Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 03

Yuuki Yuuna (7)

Gotta love fairy cannibalism! I bet they taste like chicken.

I am a sucker for these magical girl shows so I will be blogging this with Skylion! So I hope you stick around for this strange series because I am having a ton of fun following it so far.


Why not, why not, why not. There, that explains that. This is becoming a great mix of SoL and Mahou Shoujo, and shouldn’t be missed…


More Magical Girls

Yuuki Yuuna (12)

Karen takes after a certain someone for colors.

Fosh// After the explosive first two episodes Yuuki Yuuna I feel they really set up the world nicely and with the addition of Karin appearing this week as the newest magical girl to join the other girls it brings up the question! How many magical girls are there in the Yuuki Yuuna universe? Personally I always loved that idea of multiple teams of magical girls fighting all over the world which makes me instantly think of Happiness Charge Precure because that is the only Precure series that I know of that explores that idea or maybe you stuck around for Mahou Shoujo Taisen when that aired? That short series also has a huge cast of magical girls.

Yuuki Yuuna (5)

Karin-“Class is in session! Today’s lesson! KILL THE BATMAN.”                      Yuuki-“Ehhhhhh!?”

So what does Karin actually bring to the team? For starters her personality is more towards the bossy side of things and she is a very straight to the point character which pushes her to basically call the other girls noobs because Karin sees this as a super serious job which it is, but from her point of view the other girls are not as serious about it or has Karin seen the darker side of the magical world? Who knows I could see that as a possibility like maybe she was part of a team and saw them all die before her or friends and family that she failed to protect? While all of that sounds epic for a tragic Karin story I think I would prefer if Yuuki Yuuna avoided going that route or is that something you want to see?

Yuuki Yuuna (8)

Karin is the pro athlete.

Personally I would rather see a Karin plot with her simply not knowing how to interact with a team of girls because she has been fighting on her own for a long time which I think is the story they might be going with for Karin? Of course I am just guessing based on how she acts and fights how she is always alone, but maybe this is more of “I don’t have any friends” plot for Karin? Either way I can’t wait to see how she comes around to the happier side of things with the girls befriending her and showing her teamwork is better than running solo.

Karin Breakdown

Yuuki Yuuna (6)

Dat proud Tsundere pose~

Skylion// It’s funny to think that three episodes in, we have Yuna giving a typical day in the life report; and only a month has passed. She’s like totally into it and ripping to tear into a new Vertex. So, leave it to the plot to add another core member to the group! I mean, this is the third episode of a Madoka clone, serious stuff should be happening!

Yuuki Yuuna (9)

 Itsuki-“Whoa I found fanfiction of Karin.”           Karin-“Wait!? REALLY?!!” 

But, I’m not going to lose my head over that sort of thing. With it’s evolving OP and ED and setting up it’s own rules,  this show is carving out it’s own space very well. And, with the introduction of Karin, I think we might be looking a bit into the raison d’etre of the Hero Club and it’s members. And since Yuka is playing an aggressive soft serve to press gang Karin into the club, this sort of introspection is pretty good at this time. I love the interplay. Karin is going all in to to prove her bossitude, and Yuka is very much in line with that, so naturally Karin is in the Hero’s Club….

Yuuki Yuuna (11)

Party time~

And so what do with have with Karin? You could call her an over-achiever (does she run the treadmill when nervous?). And a great case is made to call her driven (eating dried sardines only because they are a super-food). But you can very much call her tsuntsundere; I said that twice so it must be important! She can clean up a Vertex like none of the other’s we have seen so far. I love that dual wield katana action. But, soon, as with many types that are way above the curve, she is by herself. Now, being alone and loneliness don’t have to overlap, but she is probably edging toward feeling lonely now and again. So, to me, everyone might be getting what they need from the situation. Birthday parties included!


Yuuki Yuuna (3)


Yuuki Yuuna (4)

Please shoot me baby!

Yuuki Yuuna (1)

I think Karin will become the leader.

Yuuki Yuuna (2)

Fuu is starting the loli appreciation club! Any guesses for the president?

