Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle – 03

Avenging Battle 03-01

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Well, if anime has taught me anything today, it’s that I should keep my fortune on a island in a place called the Evil Sea. Most people would not take the extra trip…


The Harbor of Phantom Dreams Recollected

Avenging Battle 03-02

Hot Maul on Maul Action!

You know what? Clay Morgan might not have the ambition that Claudia just seems to exude, but I cannot fault him really, for wanting to enjoy the fruits of his labors his way. Sit on me arse, eat, drink, be merry, and be spoiled for choice when it comes to ventriloquist acts.  But I might find at least some fault. It’s all well and good to let your physique go to Stay-Puft, but don’t let your brains turn to mush. But, I guess you had to be there. It’s not every day you have to kill that which cannot die. And it’s not every day that you see the dead come back. These are some pretty bad bookends to be between. I was almost pissed to see that this felt like a reprise of the first Hero, Arbath. But the action was pretty good, and the guy can still fight like a demon.

Avenging Battle 03-04

This was perhaps the easiest they ever got a set of Remains, the ears, complete with jewelry. But Morgan was choosing between two evils. Having the vile things in his possession (down a well) or being “cursed” by Chaika’s ghost. I guess he choose his lesser. Bit marshmallow headed, but doable in the sense of the narrative. The plot has a slightly bigger fish to eat. Good thing Fredrika likes them fresh. The news of her father’s fortune, and perhaps some answers to her own identity. The game has shifted into something bigger. Before, the goals, though hard to find and achieve, were at least something they could grasp. Find the hero, find the remains. Repeat. I don’t think Tooru is comfortable with having to change the game. Why he feels this way, may be a bit deeper, or it may not. We’ll see how that works out.  But I loved it that Akari was able to spell it all out for him, in how important it was to Chaika to have this scare healed. The scene, their “firing” felt a bit rushed and shoe-horned in, but it worked. Sometimes it’s fun and interesting to split the party.

Avenging Battle 03-creepydad

This is just too darn creepy…

Nice bit of groundwork there, letting Morgan drop the identity of Stephan Hartgen as both the next hero, and the culprit that beheaded Chaika. I don’t know if I’m Venkman of Spengler in letting the two meet again. But something tells me they will. Meeting your killer has so much drama, it cannot be avoided. And with Guy still hip deep in manipulating events, it’s bound to happen sooner than latter. I like how things become somewhat twinned or copied in this show. Trabant has her saboteurs, as does Bodhran, and now so does Hartgen, who comes with not just one, two Chaika…Irina and Alina. Do you suppose he really is her father? And how did he get his own Cavalier? That one looks somewhat familiar, yes?

Avenging Battle 03-05

It’s the only way to fly

Well, yeah, split the party. Nothing bad will happen, right? This is a great classic bit of storytelling. Not only does it put Chaika in more danger; Fredrika has proven time and time again to be somewhat listless in coming to the fore. But it also put’s erstwhile enemies in the same boat. Literally in this case. I wonder what the saboteurs and Team Red will be up to, as it seems survival is going to be foremost of their priorities.

Avening Battle 03-06

Don’t rock the boat!

Umi da!

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It felt like this episode just breezed by. But then, it’s purpose was to set up the events for the coming action, of which it is promising some huge amounts. The only thing I’m concerned with is how the shows are structured. They did really well making it much much more than a fetch quest during the first run. But it feels like they are starting to copy that formula a bit to much.  The villains last time around just had to wait for them to wander in, and now Hartgen is looking like a spider in the middle of his web. I’m being perhaps a bit to sensitive to that, so I will wait to pass judgement. How about you?


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6 Responses to “Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle – 03”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    The twins remind me of Eska and Desna. Equally creepy.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I’ve heard of the Dead Sea but Evil Sea is news to me. So Chaika was presumed dead, killed by one of the heroes yet she’s still walking around. And Clay Morgan is adamant it’s the same girl in front of him. My thoughts are gravitating towards revival magic.

    Did Toru say “Kraken” at the end? Funny… I didn’t see Davy Jones or his ship “The Flying Dutchman” anywhere.

    As expected, Gilbert is still alive. Won’t Vivi be overjoyed to hear the news. As Stephan Hartgen said he’d lost his honor, maybe the acts he did last season spread and he was disgraced. He called those Chaikas his daughters. This one factor still hasn’t been resolved. All Chaikas could be regular people exposed to small amounts of Gaz’s power.

    If Clay Morgan finds the sheer remembrance of Emperor Gaz traumatizing, he’s better off consulting a psychiatrist than relying on entertainers. I must say, if Gaz can be dismembered and still sport a grin on his face, he definitely has a plan.

    • skylion says:

      Revival magic is a possibility…

      Well, we didn’t see Harry Hamlin on a horse, nor did we see the late Laurence Olivier command the kraken’s release….

      Gillette? I’ll wait and see if the lose of honor thing is true….And the thoughts that Hartgen’s twins had a Gaz-el up might be the thing.

      Silly, BB. There are no psychiatrists in anime….

  3. Soliloquy says:

    In a lot of ways, Emperor Gaz sort of reminds me of Rasputin, the long beard, the reputation and the curse. This anime does well of keeping your attention at all times with an interesting revelation and a new mysterious person.

    It’s interesting to note that the most heroes have been so far less than graceful and impressive to say the least. It seems like Claudia was the only one left with sanity after the war is over.

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