Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma✫Illya 2wei! – 10ehn [Ende]

Prisma Illya 10-01 Lead

Bazett: Where did you say you went to study Chiropractic ?  Illya: 

 1ein, 2wei, 3rei, and here go into the finale, catching up just as the Ultimate Attacks converge! Thanks for joining me again as I send the episode and the series off…


Hands that Protect

Prisma Illya 10-02

It’s the Primsa Dance Party! Bring your stompin’ boots!

It was a very well paced combat sequence, and they pulled out all the stops which made previous action scenes work like charms. But I felt this was awkward from the start. I kept on asking myself why? Why did they have to have a pitch battle for control of the Class Cards? I know, in the last episode, and during this one, that upper level leadership politics in the Mage’s Association dealt this.

Prisma Illya 10-7

But without any vision into those inner workings of said Association during the run of this series, it rings hollow. It boils down to, “It’s anime…let’s have you and them fight!”. Which really is quite the shame, as that shifted the focus of the why to the back of Kuro/Chloe. Now that is one tough girl, but does the story set her up as a load bearing character? It very well might in future.

Prisma Illya 10-8

But leaving larger, story specific issues aside, I felt this actually told a really good character story. Illy has already displayed some tactical knowledge during the beginning of 2wei’s run. And she showed that she still has some of that brilliance in her here. Now a great deal of that was totally left to blind luck.

Prisma Illya 10-9

Without Rin setting up Bazett for a longer game than Bazett though she would play, then Illya would have not had a place to put her faith. That faith is what sealed the deal when Brandr was played. If Kuro had not been willing to give her last measure, than the scale of the fight would have been reduced to quite the loss for Team Magical Girl. All three of them pretty much fought to the last breathe they had and were willing to go more if need be. Even Ruby took a heavy hit, with a well played Assassin Install. But, the cards got played against Bazett in the long run. All on a bluff. Good show, Rin.

Prisma Illya 10-10

So, in the end, we get a brokered peace, with a wrinkle. Bazett takes three cards, Kuro remains whole, and Rin and Luvia keep three others, leaving all the Class Cards accounted for. Oh, but for that wrinkle. Last episode Rin found quite the tangle in ley lines, and this was were it all came out. An Eighth Card. Another Class. Another fight. So with that, preparations must be made. And for this series, that means a chance to go back to normality…somewhat, such as it is.

We Didn’t Lose

Prisma Illya 10-Tatsuko

…they still have this thing to deal with…

But, for all of that, I think that the three of them have earned the break, and earned the anticipation of their upcoming Three for One Birthday Party. But before that, both Illya and Chloe get just a tad bit closer. C’mon Chloe, say that thank you out loud and proud. You’re heroes, you deserve to kiss the girl. You both have come along way, and have fought the good fight. But, really, nothing should be that easy. They’ve got many more miles to go in both a mundane and not so mundane life.

Prisma Illya 10-04

Speaking of not so mundane

And with Miyu, we have a few unanswered questions, don’t we? One, why did she specifically react to the Eight Card in that fashion. “It shouldn’t be”. Well, there is someone that knows quite a bit more than she lets on. And second, her seeming familiarity with Shirou. Back in that episode, that was quite a long reaction from her. Does she know him from some other time or place? Chloe’s mystery was solved, but that leaves Miyu’s mystery still buried.

With that, we cannot forget the back stab twins of Rin and Luvia and the mutual suspicions they harbour for the Mage’s Association. It seems those guys have plans within plans and most of them end in Holy Grail War. I don’t think Kiritsugu and Irisviel’s mechanization’s to remove Illya from that War will stop them for long. And until they stop treating it like it’s the Best Thing Evar, I fear that Team Magical Girl will be in the dark for a little bit longer.

Looking Forward

Prisma Ilya 10-06 Announce

2wei Herz!

It didn’t surprise me at all to see the announcement for what I am calling the second cour. This cour only got to 16 of 27 chapters and there is major revelations and combat that forms the ongoing story. That spills right into the 3rei manga and it’s eventual adaptation. So even with filler, they should be able to do what is now the traditional ten episodes for Herz! After all that has what we are really…

Looking Forward 2wei

Show ▼


I have to admit, it’s a drag to call it quits. I had hoped that they would break away from the ten episodes of the last series and give fans more bang for the buck, but alas, this was not to be. In concluding the story, I will say that it was more than a touch uneven here and there, but gradually the mix of magical girl antics, slice of life style school giggles, and action worked out fairly well by the end. They told the story they wanted to in the way they wanted to, and I cannot fault them for that. Even when things seemed oddly out of place, some combat scenes that were fought only cause it was cool, and some overlong school life stuff that felt wedged in as well, by series end if feels and looks like it’s own thing. And that is what is has to be. Thanks to everyone for joining in on the fun. It was great to see everyone fill in some blanks I left out here and there, and to comment on the larger universe the story takes place in. I will see you in 2015 for 2wei Herz! Winter or Summer, I will be here for the 1resten Eindruck!

Prisma Ilya 10-07 End

Thanks for Watching!


