Rokujouma no Shinryakusha – Mid Series Review


roukoujouma mid season lead pic

Oh my. Which color do you pick?

This is a show that we just didn’t want to leave alone. It’s got a lot of fun going on, and some really great characters. This time we’re doing something that we thought up for the First Impression post, but couldn’t really pull off. But now that we’ve got a bit more of a feel for the characters, here’s how the show is going in our interpretation of the voice of the characters. I’ve got Kiriha, who I liked from the very beginning, and Yurika, who has really grown into her role in the group, and has probably improved the most from her early personality.


Oh, indeed, it was such a pleasure to watch, we forgot to put post up for it. Weeks go by I tell you and we just bask in it.  For my picks, I went for my rather obvious choice in Tulip, cause a skylion cannot resist some well played LOLiesque Tsundere Princess! And that leaves me with Sanea, which is not a bad thing at all. I may lean toward Theia, but I love the way this Ghost Girl has charmed her way into the leads heart, mostly without even realizing it herself.


roukoujouma mid season room 106 pic

Yurika Nijino

Rokujuma Mid Season Yukina

Why am I always in these situations? I can’t do it, I don’t know what to do. And whenever I work up the courage to use my abilities as a magical girl, something always happens to make a fool out of me. I don’t want to be a fool, I don’t want to wear this outfit that doesn’t really cover my butt or my chest (don’t laugh!) as much as I’d like even though they say I have to wear it proudly, and noone takes me seriously and I don’t mean to whine and cry I just don’t know what to do and I’m scared that I’ll screw up or that I can’t handle it. And I’m really really really bad at old maid.

Lately things have been looking up, though, and I think I’m getting more respect from everyone else, even though Satomi-san just left me there with the cosplay clu-u-ub (sob). But Sakuraba-senpai has been really nice to me, and I really liked working together with her to get through the race. And she’s given me someone to look up to, someone that I don’t want to let down, more than anyone else. So whenever things get rough, I think about her saying “I think I’d be disappointed if you gave up” and that helps me get my courage up. I still get really tired, tho. Being a magical girl is hard, but I can’t get down about it. I’m the Magical Girl who Stands Up for Justice, Rainbow Yurika!

Theiamillia Gre Fortorthe

Rokujouma Mid Season Tulip

Blue Knight, Open Our Personal Log. Begin Transciption

Yes, My Princess.

Our’s is a just endeavor as We seek to conquer the lands We must. In Our personal conflict for the Throne We will bring strength, dignity, and Noble Comportment to the barbaric denizens of Corona Apartment 106.  Witness as I step from our Inspired realms to this backwater planet. Blue Knight! Begin Teleportation Sequence on my mark.

Yes, My Princess.

Fun Size! FUN SIZE, Oh, I’ll give him FUN SIZE. TULIP! TULIP. Oh, she’ll pay, she will pay dearly for setting herself against the Fortothe Princess. Activation of Theiamillia Redaction Application via Ruth Protocol Regalia Prime TUUUUUUUUUUULIP! They will Rue the day!

Despite a Most Inhospitable Welcome, we arrive to the conditions of the Corona Accords. Mark This Well. I would never have signed that silly parchment had not The Full Respect been given by the House Lady, and unless it would Ultimately work to Our Advantage. And so We make a well mannered appears at the local academic institute, as this is best to ascertain Our goals in remaining close to the barbaric young man and curry his loyalty. Surely all is not lost as competition runs in Our Noble Family. No single Course of Obstacles shall challenge my advanced Tactics nor my newest of subjects, the Men’s Cheering Squad. But Waver We shall not, as this Kihara and her cohorts display a power on par with Mine Own. They have made likeable and Able cohorts in their own rights as We Vanquish our combined enemies. Surely if this is all the undead can offer, the Apparition Girl will be no match for Forthothe technology.

Ah, so much of this wearies My Mind greatly. I shall pass the time with my favorite book.

Sanea Higashihongan

Rokujouma Mid Season Sanea

::Achooo::  Can ghosts get colds?

Why did it have to get so complicated. Until Koutarou moved in, it was simple. I waited. Long ago, mother and father left. But this is home, so they have to come back. Until they do, I have to stay here. I miss them. I don’t know what’s supposed to happen here, or how long I need to wait. But that doesn’t matter. It’s really that simple. I won’t be shaken by anything.

