Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 02-03

Bahamut Genesis 02-post lead

We love this wine show!

Welcome back to our coverage of this awesome epic fantasy adventure. I’m pretty sure it went from escaping fan’s Fall radar to OMG when is the next episode?! Of of this writing, the fourth one is out today! But sit back, and I’ll cover the goings on for both the second and third episodes.

“Escape of Levian”

Bahamut Genesis 02-episode lead

Titanic Golem 1-Little Bat Thing 0

Now, while I personally loved the adventures of Favaro and Kaiser in the premiere, the second episode doesn’t forget the epic background, and the larger story it has to tell. Right from the start we are seeing a world out of balance and the forces aligned to prevent further out of whackery. And since it’s a natural to mix fantasy with a little bit of history, why not have the legions muster and fight under the banners of  Jeanne D’Arc? In this show, she looks to be a natural Paladin for the arch-angel Gabrielle, the only angel keeping it together in the Heavens, if the opening is anything to go by. But for how long can Jeanne and her forces depend upon the graces of the higher powers.  Bahamut is waking up, and his stirrings are causing all manner of disruptions.

Bahamut Genesis 02-02

…this is called reaping what you sow, kids…

So, when we last left Favaro, he had a rather rude awakening. It’s not every day you wake up with a demon’s tail, but then it’s not every previous night you get a kiss by a mysterious girl that happens to have a kickass demon inside her. But all is not without a plan. Our young lady might be a stranger to this world, but she knows how to work leverage. The kiss is a curse bound to her, and so it makes Favaro bound to her as well. It’s a tie you cannot cut with a knife, son. So, better find the way to Helheim rather quick if you don’t want any more entanglements…..well that didn’t take long….Like the ever present Blue to his Red the Oni twins meet, and Kaiser just assumes the worst. Favaro has always been a demon, and now he’s kidnapped a young lady. The knight in him goes on the hunt.

Bahamut Genesis 02-dressup

Pick a favorite

With a narrow escape, it doesn’t take long for the duo to get on the road, and get some things squared away. Fine, to Helheim we go, lets stop and get you dressed proper, and get so money. Her talents will come in handy in the old bounty hunting profession! Sure enough they are raking it in, and spend a night of revelry.

Bahamut Genesis 02-4

…all this great animation is making me happywoooooozyyeaaaah… <—-click for sakuga

But we can’t forget Kaiser. I mentioned the knight in him earlier and that is something I’ll get to in episode three, but here he is looking to get back in the good graces of the actual knights. They are looking for a demon and a thing called the God Key, and Kaiser knows that Favaro must be their target. But he is meet with resistance, and his bounty hunter armband gives him away. No knight would stoop to that profession. After all, bounty hunters would sell out anyone, with no leaning to loyalty at all. Speaking of which, the knights search inspires Favaro to do just that. Sell out the girl’s location to the knights, and his problems are solved. If not for the horse. Folks, if you find that your a beautiful demon girl on the run, make friends with horses…

Bahamut Genesis 02-06

Escape number two….

So, since he can’t sell her out, he’s stuck with her on her grand quest. She reveals her name to be Amira and she is looking for her mother. How that ties into the larger plot of Jeanne’s knight quest to find her and for what reason is going to endure for a bit.

“Fog of Nebelville”

Bahamut Genesis 03-01

Grand Theft God Key

If you want to keep the boundaries between godkind and demonkind pretty well defined and stable, then keep the God Key in it’s special place. But if you’re looking to cause some good old fashion epic fantasy mayhem, then by all means steal the thing. As Amira is recounting her tale to Favaro, about what she has, where she needs to go, I found it quite fun to see the angel Gabriel, Jeanne, and our new friends Azazel and Kerberos pacing along with her. I’m going out on a limb, but it feels like this story has been told time and time again in different places and different times, but that’s just me. The meat of the takeaway for all of this is that it should not have been possible. Amira is demonkind and therefore should not have been able to step foot into the place, much less take the God Key.

