Free! Eternal Summer – 09

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I want the entire buffet to be Mackerel dishes. What say you?!

spring14-kyoIt’s been a while since my last Free turn but glad that my teammates have been chugging along posts. With Zankyou no Terror on hiatus this week, I should have been early with this post but woe time! Weekend just zoomed by for some reason. You can call this adult problems and for all you teenagers out there still in school/uni life, you peeps are pretty lucky and better enjoy your freedom because it’s slaving around later for you all! Hahaa, don’t want to scare you on realities of life but this week’s episode had more than a touch of it, so let’s start from there.

Time to be Freeee!

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Once we were over the initial character introduction and selection excitement, it was natural to switch to the character-based episodes. At least for the ones who got less screen-time in the first season. We have gone through Nagisa and a partial Mokoto, with this week being Haru’s turn to go ballistic. Seriously, it was a nice change from the indifferent nods or sideway glances he has been giving us for the entire run of the show. Though, there has been growth in season two with him speaking more of his mind and at least trying to help out his friends. Earlier, it was Makoto who always ran to other people’s aid and Haru following him around. He’s not insensitive but avoid confrontations in general.

I’m sure some of you have already become tired of his same response of “Free” whenever a teacher asked about his future plans. His gang has tried to figure things out on what he actually means by that but truthfully no one knows. He is most passionate about swimming so why doesn’t he think of it as a good career choice? What’s stopping him from reaching numerous heights similar to what Rin aspires for? Well, at least we have a partial answer to that as he being different from him. He is his good friend but that does not mean his life choices have to mirror Rin’s. Since season one, I have been wondering on what he will do and when swimming was on top of the list, I never saw him as enthusiastic about streamlining. He did all the training and what not because of relay rather than getting other people’s praise. Since the scouting began, I was dreading over him going through stage-fright and that is what exactly happened. I was just sad that it happened during regionals because damn, this guy has so much potential. I’m sure he will do much better in the relay but really, I’m quite curious on what he decides to do. Though, I can guarantee his decision would be the calmest next to Makoto’s.

Why So Serious?!

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We have been looking forward to the regionals for a while now with both Iwatobi and Samezuka teams doing their best in timing their laps in their respective specialities. Everyone of them have trained long and hard and it’s time to show their stuff to the regional best. However, Makoto didn’t make it and Haru is definitely off the chart as well. I hope Rei and Nagisa do well because damn, they too worked hard a lot! Not to mention Gou, who has been cheering them throughout needs some consolation.

There was no surprise in Rin leading the free swimmers of his round but with how things are going, will Sousuke be able to even compete? My theory about his injured shoulder reared it’s ugly head with proof. I can only imagine how hard he must have trained to injure his shoulder this badly. He’s being completely stupid in inflaming the situation by lying to Rin. With all the heated words exchanged, it’s easy to surmise that his reason to join Samezuka was his last chance in swimming with his best friend. It is quite extreme and one of the reason he took pity on Ai, who benefited from his tutelage to the extent of being selected for the regional relay team. It’s suffering to be Sousuke alright and things are definitely not looking good for him. Discovery is imminent and as I’ve been quite curious about him, I’m really looking forward to the next episode around him.

Extra Free!dom


Shark-chan has chosen!

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Kyokai approved! :3

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This was best episode for Haruka since Free! started airing. I swear, this is the maximum we have seen him speak and about himself to boot. There was a point during S1 when I was almost annoyed with his noncommittal attitude but I came to like him in time. I hope he figures things out but I’m now worried about Rin who will definitely feel quite guilty after hearing about Sousuke’s past meanderings. And I hope he does soon because damn, Sousuke is in pain from all the exertion. It still feels quite strange to me that he just up and left his old middle school just because he wanted to swim with some other exciting boys. Why didn’t he keep in contact with Sousuke? Who seemed to be quite attached to him. Are we having another friend destroyed by his recklessness or ambition to reach the top? The angst is definitely not going away until this season’s resolutions.


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Fact: angst changes an adorable chibi to a formidable looming figure.


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11 Responses to “Free! Eternal Summer – 09”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    I really enjoyed this episode, even though it was darker than usual. I wonder if this is since Haru is in that same dark place that Rin was last season, when he said he wasn’t going to swim again. That was a lot of pressure hitting Haru, and he himself doesn’t know what he wants his future to be. He doesn’t want to think of futures or dreams, however, one day, he will have to. Eventually his friends will move on with their lives and so will he. What’s he going to do with his life? He’s a born swimmer, and there’s really no other occupation that would suit him as well.

