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Free! Eternal Summer finale - main

Adios, Free!dom!

spring14-kyoIt’s time for the Free finale and wow, there were a lot of FEEELS in the last episode. Whatever you say, this has been the best fangirl bait from KyoAni and after all its moe history, this was very much welcome by the fangirl community. We will definitely miss our weekly dose of swimming and bishies. So, here we are, some of the fangirls of Metanorn, for the final thoughts.

spring14-karaUwah, Free is over. Now what are BL fangirls supposed to watch to ship all of the characters together? …Wait, that just might be any anime (plus there’s that one with the mermaid coming up in the Fall season).


spring14-anaagaDamn, it’s finally the end. I don’t want this to end. No. Nooo. NOOOOOOO!


Free Eternal Summer 13-00023

Iwatobi Spirit // Whoever didn’t cry during the scene among the four members is a heartless jerk because I was sobbing like crazy when I watched it. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t if Haru himself cried? All my feelings and love for these four are at their highest during Nationals and I love this team so much, they’re so amazing. I mean, they literally started it all by themselves. They had little support, no members except the  four (and initially only 3 members!), no coach until later, nothing. Even the teachers except the eccentric female teacher had no expectation from this team. And yet here they are in season two, going to the nationals and even receiving the sixth place for their effort. All because of their hard work and persistence. The thing I love about this team is how well-developed they are. As the story progressed, the characters grew too, which contributed to the overall progress of the team. This chain kept its pace, again and again, until it reached its peak in season two, where everything they developed was poured into the nationals and their problems.

And yes, not everything went smoothly among the members. There were internal conflicts. In season one, it took them a while to actually get along properly, especially with Rei (least experienced with confidence issues), and Haru (an individualist despite of his quiet appearance). Let’s not forget Makoto who goes with the flow and Nagisa who always smiles despite of the situation. It’s a weird combo, right? But in the end, they survive it all and become an unshakeable team that is always in sync with each other. Even when there are other problems, such as the ones in season two, the four managed to pass through those problems with flying colours.

Free! eternal summer finale - samezuka

// Samezuka Pride Samezuka didn’t really get a lot of screen time, since most of the episode was dedicated to FEELS involving Iwatobi. They did get kind of a epilogue though. Nitori was made captain, and really, that seems like the best decision. Momo might have been the younger brother of the previous captain before Rin, but Nitori’s character was all about effort paying off and having the members support one another with training (…or at least, Sousuke getting over his personal issues and helping Nitori). Momo didn’t really seem to have a huge role in the end, but that’s also understandable, since he was a new addition this season and he never really had any angst issues to work out, unlike the other characters. So in the end, he was just more of a fun, minor addition to the team.

Sousuke on the other hand, seems to have changed a lot since the beginning of the season. His part in the story ended right before Haruka’s big problems popped up, so the impact of his injury was kind of thrown into the background of the plot. Though from Rin’s optimism, maybe Sousuke’s shoulder isn’t such a big deal. Maybe. Finally, there’s Rin. He did a lot this season and everyone has stated this before, but his personality changed from the first season and this season was just amazing. He never lapsed back into angsty Rin (which was great), and his past angst kind of served as a great parallel both plot-wise to Haruka, and for helping the other characters through their difficult periods (…though again, mostly Haruka) this season. Overall, it’s kind of a shame that Sumezuka didn’t do much this episode, considering how much they were featured in this season, but showing Iwatobi’s goodbyes and future was more important, I guess.

Free Eternal Summer 13-00039Free Eternal Summer 13-00044Free Eternal Summer 13-00052Free Eternal Summer 13-00054

// Nationals and Beyond: Let me remind everyone that this anime was all about swimming. Sure, the poplar meme was all about the BL baits and over-active doujin circle but in the end KyoAni played all their cards right. Besides compelling audience to pair them, they did concentrate on swimming as sports. And that means the water will be beautiful and every swimming match was animated just right. Even more than what we originally imagine. And this being the final episode, they really did busted all budget in beautifully animating our main four dudes in their relay. The piano crescendo with full orchestra joining into the big moment that the boys worked so hard for was A+++. Also, I’m glad that the team didn’t top rather reached a very good yet humble start for a swimming school at sixth position.

Epilogue was total fan fodder but what else can you expect from them? Even if the end theme of S2 would remain my most favourite, not all our Iwatobi boys will select such challenging professions. Still, we know what Makoto is studying for, while Haru and Rin worked hard for going pro (so glad they did!). Not sure where Rei and Nagisa will end up, but they would play amazing senpais to the newly joining swimming enthusiasts at Iwatobi. Will this warrant another season? I don’t think so as it’s rare to see a third season from KyoAni, oh I know the pain of being a Haruhi fan, but there might be a movie like other popular franchise. There’s even story material of the future and beyond as everyone coming together in an international platform, even if they don’t take up pro-swimming. Will this be green-lit? We are betting on it.