Bahamut Genesis 03-03

Bahamut Genesis 03-episode lead

Bahamut 03-08

They all have a great story to tell

So while Gabriel is struggling to maintain order and throwing his diminishing weight behind Jeanne and her forces to find the God Key, what do the last two have to put into play? Azazel is fallen, so we can assume he used to be of the godkind and is now a demon. He’s not on the best of terms with Hell’s guardian, Kerberos, and acting as he does this episode, I can see him wanting to play all the sides he can. Wonder how much he has invested in God Key theft? Oh, and I love the triple acting job that Eri Kitamura is giving to Hell’s hound, and her two other heads, Mes-dog and Os-dog. She’s got some nice puppies…

Bahamut Genesis 03-02

Thing are not what they appear to be

When we last saw Kaiser he was beaten down and diminished. But this will not keep  our erstwhile knight down. He is dogged in his pursuit, and keeps going until exhaustion robs him of his strength. I have to say, this bit of the episode has a very special place in my heart and mind. As I mentioned in the FI for this show, I’m very much taken by it’s D&D style roots, and with this outing, they wander right into one of my favorite settings. Ravenloft. The pacing, reveals, and characterizations play out almost exactly like some of the recommendation text in the game setting books about how to evoke mood for a horror game. And since Ravenloft in Gothic Horror, Kaiser’s story fits in so very well. In feudal settings, family lines are of utmost importance. So the “sins of the father” pass down like a curse to their progeny. Kaiser was to be a knight, but for the tides of misfortune. As he has lost all family, he is taken completely by the story Rita’s parent weave around him.

But just what part does Rita play in the overall story. It seems that Azazel was counting on this particular road for Favaro and Amira to follow. If feels like she has a much larger story to tell as we move on. It’s quite an odd place to start. She was nearly content to play her part in one small place, where she could have had exercised the power to spread her influence. I wonder what was keeping her in check and why?

Bahamut Genesis 03-04

Rita flexes some powerful necromuscle…but she reaps what she sows

But Kaiser’s misfortune doesn’t stop. Just when he is taking strides to redeem his honor, standing up for a town beset by monsters, the terrifying truth comes crashing down on him. And not just the town showing it’s true ruin, but his Big Damn Hero moment is usurped by his sworn enemy. Kaiser, you are an amazing chew toy. You are brave, but foolish, you have a sense of honor, but no real bearings. I love you, man, but the plot is just loving it’s treatment of you as a squeaky bone.

Bahamut Genesis 03-05

YeeeeHAAAAA! BDH moment.!Oh, Kaiser, you were here?

…Favaro and Amria weren’t even here for him at all, but to collect the bounty on the Necromancer Rita, and her cursed Black Bible. The guy cannot catch a break, as the Red Oni team book it after a massive zombie kick ass session and monster retrieval. Yeah, whatever dude, better kill that thing soon…

Bahamut Genesis 03-06

But the story of family and of Kaiser and Rita is not over. By episodes end, she is following him on whatever path he takes. He makes the flimsiest of excuses to her in why he did not kill her on the spot. But I have to admire his fool’s heart, he believes that even in death, there might be hope.

A few extras

Bahamut Genesis 02-03

Amira: “Why can’t I eat you, magic bird?”

Bahamut Genesis 03-07

One hell of a great Miyuki Sawashiro performance

Bahamut Genesis 03-endcard

Well, skylion adds another necroLOLi to the ranks. I don’t think Shinobu nor Hachikuji, nor Yotsugi will be making room for her any time soon.

We are looking at a very strong fantasy anime, and I’m glad I took the chance on it. As I said above, it was on my What? A Card Game Adaptation? radar. But with  MAPPA pulling out all the stops on some brilliant animation, and a great multilayered story to match it, it’s is firing on all the boilers for me, and I feel confident they can keep the pace going in the coming months. This is some very indulgent stuff, and it’s so great to taste. I know it’s probably natural to dig on Favaro and all his great shenanigans, and in the much larger story of Bahamut’s revival, but Kaiser has a great story coming along as well, and I hope he can play a pivotal part as the story progresses. So what did you folks think? You have a favorite moment so far, a favorite character? Let us know as the Metanorn writers team will be rotating coverage on a weekly basis. Who do we have next week? That is a mystery, but look forward to it!


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28 Responses to “Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 02-03”

  1. bobob101 says:

    Mappa is consistently doing good work. They put out both Kids on the Slope and Zankyou, and for all the questionable writing they have good production values.
    Watching this show is really like playing an SMT game, what with all the religious name dropping. And Favaro really reminds me of Space Dandy personality wise.

    The combination of the above two is really making me enjoy this show.

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, the endings of both Kids and Zankyou left me a bit cool to some of the storytelling…

      I don’t have any experience with SMT, but have a love of myth and religious history…so names can drop, I’ll get ’em.