Why is he so nice to me? He should be terrified. But he’s more like a friend or a big brother to me now. Or something more? Oh, no. No. No. No. I can’t think like that. We’re competitors. Enemies? Maybe. The only thing I know is that no matter how I feel about him or any of the others, even though they’ve been so nice to me. I would have lost everything if not for them. But. I can’t lose. I have ghost powers. Even if that makes me creepy. Or they need every single talisman out there. I have every chance to win. And nothing will get in the way of that. I will wait here until….until…

Kihara Kurano

Rokujouma Mid Season Kihara

Well, of course I, Kiriha Kurano, am going to win whatever contests we hold to get rid of the rest of the people in room 106. I’m the most powerful, with my two haniwa, Korama and Karama, to do my bidding, and I have the best… assets. I’m also the most mature, although Ruth isn’t nearly as childish as Theia. And I get along well with ooya-san Shizuka, so I’m sure to win control of the room (“Of course you will, da ho!”). So anyone who gets in my way will be vanquished. Although…

I am finding it rather interesting to be around these others. The things we end up doing seem to be interesting and fun, and even though some of them seem to be formidable opponents they’re also interesting people. But I never forget my goal of reclaiming the surface. Karama! Korama! Find out what Satomi-kun desires most! We’ll win him over yet, even if he already endured my embrace without faltering (“Right away, ane-san!” “Uh oh! Major power increase from the soulless machine, da ho!” “Etheric Shield full power!” “We’ll finish him this time, da ho! Haniwa Beeeeeaaaaam!”).


Well, this was fun! Hopefully it was fun just like the show is for you. It’s really got a lot of charm, and after bombarding us with a ton of characters right off, I think that they’ve done a great job to work on filling them out since then. The growing friendship between all of the “invaders,” and their willingness to band together when faced with adversity against one member (like Sanae’s kidnapping), or even just go on a trip together, shows that they’re more interested in the others than in the room. I’ll bet something will come along to galvanize their antagonism at some point, but even then it’ll end up as friendly.

There are also a couple things that I think are worth pointing out about the show. First is the OP: the song Koukan win-win Mujouken is fun and sung by all the main character girls (the full song actually has them introduce themselves) and the animation features a new effect that you might not have realized (I only realized it last week) or even heard of: The two vertical white lines that are there are to enhance a 3-D effect (you can see more examples of that here: ). They go from kind of ‘why are they there’ to ‘interesting’ when you realize that. Also, the four new VA’s are doing a great job as the four main girls of the show (not a single one has had another main role, and only Sanae’s VA, Eri Suzuka, has had any other credited anime role as Yuu Ibara in Nanana last season).


Well, I hope you enjoyed another Sky!High Tag. We really couldn’t let this series go for long. It’s been a pleasure, week in, week out, to just soak it up. But for one of the best shows going this season, we have to say something. I hope you like our takes on these characters, it was a neat little idea, and I think we pulled it off rather well. I will echo Highway in that how these people work, play, and fight is what makes this a great show. The staff is paying attention to how you build from the basics, and make the personalities just a touch more complex, and then you just have to trace a diagram and pull neat stuff from how it all interacts.

Thanks for joining us.


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13 Responses to “Rokujouma no Shinryakusha – Mid Series Review”

  1. zztop says:

    Invader’s author, Takehaya, is a visual novel writer by trade. This probably explains the story arc per girl setup.
    Also, LN readers say the novels eventually move away from the semi-harem setup to a more sprawling multiple universe adventure.

    • skylion says:

      …given how each girl has her own unique flavor, I like the multiverse adventure ideas…

      • HannoX says:

        I also like the multiverse adventure idea. Since each girl has her own unique strength each would have a chance to shine in a different universe. Hopefully there’ll be a second season which could consist of those adventures.

  2. bobob101 says:

    This wasn’t really a review, but it was funny.

    Overall this series really is a lot like Baka and test (they do have the same director after all) there is the fun energy to the comedy, and the romance is very sweet. We get a shot of all the girls in their bathing suits, but Sakuraba senpai is the only girl for Satomi. As far as harems go this season, this is way better than something like Jinsei or Railwars.

    • HannoX says:

      I like this a lot more than I did Baka and Test, which I didn’t care for. The humor in this just works better for me.

    • Highway says:

      I watched a couple episodes of Baka to Test, but wasn’t into it at all. That was a relatively long time ago, I don’t know if I’d like it more now, but I doubt it.

      We were going for something different and fun. I know this isn’t really a review of what’s gone on, but I was hoping to get more of the essence of the show.

      • skylion says:

        Well, from one point of view, it is a review. And we gave you four points of view!

  3. lou says:

    rather than batka to test its more like tenchi, in the later LN

  4. Cybersteel says:

    Boo no Sakuraba-sempai aka the fated goddess of destiny.

    • skylion says:

      She is in total supporting character zone. That could change. But for the purpose of this post, we wanted to hit the leads.

  5. Highway says:

    Something else I remembered that I wanted to mention about the OP (this show has so many great little details all throughout it). When the four girls are singing individually at the end of the OP, and the camera is moving around the four walls of the room, I love that the girls who aren’t singing are still looking at the camera.

    And I think Sakuraba might be moving herself into at least the running for Koutarou.

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