End thoughts 

Hooray! More magical girls added to the cast of Yuuki Yuuna! I certainly hope we get more magical girls appearing every other week or do you not want that to happen? I think I am stuck in the middle because I really like the idea of new magical girls appearing, but at the same time it might hurt things by having eight or ten different girls on screen at once fighting monsters. Besides that idea I really enjoyed the non magical girl stuff this week as well like the funny club stuff, fun at the pool and surprise birthday party! So what did you think about the episode and what about Karin? Do you like her so far or not really? I think she is alright even though her bossy tsundere attitude did annoy me at the start but I know she will eventually come around and happily join the girls as a core member of the Hero club and join the magical girl team.

I really do like how this show is shaping up, and I think we can dismiss it as a dark show. This doesn’t mean it won’t get serious on it’s own terms. Karin is adding a great deal to the mix cause she does take things very seriously. She might have missed the Hero Club’s children’s activities, but she did study hard on her origami! I hope the rest of them can teach her that she has to make a world worth fighting for, not just fight for it.  So now that we’ve had the great bonding episode, let’s see if we can get some serious fight action next time around. I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon!


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29 Responses to “Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 03”

  1. skylion says:

    I think it’s obvious that I would be the President of the LOLI Club…

  2. Wanderer says:

    Not to put too much of a damper on things, but it is stated that there are only twelve vertex, and that four have been defeated (now five), and that 8 (now 7) remain. Since we’ve seen all of those fights happen, Karin can’t have been involved in any of them except this most recent one.

    Karin’s problem is that she was raised to be a super-soldier/hero without any other purpose in life, or social contact, or any other concept of what life is like, apparently. So for her it’s the be-all-end-all because it’s literally all she knows: it’s always been her most important and only thing to focus on. She doesn’t know how to handle these people who have ordinary lives and do things other than focus on heroing 24/7.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah that is true! I guess that kills the idea of multiple magical girls kicking ass at the same time, but there could be multiple gods in the world of Yuuki Yuuna…

      True Karin has the whole solder/hero mindset and doesn’t have any time for friendships or club activities which is fine cause she is serious about saving the world and it effects her social life.

    • skylion says:

      Well, Fuu made mention that there were other teams around, and that her’s got selected. I assumed that selection would be on a rota, but it looks like the rotation is “this cycle of 12” not a case by case basis.

      Yes, this was what I was underscoring in saying she has to learn that there is a world she can make that is worth fighting for, not just to fight for it’s own sake. It’s one of the notes I’m glad the show hit.

  3. Wanderer says:

    Spammy, don’t be a brat.

  4. HannoX says:

    I go for this being a not-dark show. I also think there are enough magical girls in it now, although another one or two would be okay. Too many girls would take time away from focusing on the core girls. With the addition of Karin they’ve got some mild friction within the group and the five together will provide a good group dynamic.

    It would be nice, though, to add several non-magical girls as supporting cast members so the Hero Club can interact with friends who are not part of the battle with the Vertex. We need supernatural battles in this show, but I for one also want some SoL elements like we got in this episode.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah typically most magical girl series aim for five or six different girls as a “team” with one or two possibly on the side that helps them here and there! I know past Precure have used at least six in a team and I think Sailor moon has roughly eight later on, but I agree if they add more it will take away from the original core even though I would love to see more appearing as “helper” types that help only when the team is in a pinch.

      Yeah good idea! The other girls don’t really have to be magical girls they could be average everyday students that want to help others.

  5. JPNIgor says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw Karen was “is she from Asuna’s guild? Wait, wrong anime.”

  6. Highway says:

    Something I really liked here, and maybe it’s not realistic, but it does show what great character Yuuna, Tougou, Fu, and Itsuki have: They didn’t play Karin’s one-upsmanship game. It’s surprising how comfortable they are with themselves and able to just let Karin’s taunts and posturing roll off them, even trying to pull Karin into their world.

    And the show kept them in the place where they could pull Karin in, the place where they have the advantages. If the show had gone into a lot of action with the vertexes, it would have cemented Karin’s superiority complex, rather than making her wonder if it’s not the only thing to be good at battling.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I noticed that too with Karin and the other girls whenever she was being mean by insulting them they just moved right along without letting it bother them which is quite mature imo! Most series would have had some arguments between two characters butting heads.

      Yeah agreed good pacing <3

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