      I was really sneaky in the FI…but Favaro is voiced by the same VA as Meow.

      Good to see people enjoying the show.

    • Highway says:

      Favaro has Space Dandy’s personality, and Kaiser has Space Dandy’s looks…

      • BlackBriar says:

        I only saw the first two episodes of the first season but it’s more than enough for me to agree with you.

  2. Irenesharda says:

    Love this show and will get to my review in a bit, but just a little mention: The archangel that you call Gabriel, is actually Michael, the warrior angel, that’s why he carries a sword pretty much everywhere.
    This is Gabriel.

  3. Irenesharda says:

    For episode 2:

    Another really great episode.

    I’m enjoying this series so much. I loved the look of the angels in the beginning, though Michael looks kind of feminine for being the only male in the group.

    And the lovely Jeanne d’Arc was nice to see, finally after that travesty in Nobunaga, we have a woman who seems to be worth of the name “Joan of Arc”.

    So, Amira placed a curse on Favaro so that he would take her to Helheim. It was rather refreshing that rather than take an interest in her, or take a liking to her, that instead Favaro is a guy who only looks out for himself and has no problem with trying to kill her. In fact he’s dastardly enough that he will actually lull her into a false sense of security and then try to downright murder her. Wow, is this guy a piece of work.

    And despite the fun and fighting, we do have the plot progressing. We find out that Kaiser used to be a knight, but something happened that disgraced his family and has his family executed. I am interested in finding out what happened to him. Also, how long have he and Favaro know each other? What did Favaro do to him? There are a lot of questions here.
    As for Amira, she’s a demoness…or is she? She talks about her mother, who is in Helheim for some reason. But her mother seems to have the golden light of the gods rather than the shadowed darkness of the demons. And the demons don’t seem to care about her at all, so what’s what’s going on there? And then there’s the fact that the knights spell didn’t work for her. Also, she stole half of the god key that can set Bahamut free? The question is why? Is Bahamut her mother? And what’s her connection to the leader of the knights who has the same necklace as she?

    As for the OP and ED, I’m not fond of hard rock, but I loved the look of the OP, the ED was especially beautiful. The animation was great and the music was just right. I loved the dance scene, the look on the lake, and the scene on the bridge. It was just beautiful.

    For episode 3:

    Another really good episode. In some senses it was filler since it was simply a side trip involving this zombie town, however, we get to see new characters and we get some backstory on our old ones.

    We get to see how Amira stole the key and fused it with herself, but lost her wing when she faced the archangel Michael. We find that heaven is crumbling, showing the coming return of Bahamut, and the human world is beginning to show a coming darkness as well. It really doesn’t seem like Amira is being controlled or anything, so why did she steal the key? I don’t think anybody from all three sides what Bahamut to return, so why is she doing this? And what does it have to do with her mother?

    We also learn from all three sides that Amira cannot be at least ALL demon, since no true demon can set foot on the holy ground of heaven. So, it’s possible that she is either half demon half god, some combination of all three, or perhaps a human with very spectacular powers.

    We see more of Kaiser’s backstory, and find out that he was a rebellious noble who lost everything after his father failed a mission and was executed and his family stripped of everything. His mother committed suicide later. So, pretty sad all around. I wonder how Favaro was involved? I’m guessing he was one of the bandits that stole the tribute his father was blamed for?

    And lastly, we meet Rita, a 200+ year old loli necromancer that turned her hometown into a zombie wasteland. The girl has that dry deadpan humor, but you can see the emotion hidden underneath when she tries to protect her undead parents. I like how they showed where Kaiser had actually been all that time and him coming to that realization was quite well done. His kinder, more noble, if a little pathetic character is juxtaposed nicely against Favaro’s devil-may-care, only out for himself, personality this episode. When Favaro doesn’t give a care about Rita, who is becoming a zombie, it’s Kaiser who stays by her side and is faced with killing her out of mercy. However, I’m guessing that Rita was going to be alright after all somehow (perhaps she was already undead seeing as she still looks like a little kid despite being over two centuries old.), and she’s become Kaiser’s own supernatural companion.

    So our heroes continue on their way, in two different groups, but traveling toward the same place. And Favaro seems to have found someone who happens to actually know the way to Helheim. So will Bacchus help them out? And why is Amira actually doing this?

