotional in many respects, but for the most part, I feel they’ve captured adolescence very well in the bargain. In this respect we are getting a more natural feel into how they are navigating a somewhat confusing terrain, warts and all. So, with this episode they get to relax and reflect. Next episode we get to see the favor that Nonoka asks of her father. Since he has been keeping his wife’s portrait more out in the open, we are probably going to get more on that story. I hope so, as it’s another great facet for them to explore.


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10 Responses to “Sora no Method – 06”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    NAKED LOLiS! Need less sinking steam…

    *hides the naked Illya and Kura photo from Priya BD2*

    • skylion says:

      I found Nonoka’s entrance to the onsen to be insipid. She made no effort to hide “waist down” to her peers, and every effort to hide her bosom. Which makes no sense unless you factor in she is hiding her bosom from the camera, and therefor the audience. Steam barely covered her posterior. So yeah, it’s might be a no no for broadcast, let’s sell a BD. Which is crass and stupid.

  2. HannoX says:

    I haven’t liked Yuzuki in the past, but last episode and this one she’s maturing and becoming a better person (although there’s still that issue with her brother) so now I can start to like her. I’ll be interested in learning more about why Shione is studying the saucer and I’m sure in the show’s own good time we’ll learn that and why she’s such a loner. Needless to say, it’ll be quite interesting seeing Yuzuki and Shione’s reactions when they learn Noel is the saucer. I think Koharu’s reaction will be much like Nonoka’s–accepting, no big deal.

    Poor Souta! The girls totally acted like he practically wasn’t there. Except for when Koharu innocently played upon the feelings she doesn’t know he has towards her to use him. Then this was an episode for the girls to bond, so he would have been out-of-place.

    • skylion says:

      Well, like I say below, I’ve been a supporter of Yuzuki’s character from the start. I felt they were taking a chance on a more progressive charter arc for her. Glad I stuck with her actually.

      I don’t know if Nonoka has anything but a non-plussed reaction to “Noel is the saucer” revelation. It was broached once, but not since. It will come a’callin’ soon, I hope.

  3. HannoX says:


  4. Highway says:

    I kind of hope that Yuzuki will remember her transgression against Nonoka (and am pretty sure that she will). Hopefully she’ll learn the important lesson that you can’t balance out pain. “If you hurt me, we’ll be even because I’m sorry I hurt you” is never a way to make the other person feel better. More pain is always more pain, it doesn’t cancel out.

    • skylion says:

      Which is why I asked the question on the first pic…

      I know lots have said a great deal of negativity about her, but I’ve always been a booster for her. Somewhere in there, is a young lady that probably cares deeper than you would think.

  5. Namaewoinai says:

    Ahh, Noel what a uh…um…weird looking stranger!

    I was wondering again…about the disk/saucer
    The Other people called it the mysterious eye
    While the other people called it the DISK (Acronyms is quite unknown for a moment)

    About last time if that is a stand i would like to called it…”Spaceman”

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