Last Fun with Freeeee!



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I subconsciously always end up waiting for Wednesday/Thursday because that’s usually the days where I watch Free!, and I’m sad now because I’m still not over that routine. I’m still not over Free! I’m not over the muscles, the bromance, the drama, the sexy boys swimming, the friendship, everything. But of course, these are not the only reasons why I love this anime so much. I love the beautiful animation that is presented in this anime, especially of water. Somehow, the water looks very beautiful in this anime. I love the flow of the story and the conflict that flows naturally just like water despite of the amount of its seriousness. I love how this anime can be related to us the audience, especially those who are currently in their last high school year. I love the moral it gives us, how despite everything, friendship will always survive. How we can always find our dream. How even if we don’t know what we want, we’ll always find the path we want to walk on. Very cliché, yes, but these cliché things are the things that make this anime lovely. I’m just praying for a movie now. If K-ON can get one, this anime should too.

This season was pretty good~. I’m sad that it’s over, but this felt like a good place to leave off with Haruka and Makoto going off and pursuing their (…swimming related) dreams. Oh! And this also applies to Rin, of course. They really improved his character over the first season, and he was a great supporting character all throughout this season. I really enjoyed watching more of Samezuka this season and while Iwatobi took the spotlight, they really characterized Samezuka’s team well. Even Sousuke was a good character once his issues were solved (and again, that one scene with him helping Nitori; he was like a tsundere~). Ah, but Iwatobi was great too! I’m really glad that for all of the angst Haruka’s character went through towards the end. Even if it was maybe a bit tedious, it really helped flesh out his character and make him more relatable besides the “the guy likes swimming” aspect of his character. Like Kyo and anaaga, I’m hoping for a movie at some point too. Or hell, an OVA would be awesome. Or like captioned above, a Momo themed OVA (man, all of my money for a Momo themed OVA).

Aaah, it’s the end already, unless if there’s a movie later. From all the money KyoAni made and will make from Free! merch, they better find the budget to do so. This also makes me ponder that they might delve into more SoL shows like Kimi to Boku. Anyways, loved the anime for the lively characters and even with all its angst, in both seasons, it was able to come out quite positive. Iwatobi dudes will be my favourite but I really did warm up to Sousuke and Rin so much this season. Sure, Sousuke was all huff and puff in the beginning (something he shares with Rin), but there was a lot of growth and his regrets and angst was well placed if not always well-directed at Haru. Though, it’s understandable that he despised him for the reason of possessing amazing ability yet still not sure of going pro. Good thing, all these FEELINGS were resolved and we have promise for everything. I really had a lot of fun and I’ll leave you with the best ending theme of Summer. Really, what could be more wondrous than this?!


Image Credit – Main: ちえ@ついった and Samezuka: MJO.


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23 Responses to “Free Eternal Summer – 13 [END]”

  1. zztop says:

    Aaah, it’s the end already, unless if there’s a movie later.

    If they make one, it should be one where everyone meets again for swimming at the upcoming Olympics. Either Tokyo 2020 or Rio 2016!

    Until then, I suppose there’s the new Beyond the Boundary movie coming in 2015…

    • Kyokai says:

      I’ll be fine with anything for the movie really. ANYTHING with these boys in them is just fine!

      And I am looking forward to the Kyoukai no Kanata movie but it’s more of a series compilation so really disappointed.

      • BlackBriar says:

        And I am looking forward to the Kyoukai no Kanata movie but it’s more of a series compilation so really disappointed.

        It’s like what’s being said about an upcoming Attack on Titan movie. Frankly, I don’t see the point in a compilation if people have already seen the series from start to finish.

        • Kyokai says:

          I’d rather like some new stuff rather than old things compiled into a new picture. What’s the point? Minus the AoT movie, this is what I’m really looking forward to:

          • BlackBriar says:

            That’s definitely something to look forward to instead of cut and pasted scenes of series that’s already been watched. So it’s actually Levi and Erwin’s origin story.

  2. zztop says:

    The faces of Free! Eternal Summer:

    Haruka: (-_-) but 〈(゜。゜)?? about future

    Makoto, Nagisa and Rei: (^_^), (^ω^), -o-o-

    Rin: ( ^皿^ ), happier shark

    Sousuke: (・`ヘ´・)

    Momo: (`0´)ノ 江~さん!! when Gou is around

    Seiijurou: \(`0´)ノ 江~さああああん!!!!!!! when Gou is around

    Nitori: Less ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ 先輩!!(senpai!!)for Rin than last year

    Gou:キタ━━\(゜∀゜)/━!!!!! around muscles, muscle-viewing abstinence failed

    Kisumi: *:・゚✧(´ヮ´)*:・゚✧, bishounen level over 9000

  3. BlackBriar says:

    So comes another end to a Summer anime. Overall, Eternal Summer was a nice follow-up to last season and I think it did well tying up some loose ends. Good to see that the characters, including Haruka, the indecisive mackerel fiend, have set themselves up with a goal for the future, wherever it may take them. That part of the series brought a lot realism. Oh, they’ll meet each other again. It’s only a matter of time. Odds are Rin and Haruka will find themselves yet again on the same stage for a competition.

