Trinity Seven – 03

After this, they had lots of sex.

Three episodes in and we already have the beach episode. I like the way this show thinks.



Dream Magus

Yui wants her onii-san~

Oh look, another member of the Trinity Seven appears! The latest addition to the cast is Yui. And the thing about her is that apparently you can only meet her in your dreams. Or so Serina claims, but I’m fairly certain Arata wasn’t just passed out when he met her. Instead, I’m pretty sure that Yui’s magic enables her to create and traverse dimensions or spaces. And she merely pulled him out of the academy into her trippy little space to save him from Akio’s roundhouse kick. Because otherwise, Arata wouldn’t have completely disappeared from the school and reappeared out of thin air later on when Yui sent him back.

Arata’s magus mode.

As far as Yui’s character goes, her mannerisms are childish. She refers to herself by her name and even dubs Arata “onii-san” upon first meeting him. However, it is apparent that she’s not the ignorant airhead that her mannerisms might suggest. Not only can she monitor the school as she wishes using her little dimensional portals, she is also knowledgeable enough about magic to suggest a way for Arata to stop the Breakdown Phenomenon that none of the other magi thought of. Given how powerful of an ally she could be, I would think it’s only a matter of time before she leaves the comfort of her room and joins the rest of the Trinity Seven with Arata in the real world.

The Harem Rises

Beach episode and onsen episode!

So now we’ve met six of the seven Trinity Seven. Lilith is in denial about it, but she definitely has a soft spot for Arata. Levi has more or less become Arata’s lackey alongside Serina. And Arin has claimed waifu status and stalks Arata at all times. So that’s three out of seven already in the palm of Arata’s hand. Not bad, considering we’re only three episodes in. Of the three other members we’ve met, he just needs to tame Akio and Mira. Akio doesn’t seem too particularly disagreeable, but she does follow Mira around. And Mira is the real problem. She definitely has a thing against Arata, whether it be for the whole mess he caused at school, or because he’s a bit of a pervert. If our hero wants these two on his side, he’s going to have to do something about how they see him. You know, like maybe getting Mira to acknowledge his magical abilities since she prides herself in her own magic. Suponpon magic isn’t quite helping his case though.

Let me take your picture~

And that brings us to the last member of the Trinity Seven. We are told that she mysteriously disappeared one day, and it is heavily implied that she has a connection to Serina. Though to be honest, it’s fairly easy to guess that the two are sisters if you look up the characters’ names and images. Anyway, I wonder if this suggests that this last member will be the first big obstacle that Arata will encounter in his quest to save Hijiri. It sounds like she’s already severed her affiliation with the school, so it isn’t too much of a stretch to assume that she might have gone rogue and joined whatever bad guys are lurking out there. I only notice it now, but promo art for the show does have her off to the rear, away from the rest of the cast. Which reinforces the notion.


Dominated the clothes right off of ’em!

But that’s enough about the girls. Let’s talk about Arata instead. The big deal here is that he’s already picked his thema. I wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon, but it makes sense since he’s got to start mastering magic at some point to save his cousin. Might as well start with stopping the destruction of the school and its students. Now, I’m sure we were all wondering what thema he would pick. And it turns out to be impel, domination. This whole selection thing makes me wonder if you can literally think of any word and make it your thema, because it’s almost as if Arata pulled “domination” out of thin air. But I think the thing to take away from the events leading up to his formally becoming a magus is that the thema has to somehow match the mage’s personality. Which is something I know some readers were already aware of.

Lilith’s alchemy.

From there though, things stop being as straight forward since it seems like the kinds of spells that a mage can use are a tossup. They don’t necessarily have to be related to the thema, which was what I was trying to wrap my head around last time. I mean, you’d think that a theme, which also matches a personality, would designate the specific types of spells a mage can use. But I suppose that’s a bit too restricting so I’ll have to cut the show some slack.

Arata copies Lilith’s magic.

Back to the topic at hand, we see that Arata’s abilities so far consist of negating and copying magic. The former can be quite useful in a pinch, and for fanservice as demonstrated by this episode. But the latter has to be by far the more important one. I’m thinking Arata’s ability to copy others’ magic is the key to the chairman’s cryptic words last time. Basically, instead of physically having the Trinity Seven at his beck and call, “having his way with them” means that Arata can use any of their magic as he so desires because he’s copied them. So, this boils his quest down to meeting the Trinity Seven, witnessing their magic at least once, and having the Astil Codex copy it. That’s certainly quite the shortcut to mastering magic, even if it sounds like the grimoire is pulling most of the weight for Arata here.

