Akame ga Kill! – 20

Watch out, Mine! You have competition!

I’m short on time so I’m gonna keep this short. And this time I mean it.



Alas, Poor Lubbock

He never got to tell Najenda.

The big event is that Lubb gets taken out. This was to be expected given the number of death flags he raised in this episode and in episodes past. Guess it all caught up to him after all. As far as the rest of the episode goes, things felt extremely rushed. I figured the prime minister’s son would have a bigger role to play. Instead, he turned out to be another one of those disposable villains. Granted, he helped bring Lubb down. But he didn’t exactly stick around much after that. This also gives the show yet another opportunity to remind us how hilariously horrible the prime minister is by having him not give a shit about his own son’s passing. But what else is new?

Alone and broken.

So now Tatsumi is captured and Night Raid are in a bit of a pinch with two men down. If I had to guess, they will try to rescue Tatsumi despite his execution most likely being a trap. And if the show wants to play up our expectations, it will have Mine charge in or something only to come face to face with Esdeath. Cue a battle of the fates over Tatsumi’s body love. Not that there’s much of a competition as far as the hero himself is concerned. I’m certain he has no romantic feelings for Esdeath while actually having a budding relationship with Mine. Anyway, normally I’d say that Mine is in trouble as far as death flags go. But if she does die, that might drive Tatsumi completely over the edge and turn him into a dark, angsty mess of an anti-hero. Which isn’t exactly an original or interesting development at this point. So I have faith the show will avoid the cliche.

Looks like Kara gets some Esdeath goodness next episode. This can only mean the bodies will hit the floor.

Will Mine rush recklessly to Tatsumi’s side?


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18 Responses to “Akame ga Kill! – 20”

  1. skylion says:

    …or Mine could kill Esdeth. Which leaves you with shit-ton of Now What….

  2. Foshizzel says:

    RIP KIRITO aka Lubbock! You will not be missed.

    Apparently the manga only readers are extremely pissed off by this because I guess they skipped a massive chunk of Esdeath fighting monsters and people are angry about it? I don’t really understand the hate when it is impossible for any manga to anime adaptation to get EVERYTHING in when there is only 4 or 5 episodes left.

    • skylion says:

      This is true of lots of adaptations. Hell, I’m still smarting that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter got turned into a Wanted wannabe, instead of the epistolary story it was meant to be. LOL. Jumping over a stampede my ass, that wasn’t even in the book!

    • JPNIgor says:

      The problem is, they didn’t skip minor things, they skipped a LOT of things that could or not be relevant to future episodes. Inconsistencies are bound to happen in the future. Like, did anyone see Suu-san this episode?

      • Krono says:

        Well that’s not good. Do they not think they are not going to get a second season, so they are just cutting stuff out?

        • JPNIgor says:

          If there is any other season, there’s going to be a lot of stuff missing or being changed from the source material. I think they could do another season as long as they fixed a lot of things or just simply deviate from the source material.

          But what it affects is the immersion on some characters. We lost development regarding Mine and Tatsumi, and insight on Ran and Shura. It’s just… sad D=

          • Krono says:

            …yeah I decided to read up to this episode and holy cow we missed a lot. Also really annoyed we missed how Mine and Tatsumi’s relationship development. I feel they could have included it if they weren’t rushing towards the finish and waited till next season, but that could just be how I see it now that I have read the manga.

      • Sumairii says:

        Susanoo is in the episode at around 6:40. Is there something about his appearance that we were supposed to notice?

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Oh, come on, man! Not again! The last Night Raid death was three episodes ago and I still haven’t fully recovered from it. Now Lubbock bites the dust, just when I was starting to find him really cool. Even worse going out without confessing to Najenda.

    Adding the deaths of his two childhood friends, this makes six losses Tatsumi has suffered. Got to wonder how the guy manages to keep it together in spite of all that trauma. What are the chances Esdeath goes easy on him because it’s him?

    The prime minister’s son, Syura’s sudden exit surprised me but it sat well enough because I found him an uninteresting and easily forgettable character. Not to mention when he released the Danger Beasts, he never did anything with his own hands. Seemed like a waste of time and talent having Ryouhei Kimura voice him as well. His father is an even worse wretch though. His own son dies and he blows it off like nothing at all. I guess continuing and preserving his family line aren’t important matters to him.

    So I hear since the last episode, the story has been deviating. Though I’m not part of the manga reading section for Akame ga Kill, this news still has me worried. Especially when it could hurt the chances for a second season because I understand the manga is still ongoing.

  4. JPNIgor says:

    Well, I’ll just list the important stuff they skipped. It will be in spoilers because there are HUGE spoilers for anyone who intends to read the manga. Here I go.

    Show ▼

    • Krono says:

      Yeah, I finished reading the manga and I’m extremely disappointed that they decided not to just make a second season, even a short one, with all the material they had that was totally skipped.

  5. Krono says:

    Was anyone else ticked off at the way Lubbock was killed? I was really hoping they were done with cheap deaths. By all rights he should have lived to see another day if the plot hadn’t cut in with “he dies now”. Really it just annoys me that he was in total control and then the women, who by all rights should have died seconds after getting her throat cut, stabbed him from behind leading to his death. It really was another Sheele death that just should not have happened. Not to mention Lubbock should have had them running as soon as he saw the blood under the door.

    I’m interested to see how they handle the next episode since they apparently skipped so much content. It would be interesting to see Esdeath decide to have a fight to the death with Tatsumi. That is what I thought was going to happen when I saw the preview.

  6. skylion says:

    This sounds like the upcoming fifth and sixth seasons of GoT!

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