Happy Birthday, Kyokai!


Time for a special day for Kyokai!

sumaHappy birthday to our fearless leader, Kyo! It’s been another great year with you at the helm, and Metanorn is doing better than ever. Hell, we even weathered our very first spam-pocalypse thanks to your diligent management and quick response to the situation. Surely nothing can stop us now that we’ve survived that ordeal! Anyway, I hope you have a great time with family and friends on this special occasion, and be sure to not overwork yourself. 😉


Happy birthday, boss lady! As always, thank you for your hard work~! Metanorn definitely wouldn’t be the same without your lead and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we’re really lucky to have you around. Oh, but make sure you manage to take a break from being so amazing (…if that’s even possible) and have a great birthday!!


Happy Birthday Kyo! Getting through the second round of birthdays since I’ve joined, which means everyone’s doing well. It’s certainly been a big year for you, and I hope your next one is even better. Best wishes for everything you wish to do!


Happy Birthday, Kyokai! I hope you have a wonderful birthday with your hubby and your friends. Go out and splurge on some good food! Especially cake! There’s nothing worse than a low quality cake that tastes like eating a sponge…anyways, our allpowerful boss deserves a rest for once. Take care! And don’t forget to make a wish when you blow out the candles :3


summer12-foshWooooooooooooo!! Hooooooooo!! Happy birthday Kyokai or as I love to call it happy real life level up day! I hope you have a fantastic day and hopefully you get to spend your entire day being extra lazy while your husbando does all the house work so you can chill and watch anime! Just kidding, but I hope you have something special planned for your day! Anyway I hope this coming year is good to you~


Wow, it’s September already?!?! Man, time sure is flying by because it’s already Kyo’s birthday! Woooooooooo~! So yeah, happy birthday boss lady. Hope you have a great one filled with YOU time. Maybe pampering yourself eh? Chillaxing and have your slaves cater to your needs. Take a break from all that healthy stuff and have a nice slice of chocommmm cake heheheh. As well, don’t forget that paaarrrttaaaaayyyy. Man, thinking of partying and yumm foods almost makes me hungry. Anyways, another year gone by, another year of knowing you and getting you know you more. Knowing you, being your friend… you feel more like an older sister and I appreciate all the fun conversations and life advice you have given me. Just letting you know that I love ya and yeahhhhhh… Happy Birthday! Ttyl yarr~^^/



Gotta love those epic cats!

skylionHappy Birthday Boss Lady! I hope the day finds you and your’s in peace and love. Thanks for everything you do, I’m sure everyone here feels the same. I’ll be seeing you in the pages of Fate this Fall! ::hugs::


Wow, the years keep on turning, don’t they? Happy birthday, Boss! Hard to believe it’s already your 3rd birthday we’re celebrating with me on the team at Metanorn. I’m always grateful you gave me a shot on this site. Keep up the good work, and I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and celebrations.


Happy Birthday! Celebrating your birthday here @ Metanorn means a mini Ryougi Shiki picspam, and that’s cool enough for me! It’s like the internet equivalent of enjoying someone else’s birthday because there will be cake! I hope you have an awesome birthday and can enjoy and appreciate the day to its fullest!


Tenchoouuuuu it’s your birthday kyaaaaaaaa. I’m amazed I’m still to say my wishes in the post hehe. I remember when you recruited me during Met~amour~… It sure is a long time, eh? I’ve always been giving you trouble but for today you won’t get to hear anything bad from me because it’s your birthday! So sit back and enjoy your birthday as much as possible. With your husbando, of course. Nishishishishi



Stick around or Kyokai will cut you~


We are the deadly team of Metanorn. When together, we usually come up with long, informative reviews and commentary. After all, we take fangirling seriously!
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15 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Kyokai!”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    KYOKAI or Kyokai will cut you into tiny pieces? 😛

    Best wishes on your 17th! (Eternally 17 right? ^_^)

    Seriously, TM should market those Ren plushies. I for one would get at least a pair.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Uh-oh, it’s the Boss Lady’s birthday? Really? Then I’ll have to pay my dues with interest to keep the Death Perception at bay! 😀 Happy Birthday, Kyokai!! Best wishes from your friendly Resident Vampire Lover and a lot of thanks for making Metanorn a perfect second home for anime/manga fans (and infecting me with Type-Moon stuf)! Glad to have found this site. Feel free to hoard all the cake you like.

    • Kyokai says:

      Thank you, BB, for the amazing wishes! I’ll keep hooking you to TM stuff as they release! 😀

      And I hoarded a lot of cake! Actually, now that I wrack my brains, I had two types of cakes and a cupcake.

  3. belatkuro says:

    Happy Birthday Kyokai!
    Hope you’ll enjoy this special day that only comes once a year. Hope you had a wonderful year and may you have more fruitful years to come. May your love for all things Type-Moon also remain strong, especially how good it’s been this year. Good luck with your career as well and hope you don’t overwork yourself.

    • Kyokai says:

      Thank you for the wholesome and awesome wishes, belatkuro!

      PS: Belated Happy Birthday to you toooo! Hope you had a fun day with your fnf. 😀

  4. Joojoobees says:

    May Peace, Love, Happiness, and Health be yours in the year ahead. May your mystical perception enable you to sunder any obstacle that opposes you.

  5. AllenAndArth says:

    one day more, one more step you passed, o/
    let’s walk to the moon, you can get anything you want, o/
    as long as you believe in it! o/
    go and conquer the world LIKE A BOSS

  6. Cybersteel says:


  7. Kyokai says:

    Now that the Fall Preview is out, I can do OTHER things! xD

    I had a very happening birthday with lots of partying with friends and family, even when I lost my office phone (Nokia Lumia 925), in the morning on the way to office! My family, friends and extended family in Metanorn Team and Regulars really made the day for me so THANK YOU and much love to you all! <3

    @Suma, We definitely had the worse time with Spamzilla and HDD issues. Glad it’s over and we are back in business! I had a fun time and my birthday was celebrated by my office minions with flowers and such. I slacked off on the day to boot! xD

    @Kara, Thanks for the wishes and I definitely did take lots of breaks during the day, while others worked for me. xD

    @HWY, Thank you and even I hope very high hopes for my next year. xD

    @Cools, Oh Hubby and in-laws really did splurge on me this year so I was just sitting idle and others were doing stuff for me. I really had fun and ate TWO cakes (mocha cheesecake baked by sis and another delicious chocolate hnnng cake)!

    @ Fosh, It was all ME time for sure and everyone I knew including Meta Team <3 really made the day very happening. I didn’t do much work and others cooked for me so ideal day. Also, that last line on the post, oh Fosh! xD

    @Nessu, Time sure flies and I can only egg it on to move FASTER! I’m one of those people impatient for 2015! Anyways, it’s been great knowing you throughout the years and I always appreciate the amazing gfx work. Definitely one of these we’ll meet up and go shopping like BFFs. Love ya <3

    @skylion, There was definitely a LOT of love and I had loads of fun. *hugs* Let’s see how Fate unloads this season.

    @lvlln It’s funny to see that 5 number on the post link. It’s already been quite long running Metanorn. Thanks for the wishes and to another year!

    @Jrow, Shiki pic-spam is always welcome! :3 And Fosh ends up finding all the knifey and moe ones to boot. I had two cakes and the day was awesome.

    @anaaga, It’s been a long journey and you’ve been a good little imouto so no worries! Study hard but not too hard so to stop having fun. 😉

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