Extra Magic

Show ▼

Next time it looks like Arata and co. are going on a raid. Akio and Mira will be there, so I guess he can use the chance to prove his worth to them. More likely though, he’ll accidentally end up stripping everyone again since he still needs to work on focusing his magic cancellation on one target rather than hitting everything around him.

See you next week for more of Lilith-sensei’s boobies!


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22 Responses to “Trinity Seven – 03”

  1. Rathje says:

    And yet, he didn’t manage to dominate that beret off Lilith’s head?

    • Sumairii says:

      Sharp eye, eh?

      From the explanation of Arata’s special move, it sounds like he dispelled the girls’ clothing because they were in magus mode. So I suppose if the clothes are magical in nature, they will be destroyed. Which would suggest that Lilith’s beret is just normal clothing. But then this wouldn’t explain how he shredded Serina’s swimsuit. Unless her swimsuit was magically generated or something.

      Or, it could really have just been an oversight as you might have thought.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Maybe it only destroys clothing that are up to a person’s neck.

    • Rathje says:

      Occam’s Razor suggests that it’s more likely that someone in the studio has a beret fetish.

      You know… instead of naked-except-for-knee-socks, we get naked-except-for-cute-berets.

      I wonder if Arata’s power works against knee-socks….

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    When you said Extra Magic… I had a feeling it meant ‘Extra Magic’ and was right…

  3. belatkuro says:

    They skipped a tl;dr explanation from Lilith for her magic. The grimoire basically just skipped all that to make it easier for Arata to do. It’s a big cheat device really.

    And that’s just half-right about the Thema. While it does fit Arata’s personality to dominate, there’s more to it than that. Yui’s Thema is friendship, and yet she doesn’t seem to have friends because she’s isolated in that space. Doesn’t really match right? Levi will provide an explanation in the next episode or two as well.

  4. skylion says:

    DFC made great showing here….

    I’m thinking how they explore the Thema is going to be the rather interesting bits.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Fortunately, what happened with the Breakdown Phenomenon was explained. Suddenly jumping to a beach setting after the tension the cliffhanger from last episode left would’ve rubbed me the wrong way. To the beach setting’s defense, it’s an ideal way for Arata to get better acquainted with the girls as they’re going to be interacting with each other from now on.

    Yui’s disposition is the most interesting since contact can only be made through dreams. I can only think of two possibilities as to why that is. Either her body is lying dormant or she’s been permanently separated from it.

    Levi and Arata, in my opinion, have an unofficial master-servant relationship. She doesn’t seem to mind anything he does and is about ready to do anything for him.

    My thoughts on Mira: Rude, prudish and snobby. She’s definitely been raised in an elitist magical family. Someone on a high horse like her won’t need much to start singing a different tune. Akio seems to have an interest in Arata already. However, on a rival-like level.

    Among other things, Arata’s Magus mode serves as an unintentional Dress Break. Issei Hyoudou would be proud. But still, you still can’t deny that him learning more about magic is sure to cause more problems than solving them before he gets a proper grip. I see epic fails on the horizon. His sudden use of thema felt anticlimactic. For some reason, I assumed he’d have to make a contract with each girl to gain access. Or does being the Demon Lord candidate mean he can bypass any and all restrictions?

    • Sumairii says:

      Yeah, I was also expecting Arata to make some kind contract with the girls. But it’s quite interesting to see him copy his magic, even if it is a bit too convenient. Maybe we’ll see later on that the Astil Codex has its limits?

      • Wade Wilson says:

        Arata is really not that OP. He struggles a lot during most of his fights so no need to nerf the Astil Codex lol.

        • Di Gi Kazune says:

          In comparison to some other OP characters, he is definately not.

        • Sumairii says:

          We’ve not yet seen Arata in any sort of combat, so I cannot say that he is OP in that sort of situation.

          However, what I’ve said in previous comments is that the Astil Codex is OP with regards to Arata gaining magic. And I don’t think you can dispute that statement when it can so casually replicate alchemy, which is supposed to be quite complicated.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Seeing is believing so the only thing to do is wait until a fight breaks out. Then judgments can be made.

  6. I very like this anime.. >,<

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