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13 Responses to “Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma✫Illya 2wei! – 10ehn [Ende]”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Herz will feature a completely original storyline about love troubles. How our LOLi trio are competing for the love of one shota… going back to Fate’s eroge roots.

    Fortunately our dear shota will say: “You don’t have to fight over me girls… There is more than enough of me to go around! You all can be my waifus!”


    Personally, this arc is rather weak as it is more about character introductions rather than aiming for an objection. It’s a buildup for the future storylines. Bazett is miffed because it was originally her task to be the Pokemon master and catch all the cards.

    Pettanko black shota servant on the left and Hiroyama’s waifu Mahiro on the right.

    • skylion says:

      I tried to build it up. 🙂 But I agree with you about the weak tea. If anything it fuels my anticipation for the next cour!

      Yeah, you can count on the Kuro!Shota all you want. I hope the bring the pain with LOLi!Thor! Oh, wait, that’s in 3rei…dang it!

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        Yes Clo!Shota can even call up a gaudy, gilded onsen on a rooftop…

        Clo, Miyu and Illya don’t have to fight over him… 😛

        I do hope that Signum and Vita end up in 3rei because Ange and Bea are obviously expies.

  2. belatkuro says:

    I’m hoping that 2wei Herz will be in Winter 2015 so effectively we will have a whole year run of Fate as F/SN is split cour for Fall and Spring. If not and it will be on Summer again, it’s fine as well as that’s still a full year of Fate stuff with just a break on Winter.
    Like I’ve been saying lots of times, it’s a good time to be a Fate fan.

    • skylion says:

      …and that leaves me the time to catch up weekly and not concentrate on a binge watch schedule…

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      Go Team Gilgamesh! After watching F/Z, Shiro is such a bland character. Kotomine & Gil are much more interesting now and so now we ship GARcher x Kotomine x Gil (and maybe Lancer since being Lancer is suffering).

    • BlackBriar says:

      I’m hoping that 2wei Herz will be in Winter 2015 so effectively we will have a whole year run of Fate as F/SN is split cour for Fall and Spring.

      You must have read my mind because I had the same thoughts. Yeah, I definitely can see that happening. If Prisma Illya 2wei! is indeed a split cour and the first half began in Summer 2014, the other half will have to be scheduled for Winter 2015. And in the process, a whole year of Fate related material.

      They’d go in this order:

      Summer 2014: Prisma Illya 2wei!
      Fall 2014: Fate/Stay Night (First Half)
      Winter 2015: Prisma Illya 2wei! Herz
      Spring 2015: Fate/Stay Night (Second Half)

  3. BlackBriar says:

    An acceptable cliffhanger to an ongoing story because had this really been the end, I would’ve been very annoyed. All around, 2wei! outdid the previous season from last summer greatly and adding Kuro, who brought in an unexpected wave of yuri vibes, was a huge plus.

    The fight ending in a draw was a good call and they got lucky. I was actually worried there. Didn’t seem like they were going to make it but everyone got away by the skin of their teeth against Bazett. She’s a monster wearing human skin. Bazett’s surprise at the mention of an eighth card is interesting. If this is news to her then it means the rest of the magical world has yet to learn of it as well. Time to revise every piece of information regarding the cards.

    I want to see what happens next with a second cour announced but for now, I’ll bide my time watching next season’s Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.

    • skylion says:

      I’ll be right there with you for UBW.

      We all talk about Baz. But Rin is the real monster. She is the perfect magus, using guile, fabrication, and subterfuge and the magical girl catspaws to outrun her opponent. That’s who won the fight. And that makes her scary.

  4. thorgriim says:

    Here’s to Fate 2015! *throws confetti* I really enjoyed this series, one of many this season i was looking forward to, 10 episode just doesn’t feel enough But at least it will be back, though we all knew that hehe.

    The preview for F/SN looks great, but then the memories of how Shirou was kinda makes me think otherwise, I heard Rin is more of the focus? but hopefully it will be better hehe.

    Anyways, the action in this episode was right on for me, magical girls kicking butt.. well almost 1 sided, they did give Bazett a bit of a tough fight. Miyu was pretty badass but was shortly lived, and I’m curious about her more and more, so that will be fun to look forward to. Illya put up a decent fight and Chloe/Kuro got ownd.. tsk.. but she went out with style. Nothing really stood out other then that, ya the bluff by Rin to save the day yay!

    So yeah, I am looking forward to the year of fate to come! more Illya and Kuro soon….soon…muhaha!

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      This is just a fraction of what Bazett can do. Wait until you see her fight *bleep*.

      UBW is the Rin x Shirou/GARcher route… although it could do with less Shirou. The more I think about it, the more I understand Gil’s condescending attitude towards the Fifth Seihai Sensou: full of women and children. If there was one thing I want Shirou to stop doing, it is to stop screaming “SABER!” every other instance.

      Team Kotomine for teh win!

    • BlackBriar says:

      10 episode just doesn’t feel enough

      I actually thought it would be 12 episodes this time around but they’re sticking to the same amount as last season. Something is telling me the other half will be 10 episodes long as well.

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