Sword Art Online II – 15

SAO 15- lead

 Klein, “We have to cut that down with a herring?”

Welcome back to the Full Dive. I am eager to explore more of ALfheim Online with you. So without further ado…Link Start!


Adventure Quest 2025!

SAO 15-01

Klein, “What does this have to do with getting a shrubbery?”

It’s really fun to see how these guys started the quest. Years ago, in a TRPG fantasy game that I ran, my players came across an otyugh that was being harassed by a band of trolls. Long story short, they healed the monster after fighting the trolls to the death, and for that, they got the shorter route into the wizards tower rather than the longer one. The otyugh didn’t attack them, and lead them to what was, basically, it’s home. So I don’t know if helping the monster can be a trope or not, but it’s nice to see someone else thought of it and told their take on it. But regardless, it’s an interesting set up. And Tonkii is cool, man.

SAO 15-10

Kirito and his harem

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I have to admit, with no guilt at all, that I’m grooving on this episode more than I did the previous 14. I make no bones about being on the disappointed side of the fence for GGO. So with that in mind, it was pretty spiffy to see this cast of characters in a more relaxed and charming state of affairs. I made it no secret during the original series, that I quite like them, in spite of some of the more tropey moments they had to trudge through. So watching seven people enjoy playing a game and spending time with each other is a big bonus to me. Cause…the death game thing….done to death.

SAO 15-03

Ok, guys, remember the what is your favorite color question…it’s a trap! 

So now we come to the meat of the episode. Basically, it’s an Expansion block with new territory to explore, new rules to mete out, and a hefty amount of status quo shaking in how the world’s background stands. And, as presented, it’s a fairly organic, seamless took into it. It’s one thing just to buy the new expansion and wait for it to load on your computer, but I think it would rock your immersion pretty hard if that were the case in a futuristic VRMMO. Or is that something we will still have to get used to? Regardless, we have a Save the World scenario with a hint of something deeper going on.

Given that Yui tells the party that The Queen of the Lake is not a typical PC, and is closer to an AI is something of a mystery for now, but damn, if it isn’t a pretty little detail. My guess is that the code is writing itself, that the Seed is getting into a big growth period and is becoming adept at creating it’s own scenarios. And since it’s SAO…expect Kirito and crew to save this world in high dramatic fashion. All for the sake of getting the boy a sword.  Of course, the LN readers are welcome to have a field day with me on that score. But that’s my guess. If that isn’t then it’s still a pretty good set up. But something tells me this quest isn’t going to be as easy as Kirito thinks it will be.

Sword FArting Around…

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You know, given Metanorn’s bulk of activity over the past two weeks, this almost feels like a First Impression to me.  And further given, that we are starting a new arc, I can only be somewhat forgiven for that feeling. I was quite looking forward to this arc, mainly because I was suffering from Anything But GGO stuffs. But, even with that bit of negativity, this new one is quite the charmer. It’s a fresh start, and it feels good to see the gang stretch into a new story with a big old helping of optimism and fun. I enjoyed it so much, I’m not even going to start about the mouth flappy bit of exposition at the end. I”m hoping to see more of the action from the original SAO, with classic style monsters and combat. Head to Head action, that sort of thing.

And since we have a new arc, we get new music! Our new OP is “courage” by Haruka Tomatsu, the VA for Asuna. And our new ED is “Sirsi” (シルシ) by LiSA. Fantastic stuff, and glad to see Tomato-chan lending her pipes to the franchise once more.

SAO 15-09

“Sirsi” Video is not available on YouTube at this time.


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17 Responses to “Sword Art Online II – 15”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    They are going to have to destroy Illah! Their current amount of extreme magic is insufficient! Wait.. wrong series. My bad.

  2. JPNIgor says:

    Noooooooo! I wanted Mother Rosario, dammit…

    Well, this has to be for the better since Mother Rosario arc lacks in the action department which is what most people expect from SAO for some reason.

    I actually enjoyed seeing all the old characters coming back, but I would like that they would have more relevant dialogue. Right now, they feel like mere sidekicks for Asuna, Kirito and Leafa. Actually, everyone feels like sidekicks for Kirito…

    At least Sinon still has a strong personality.

    And I laughed at Silica touching her own tail as if she wanted Kirito to touch hers… Silly.

    • skylion says:

      Mother Rosario is next, correct? And the series built a great deal on action. True, it wasn’t the biggest part, but it was part of the process that was just as fun and interesting as everything else.

      They cannot seem to squeeze enough out of the supporting cast…hell, you’d be his sidekick. I’d be his sidekick…

      Did she want him to touch her tail? I kinda got mixed signals from her…

    • belatkuro says:

      Timeline wise, Caliber comes first before Mother’s Rosario. Otherwise, that wouldn’t explain why Kirito would have Excalibur in a fight later(seriously not a spoiler that he will get it).

      • skylion says:

        RE: Dat moment he had with Excalibur. It’s like he doesn’t even need a harem…

      • JPNIgor says:

        It’s just that I don’t think Calibur deserves a whole arc that’s most likely going to take up the whole season. It’s just a side story in the middle of Volume 8. They could have made a series of OVA, I dunno…

        The interesting part, though, is that I didn’t read Volume 8, so I can watch something unspoiled for once.

  3. d-LaN says:

    Not sure how I feel abt the omitted material in Vol 4 being turned into a few minute flashback, but I guess its still neat that A-1 sorta animate it.

    Incidently, I did not read this SS so its nice that I can come into this semi-blind be4 Mother Rosario starts which I read. But I certainly did not expect Klein trying his damnhardest to be Kirito waifu XD

    Also is Asuna doing what i think she is doing…..?

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Can I be blamed thinking that since this arc is centered around Excalibur that there might also be a Holy Grail involved? Or is Fate/Stay Night monopolizing that?

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