Amagi Brilliant Park – 03

Amagi Brilliant Park-Salama loves the controversy

Salama gets into the #parkgates internet controversy

spring14-highwTime to write about Amagi Brilliant Park… oh wait, if you’re reading this, I’ve already done that.


Time to read about Amagi Brilliant Park!

Cleanup Time

Amagi Brilliant Park-the antagonists

Kanie just likes to lecture to Moffle

Kanie’s got everyone fixing up their areas, but a lot of folks aren’t happy about it. Not that Moffle needed a reason to come fight Kanie, but Kanie’s getting better at reading his punches. He’s also getting better at turning Moffle’s pride against him, like challenging him to entertain the guests that can’t enter the park on the shutdown day. Too bad that turns into a fiasco, too. He can’t stand being called a ripoff (especially after Kanie tells him to discount his act), and punches out a punk dad. He’s only stopped from attacking mom and child by Kanie, who has Isuzu wipe their memories (using her expensive ammo). But Kanie can even turn that to his advantage.

Amagi Brilliant Park-Advertising

“How much did they say it was?” “I couldn’t tell they were talking….”

The other exploitation is getting all the girls to wear bikinis and film a promo for the park’s new pricing scheme. But even though the Chief of Sales Toriken is excited by the results (things you don’t need to say include “I’ll need to spend some time hunched over after this”), Moffle is, unsurprisingly, not a fan. And when Kanie puts it up online, it doesn’t get that many hits, until the next day. 12,000 hits is nothing to laugh at in a day. But that pales in comparison to the video that Moffle’s proud of: 250,000 hits for him punching out the punk, edited favorably so that it doesn’t look like he’s ringing him up. Too bad for Moffle that Kanie is the one who put it up, and orchestrated the whole thing. Now whether it will bring in any new customers is a different story.

Amagi Brilliant Park-You're next

Ready to take care of the rest of the family

Plans for the Future

Amagi Brilliant Park-Some staff

Nice staff there…

Kanie’s not just cracking down on the way things have been. He’s got plans! Well, suggestions that he’s going to try to ram through. Things that the whole rest of the park is against… like extended hours, and working every day. What a bunch of whiners. You’d think that their park ISN’T going to be forcibly shut down in 3 months the way this group of crybabies wants to skive off. There is the point that the park’s not equipped for post-sunset operations, but Kanie’s got a plan for that: extend hours until sunset, and install lights (never mind that that’s more like a 2 year project, not a 1 month project).

Amagi Brilliant Park-Sento joins the pity party

Maybe they spend too much time drinking to be taken seriously

The big one, tho, is that Kanie wants to give free admission to the park and to the attractions. I can see the argument against it from the financial side, although that falls right apart when you consider there’s no way they’re paying their bills right now (back to that 85,000 yen figure – 850 dollars – per family to break even). Plus, he’s right that profitability doesn’t matter, just visitor count. The more specious argument is Moffle’s, I think. He (and Tiramie and Macaron) are claiming that they’re professionals, and that their acts and attractions, their performances, are worth more than 30 yen. If they are, why isn’t anyone coming to see them? Why is Macaron’s reputation one of fighting with guests in his audience? Why is the big story of Tiramie’s attraction “backstage with the ladies”? If they were professionals, they’d realize what their crappy reputations are, what their attractions look like. The only one who’s anything close to professional is Moffle.


The show is proceeding apace. Nothing earth-shattering so far, nothing really bad, tho. The show did spend a bit of time loading up Chekhov’s Arsenal this episode. With Sento’s different kinds of ammo, especially the expensive memory-wipe ammo, there’s one plot point that will come back around, you can be sure about it. And the other seems ready to be fired, with Latifa unable to spend much time outside of the Hanging Garden’s special magic field, and the alarm raised by Sharky at the end of the episode.


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10 Responses to “Amagi Brilliant Park – 03”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    This show should be in MetaFap! LOLis in bikinis!

  2. zztop says:

    Word is Amagi’s anime director refused to put in boob jiggling, in odds with Gatoh Shoji’s insistence on the jiggling.

    • skylion says:

      …what does the writer know, right?

    • Highway says:

      If he wanted boob jiggling, he shouldn’t have optioned his property to KyoAni. I mean, there’s DogaKobo and TNK for that sort of thing. Or even Passione (if they survive after Rail Wars!).

  3. skylion says:

    From what I understand, coming from people that have read the LN. The Maple Land Bank is floating the parks debits, paying it’s bills. What the exchange rate for yousei currency to yen is, I have no idea, and doesn’t anyone in the financial district read fairy tails at all. Stuff always turns to worthless stuff…

    Anyhow, the break even on visitors, to sustain the magic, is the most important thing….I guess they’ll worry about bankruptcy in fairy court…

  4. Kyokai says:

    Moffle is Saber. Saber is Moffle. Ha ha ha haa!

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