First Impressions – Log Horizon 2

Welcome back to the database!

spring14-jrow Welcome back to the Database everyone! Log Horizon was a very fun series back when it debuted this time last year. We wanted more, and we’re getting more now! Fosh and I discuss the premier episode.


spring14-fosh Wooooooooooo! I am so excited to see more Log Horizon this season because I have missed all of these great characters, but mostly Akatsuki and Shiroe the most! So what have all our favorite characters been up to? I guess we will find out.




Log Horizon2 (3)

Lots of new faces.

Log Horizon2 (4)

Someone got quite the upgrade!

Log Horizon2 (5)

Oh how I have missed this guy!

Log Horizon2 (2)



Log Horizon2 (1)

The hunt for the bad ass elf continues.


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35 Responses to “First Impressions – Log Horizon 2”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Episode 1 is a mess-tangle of the volume 6-7 arc and the volume 8 arc. Spoilers abound in the opening. While the animation/music are comparable to the first season, DEEN has done it again. Mangled up a storyline start. I will continue watching as a secondary priority (after Unlimited GAR works and korra) but will not hesitate to drop it like a orbital kinetic penetrator.

    At least we get to see the badass that is Willam Massaschuchuchusets that left the roundtable council last season.

    One other word: DEMIKAS!!!

    • b-b says:

      “DEEN has done it again. Mangled up a storyline start.”

      Main staff is the same, Deen is only responsible for the animation related work.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I took that short opening clip as “this is what the season will cover” not “OH MA GA SPOILERS” but that was just how I saw things and ya DEEN is just doing the artworks.

      While we are talking about that do we really need OMG Ufotable levels of artwork here and the story to be another Guilty Crown train wreck or do we want decent art with a fantastic story? I prefer the story to be better imo over artwork, but I know artwork does play a role in a lot of anime because after all we do have to WATCH it every week and we want nice things to look at heheh

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        We don’t need ufotable level of artwork. We just need ufotable level of storytelling to make it work.

        we want nice things to look at heheh

        To which I am going to borrow something said earlier on one of the other threads:

        DELICIOUS FRUIT CAEK is better than Orange-Pomelo-Pomegranate-Apple Icecream.

        • BlackBriar says:

          DELICIOUS FRUIT CAEK is better than Orange-Pomelo-Pomegranate-Apple Icecream.

          Hey, didn’t I already cut you off from the rest of the supply? I’m gonna have to find another stash. 😀

      • Nerazim says:

        ^^ what Fosh said.

        but i do love orbital kinetic penetration… uh… penetrators… yeah…

  2. AllenAndArth says:

    to be honest…i didn’t like the new OP or ED…the music ought to be changed!actually they shoul’ve innovated to give the season a new feeling, however i liked the premise of the underdogs getting a chance to shine along with shiro

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah the OP is hit and miss for most people *cough* Highway *cough* but I love listening to it over and over again cause it is so addictive and I like the super cheesy lyrics and ya the ED is a bit weaker than the first.

      Great first ep! I am excited to see where things go.

  3. Kyokai says:

    Sorry for skipping out guys. ;-;

    Anyways, overall a good refresher episode but the pacing was all over the place. I had issues with the in between transition scenes. So, if Shiroe and Akatsuki are dead, was it the raid they were discussing or some future event that we are foreshadowing on? What happened after he had that discussion with the Clan head? How much memories they will retain and etc.

    I agree with Fosh on change in design. The faces have definitely become a bit more rounder. Though, it was fun looking at the RL version of Naotsugu as a Salesman.

    I’m definitely watching this as I’ve come to love Log Horizon guild and need to see some progress on ships, while having Mapo tofu with Nyaaanta-san.

    • Wanderer says:

      So, if Shiroe and Akatsuki are dead, was it the raid they were discussing or some future event that we are foreshadowing on?

      It’s something that will happen on Christmas Eve. Halloween had just ended when they were in Akiba, and then the meeting in the lodge in the middle of nowhere was ten days later. It’s still early November. Unless there’s some unexpected delay, the timing wouldn’t match up for the raid, even accounting for travel time.