    A great episode, and I can’t wait to see the next one. This has definitely become my show of the season! 😀

    • BlackBriar says:

      We also learn from all three sides that Amira cannot be at least ALL demon, since no true demon can set foot on the holy ground of heaven. So, it’s possible that she is either half demon half god, some combination of all three, or perhaps a human with very spectacular powers.

      Interesting theory. If she’s indeed a hybrid of angels and demons, then it makes sense she was able to slip in because she’d inherit the best of both worlds, blurring the boundary lines. I understand such a hybrid is registered under the term “Nephilim”.

    • skylion says:

      As for what Amria may be, my thoughts are going towards the Garth Ennis comic book Preacher. A demon and an angel, two beings that shouldn’t meet, mated and had a baby that was more powerful than God. Jut a fleeting thought…

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      Watashi no Jeanne! Says Caster.

      • Kyokai says:

        You mean Fate/Zero caster. 😛

        • Di Gi Kazune says:

          Who else? 😛

          One goes: Kyaa~ dana-sama
          One goes: Souchirou-sama~
          One goes: I am a LOLi~
          One goes: … *goes back to building golems*
          One goes: To be? Or not to be? That is the question? Alas poor Yorrick, I barely knew thee?

  4. HannoX says:

    I think Rita is going to be a great addition to the cast and I can’t wait to see more of her interactions with Kaiser. I think she’s going to force him to rethink some of his core beliefs. So that should make for a good character development arc for him.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Oh ho, this is surprise. I thought it would be Kyokai blogging if the series got any added posts. Don’t overwork yourself, skylion. It’s always the unexpected ones that perform brilliantly and I added this series on my list simply on a whim. No regrets thus far have been found and let’s hope it stays that way. Another sleeper hit this season, in my opinion, would be Donten ni Warau

    Favaro can act like an asshole and selfish brat all he likes by me. Because it only makes more amusing watching as he gets his just desserts not long after. Getting contracted by Amira for shooting off his mouth in that bar about Helheim, ultimately stuck with her again after he tried to betray and abandon her to save his own skin. Karma is not on his side.

    That went over my head. Here I thought Kaiser would be forced to make a difficult choice with Rita turning into a zombie in front of him. My curiosity is on how she yet retains her consciousness. I’m not putting my money on her Necromancer powers. If that were the case, I don’t think she’d have needed that spellbook. The journey must be awkward for Kaiser. Traveling with someone who appears young but is much older, by more than a century.

    • skylion says:

      Hey, you might want to save that surprise for later, BB. Overwork? Not hardly, mate.

      This was on my list as a whim. Every new season is like anticipating a present. So no matter who it comes from, you have to open it!

      Yeah, I said that Kaiser was the stories chew toy, but that’s because he might not deserve it. Favaro defiantly does…

      Well, I think Kaiser was really reading nobility wrong when he spared Rita. Now…he’s stuck with her, and like all good necroLOLi she hanging out just to hang out. And yeah, I’ve no idea about why she is still empowered; and she will get sooooo OP.

  6. vucubcaquix says:

    I love how much of a jackass Favaro is. Especially in the first two episodes where he was always trying to see how he could take advantage of Amira. It’s more interesting than just a bland “nice guy” male lead you see in a lot of anime.

    My favorite moments so far were probably the flamenco dance, then the quiet scene on the lake under the stars. I think those were the two most beautiful scenes for different reasons.

    • skylion says:

      Oh, those moments were so awesome. Quickly paced from quiet to danger….

      Favaro is one of my fav “heroes” this season. He is one up from Guiltia Sin in Inou Battle…that unrepentant LOLicon.

    • BlackBriar says:

      The one where he sold Amira out to the knights only to be bound to her again was the best. He reaps what he sows.

  7. belatkuro says:

    >no pic of Favaro’s smile
    Then again, I might have punched my computer if I saw that smile again.

  8. Kyokai says:

    I love this show. This was so much more than whatever I expected. It’s a miracle that I don’t hate any characters yet so overall, really look forward to each episode.

    Favaro and Kaiser are completely poles apart but that’s the fun of seeing different perspectives rather than just stuck with a goody-two-shoes.

    I really dig the character designs (Berserk movie character designer ftw), and the look and feel is amazing. Props to MAPPA and I hope they keep at it!

    • skylion says:

      RE: Goody two shoes. Another reason why it reminds me of TRPGs. Our characters weren’t HEROIC. They just wanted to loot the dungeons…

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