Free! Eternal Summer – 10

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Just hold hands already

When I saw the preview last week, I immediately jumped on Kyo’s offer to replace her to blog for this episode of Free. I’m not a big fan of Sousuke, but I am curious about his story. And it’s definitely worth it when I watched this episode.


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No sympathy for you brah

Before I start fangirling about this episode, I want to complain about Sousuke’s reckless behavior first. He obviously had symptoms of shoulder injury, and yet he didn’t try to go to therapy first/tone down his training. And his reasoning for not doing so is ridiculous. Excited to see Rin? Want to catch up to Rin as soon as possible? Any normal person’s logic would realize that none of these things would happen if his shoulder is getting worse. But noo, apparently Sousuke’s logic is not working properly, and he decided to be stubborn about it. Anime logic I tell you. Or is this a swimmer thing? I am not a swimmer, so I definitely don’t know his feelings. BUT he should’ve known his limit and the risks of not doing therapy as soon as possible. So yeah, though I kind of like him a little now, I’m still not feeling sorry for his shoulder. He bought it upon himself.

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How the audience looked when Sousuke told Rin about his dream

But then again, if he didn’t have the shoulder injury, his personality wouldn’t have changed like this. Although he is still a troublesome dude, his personality now is way better than how it was before. At least, he values Rin way more than how he was before. Not that he didn’t value Rin before, but still…. I don’t know how to say it in words, but I know that his view on swimming and Rin definitely changed after the injury and joining Samezuka. It’s like… He appreciates swimming and his friends better? Though unfortunately, this costs him a lot, but the change is definitely a good change that many will love. Besides, Sousuke is starting to take therapies, and I’m sure his injury will heal though it might take a while. So everything happens for the best, I guess?

And if Sousuke didn’t get the shoulder injury, he wouldn’t have entered Samezuka, and Rin’s ultimate team wouldn’t have been formed. I really really love the scene between Sousuke and Rin, then among the four main Samezuka members. Finally, that space between Sousuke and Rin is gone, and the four created a special bond that makes them special from the rest. The ultimate team as you will. But the  other Samezuka members are also awesome too. Their cheer was awesome. Samezuka was… Awesome in this episode.

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Haru obviously wants to be in Rin’s harem too

Of course, Iwatobi’s also awesome in this episode too. They won the relay as a team, giving them a pass to go to the nationals. So their overall performance as a team is awesome. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure about the individual performance. Haru is still doubtful about his yume and related things like that. Makoto still hasn’t confessed what he wants to say to Haru. However, I can see some improvement in Haru’s attitude thanks to his eavesdropping. It’s ironic (and pisses me off a little too) how the one who wants to genuinely swim professionally can’t do that right now, while the one who has the change to do so is dropping that chance. In here, Haru’s rash (and irresponsible for some) decision to stop halfway looked bad. But yeah, it is. But at least it seems that Haru realized that what he did was wrong. I think. To be honest, I don’t know what Haru is thinking right because duh it’s Haru we are talking about. However, I know that his view on professional swimming is slightly changed because of Sousuke’s story. How it changes, we have to wait until next week.

Shark-chan Wins the Relay:

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It was such an emotional episode I can’t…. *sob* I’ve said it again and I’m going to say it again: I love Samezuka this episode, especially Rin’s team. It was amazing. It was beautiful. Everything that has been hidden is revealed. Rin cried because of it. Everyone was sad. They could’ve stayed depressed forever. But no. They refused to give up. They kept going and did not give up until the end. Even though they are number 2, they didn’t regret their action [to not replace Sousuke]. They had fun, and that is what matters. And that’s also what makes this episode so beautiful. Damn, bromance and friendship is so damn beautiful!

As for Haru, I’m not so sure about him, but I also like his character improvement here. It’s not like he changed in a snap, but he changed little by little, step by step. I actually like that kind of character improvement better than the usual quick ones. This one feels more natural and looks more humane. It’s so human to change little by little, and that’s what I see in Haru. Loving all the changes in Haru, and I hope to see more next week.

Preview: HOLY [email protected]#$%^&*() MAKO x HARU EPISODE AAHHHHH. Ehm, I wonder what kind of confession Makoto will tell Haru during the festival? It’s usually the lovey-doey kind.

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15 Responses to “Free! Eternal Summer – 10”

  1. zztop says:

    Free!’s 7th Bluray release in March will have a bonus episode included in it.

  2. Kyokai says:

    This was quite an unexpected episode. I was screaming at Sousuke and everyone for letting him swim but oh well, friendship and hugs. It had a lot of feels though so in the end, it worked.

  3. Irenesharda says:

    A really great episode, full of the power of friendship.

    I know why they let Sousuke finish the relay, but realistically, that was a fool thing to do and stupid for Rin to allow as team captain. Your arm and shoulder is used for more than just for swimming, you know. Sousuke was beginning to be restricted in just simple motions like reaching out. Do you really want to risk crippling him for life? Well, thank goodness for the power and miracle that is epic friendship!

    Anyway, I’m interested in what Haru took away from this. He and his team are going to the nationals though I really think it was a tie between Iwatobi and Samezuka. However, Sousuke’s confession to his team as well as Haru’s observation of Rin, has made him rethink things as well.

    I have a feeling that after this, there will be a bit of separation between them all. Sousuke will more than likely leave the swimming team, if not the school entirely. Graduation is also approaching as well, which will mean a separation of the Iwatobi team. We shall see where that leads, next week.

    But why is Haru trying to punch Makoto? Is Mako finally confronting him regarding his future?

    I still have a feeling that Haru will go pro. Those looks he kept giving the pool, and the way he kept looking wistfully at Rin swimming.

    Also, as of right now, only Rin is assured to be going pro. And we know from last season that Rin kind of falls apart when he’s trying to go professional swimming by himself and that he needs his friends (specifically Haru) close to keep him on track. So, I have a feeling that Rin won’t be alone when heading to the college-level swimming arena.

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    This sounds like the life of Ian Thorpe, fictionalized.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    I imagine things wouldn’t have to be this bad if Sousuke wasn’t so proud and taken himself to the doctor and take a look at that arm. Leaving it alone like that for two years… It’s got to be infected by now. Surely an early surgery could’ve fixed him up right away. All that’s left is to hope he evades any worst case scenarios and is still able to swim. It’s part of what made him who he is so losing that is serious blow.

    • Highway says:

      It’s not the kind of injury that gets infected. It’s not like he sliced it or anything. I’d imagine that he’s got a rotator cuff injury. Either a tendon or muscle tear, or chronic inflammation. And even early rest might have abated the issue, but he couldn’t do that. So now he’s got a lot more inflammation and pain, or a worse tear.

      Don’t take surgery for athletes, especially young ones, lightly. If he had had surgery, he might have been done anyway, never getting back to the level he was. But his real issue is that he kept it secret.

      • BlackBriar says:

        But his real issue is that he kept it secret.

        The cause of that is both pride and wanting to please others. Two things of human nature that are hard to shake off.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I think he said he went to a doctor and got therapy, but then he would just go right back to swimming and training hard again. So, his pain would go for a while and then come back again. Eventually, it just came all the time. So, basically, once the injury became recurring, it’s basically no longer feasible that it’s going to ever get back to the point it once was.

      It’s not only Sousuke’s fault though, blame also belongs to his swim team captain and his coach. He was between 14-16, years that a teen boy is growing pretty rapidly. To do that kind of harsh training to a body that young is a disaster waiting to happen. Those who were overseeing his team and his training should have known that and put a stop to it.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I agree on the training regimen. They shouldn’t overestimate the limits of a person’s body. Machines, they are not.

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