    • Wanderer says:

      Spammy, when I make a comment, you post it. This is not a hard concept.

      • Kyokai says:

        After skylion and Highway, it seems, you are its next victim. Don’t worry though, we are policing our Spamzilla quite rigorously.

      • BlackBriar says:

        LOL. Highway got the title “Spammy Tamer” for being a frequent acquaintance. I wonder what you’ll get if he keeps paying you a visit.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      Without revealing too much of spoilers, remember that they can die in LH and be resurrected at the Cathedral. As I mention, there are 2 arcs based on the currently last books that are published.

      Personally, I want Nyaanta to summon the Grail while eating mapo tofu. 😛

  4. thorgriim says:

    Well now, welcome back Log Horizon, I have missed you, would you like dinner or bath first? or would you have me…watch you? /headtilt.

    as you coudl tell im quite happy to see LH2 back, I enjoyed it much but didn’t like how slow it felt, but it still manage to keep my attention and learn its world vs all those other shows that do the whole “trapped in a video game world , and death matters.” namely 2 that I know of.. This series does the MMO justice in a way I like, and as an active mmo player im happy with what ive seen so far. That being said, hopefully this one will draw me in like the first season, which im sure it will, So DPS and heal our way to victory! and lets get some fat loots out of this one.

    Also I started a new free to play MMO called Archeage, and how its related is that I’m actually in a Guild named Debauchery Tea Party, and a friend im playing with joined Moon Crest Alliance, which I also forgot was in Log Horizon so that kinda neat hehe.

  5. HannoX says:

    Welcome back, Log Horizon! I missed you so…

    • BlackBriar says:

      Ack, has it really been a year since the first season began? Damn, time can fly!

    • Foshizzel says:

      WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! HOOOOOOOOOOOO!! The best mmorpg anime is back fufufu

  6. skylion says:

    …it has to be a first from what I know. Coming back in games usually means your stuff degrades and it’s off to the blacksmith to fix everything.

    LOL LH 26 indeed! It was interesting to see them put money back on the menu of ideas, even if it was just a tidbit of MacroMacro Economics.

    And I don’t think DEEN did any better or any worse than the original studio….

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol or grinding to level up due to an expansion release and gaining new gear and armor.

      Yeah this was pretty much episode 26 with it jumping right back into things with all the characters.

      Agreed that and to be honest Log Horizon did not have the most mind blowing artwork ever compared to other anime! Imagine if Shaft, MAPPA or PA Works worked it on instead? Dayum it would look FANTASTIC…ah well I can dream.

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        Actually, it could do with a slow building. I’m waiting to see how they expand 15 chapters into 26 episodes.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Actually, like last season, this one is going to have a total of 25 episodes. 24 left to go. There were concerns about having so much because some say there isn’t enough material and worry that fillers might arise.

  7. Nerazim says:

    things i can “nitpick” at… so, no one thinks the quality is pretty lacking in comparison to the first season? i mean, the character design, the lack of fluidity in motion?
    but yeah, not a bad episode…

    the death thing (iirc) is a link between volumes 6&7. it basically ties in the events of the two volumes in the time line to show the relation between the two (chronologically, i mean)…

    Show ▼

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      IIRC and understand it correctly, Show ▼

      Feel free to correct the misconception. As an aside, I am being seriously extra nice about the spoilers recently… But don’t count on it happening always.

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Shiroe returns! All hail the Villain in Glasses! Back to the database. A bit surprising they kept the same song from last season for the OP. Guess the staff thought it didn’t make sense fixing what wasn’t broken. I like it and it saves me the trouble of waiting for a release then downloading it. While time wasn’t wasted getting to the heavy exposition the show is known for, the first few minutes and the OP indicates a lot of action this time around which is making me very eager to see it unfold.

    There is some difference in the animation. The character designs are a lot rougher on the edges. Really noticeable if enough attention is paid. Apart from that, everything else is more or less the same.

    The show’s economy seems to be more merciless than the real world. Shiroe forced to acquire 80 trillion gold… That amount makes the five million gold he needed to buy the Guild Building look like a small trifle.

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