    • Kyokai says:

      It was a good season and I’m really happy about Haru’s growth. He was one of the few characters, who were not properly fleshed out in the first season. Being at the center, it was nice to see him finally dream about something. Which knowing him was quite a big deal. I’ll look forward to the movie for sure.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Being at the center, it was nice to see him finally dream about something. Which knowing him was quite a big deal. I’ll look forward to the movie for sure.

        How irritating it would’ve been had he actually stayed in indecisive rut. Things don’t stay the same forever.

        • Kyokai says:

          I would have entered the 2D world and kicked his ass. Really, I was this close in season one! xD

  4. Irenesharda says:

    Ah, what a nice finale.

    They kind of rushed the end a little, jumping from nationals to graduation to college and even to Haru and Rin becoming professional swimmers in a heartbeat.

    I wish they hadn’t spent such a good bit of time reminiscing on the series, but I guess it all worked out in the end. Though I have to say that Nagisa and Rei’s crying faces made me think they were transforming into Ghibli characters. Makoto went back to being his mother hen personality with he and Haru going to college in Tokyo. Nagisa and Rei get a pretty good group of new swimmers. Ai-chan is made captain at Samezuka. Sousuke’s fate is given some hope but we never really see him swimming again. Rin is chasing his dream in Australia. And we see Haru is going to go pro and is learning in Tokyo. And in the end, we see Rin and Haru as older professional swimmers at some big event? It doesn’t look like the Olympics but I’m not sure.

    The nationals race was good but not the best this show has had. I think it was the lack of competition and the fact that it was kind of rushed. Glad they got 6th place though.

    The end shot of the 5 birds flying was nice too.

    All in all a good finale to the series and farewell to the characters. This season was very good. I personally like season 1 a little more, but I really liked this one as well. It was a good series in general and I’m glad to have seen it. I’ll miss our swimmers as they go on to their future. 8/10

    Also, it was nice to see all their parents too, even Haru’s delinquent mom and dad. (Well, everyone but Rin’s mom who seems to be the invisible woman )

    • BlackBriar says:

      Also, it was nice to see all their parents too, even Haru’s delinquent mom and dad. (Well, everyone but Rin’s mom who seems to be the invisible woman )

      Either Rin’s parents are separated/divorced or the mother may be deceased from an illness.

      • Irenesharda says:

        Don’t you remember? Rin’s dad died when he was a kid. He drowned in the same storm that eventually made Makoto fear the ocean. His mom hasn’t been mentioned since season one in a passing statement from Gou, but from what she said you can infer that Gou lives at their home with the mother, while Rin of course lives at school.
        I would think she would be around for some of Rin’s stuff but who knows? Maybe she works the midnight shift at a hospital and just can never be there?

        • BlackBriar says:

          Wow, sorry about the mix-up. They rarely talk about the parents and rarely have them involved in the guys’ swim activities that I forgot important details like that.

    • Kyokai says:

      Yep, it was a nice finale even with its rushed pace in epilogue.

      I have to say that Nagisa and Rei’s crying faces made me think they were transforming into Ghibli characters.

      Lol, good one! It was funnier because Makoto and Haru had such durrr faces during this scene.

      The national swimming was best of the series but yes, no sense of competition neither any information on other people participating. For one, I want to know what was Samezuka’s score and who were the top five schools.

      I hope we get another season or a movie but as KyoAni can’t count after 2, I’d be disappointed I guess.

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Take care Shark-chan ill miss you! I have my fingers crossed for a FREE movie cause that is what Kyoani is all about xD

    S2 was fun! I didn’t care too much for the DRAAAMAAA, but hey it worked for the story and finally Haru has a dream and that is a start at least.

    • Kyokai says:

      Take care Shark-chan ill miss you!

      SAME HERE! So kawai that it hurt. 😉

      Sousuke’s angst was grating on nerves sometimes but I forgave him after knowing the story. I wonder, did he ever bury the hatchet with Haru? He should because Haru did accept his destiny and went for pro.

  6. zztop says:

    Unused swim towel designs for Momo and Sousuke:

    Probably lack of time forced the production team to abandon the designs.

    • Kyokai says:

      Momo’s are adorable but not sure what the designers were going for with Sousuke.

  7. zztop says:

    If you could only take one Mikoshiba with you to the pool, would you take:
    c)Mikoto ‘Mikorin’

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