    His friends are also counting on him in a way. People like Makoto, who are just not good enough, or people like Rin, who while competitive, falls apart without his friends. I think if Haru thinks about it and has a talk from Makoto and Sousuke, he might find that the best way to swim for or with his friends is by going pro. Don’t worry about times and awards, just do it for the love of swimming.

    Speaking of Sousuke, poor guy. that looks like a serious injury, and if he keeps straining it, he might permanently damage it. Some have suggested he has Swimmer’s Shoulder, which if not taken care of, can lead to the need for surgery, and sometimes even then it might not work right. He really should tell Rin, who is already going to be pissed that he didn’t say anything earlier, and aggravated his shoulder more by pushing himself these last few races. I hope he removes him from the race before irreparable harm happens.

    In the end, I think Haru will end up going pro, even after having lost himself a little this episode.

    • Kyokai says:

      I like dark themes so this was right around my alley. Kudos to Haru for speaking what was going through his mind FINALLY. So relieved really. I came up to the same conclusion but not really sure if Haru would actually go that path so this is one thing we’ll still have to see. We really don’t know his definition of Free after all. Though, there are still chances to redeem himself from that no-show in the individual race.

      Sousuke is really worrying me. I hope they resolve the situation rather than continuing with angst. I remember the RIn thing going on and on in season one so I just hope the same doesn’t happen here as well. In the back of my mind, I am expecting Sousuke fainting during their relay race or something dramatic like that. Ugh, let’s watch and see.

  2. Highway says:

    I’m proud of Haru. I thought he stood up to the people putting the pressure on him. Yes, it’s his future, but swimming competitively is not something he has ever really wanted to do. He swims with friends. And if it’s not with his friends, it’s not worth doing.

    • Kyokai says:

      Same here. I’m not sure he will quit pro-swimming but I enjoyed his telling off of Rin. I know Rin has good intentions in his heart but he sometimes pushes too much. Look at poor Sousuke though it’s more his fault of hiding things but Rin’s not a very good friend either. >.>

      • Irenesharda says:

        One big problem is that Haru is too vague. I think his friends would support him in whatever endeavor he chose, but the problem is, he hasn’t chosen anything. Even with art, he’s never gone into that with enough passion to suggest that he would want to do that as a profession. And it’s not like they haven’t asked him what he would be interested in. He just keeps avoiding the issue. In fact he’s never even said directly that he DOESN’T want to go pro. All he says is that “he doesn’t care”. And that’s really an issue because he doesn’t seem to care about anything other than simply swimming for the sake of swimming and being with is friends. Two things that are going to inevitably change as they all grow into adulthood.

        His friends have the right thinking that swimming professional would be a good option for him since he seems to go into total depression simply from winter coming around and the only way he can submerge himself in water is through his bathtub. Any profession that won’t give him ample time to swim, would probably be devastating to him. To be in a kitchen all day? An art studio? He’d be simply daydreaming the whole time about swimming.

        I actually felt really bad for Rin, who really hasn’t talked to Haru since the start of the season. Rin and Haru have always had a different connection than the others. Haru is both Rin’s motivation and inspiration, while Rin is one of Haru’s strongest pillars when it comes to friendship and in swimming. Rin takes Haru’s loss as one of his own, and can’t stand it when his friend doesn’t even try. Rin is also the most boisterous and leader-like of all the main 5. He just says it as it is, rather than dodge around the subject like Makoto or Nagisa. However, Rin, just happened to be the last straw that broke the camel as Haru had been dealing with the surmounting pressure the entire trip, and Haru viciously laid into him although it wasn’t Rin’s fault. Haru’s emotionally on the edge right now, and even Rei, Nagi, and Mako are concerned. I’m really scared as to how this will affect the whole team as the relay comes around.

        I have a feeling the both Mako and Sousuke will be having a talk with Haru. After the preview for episode 11, I now know for sure. Sousuke and Haru have a dynamic that’s been shown in the OP, that will come into play. One has the ambition, but not the ability, while the other has the ability, but no ambition. I think both guys will inform Haru in their own ways, how he and his entire attitude has an effect on all the other friends in his circle.

        • Kyokai says:

          This is so typical of Haru being vague. It’s interesting how this is one thing about his character that stays true throughout the run of the story. Personally, I want him to continue going pro but man, it can be anything really.

          I hope he figures things out because it’s really frustrating to see him going through life aimlessly.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Some confliction has surfaced in me with episode. While I admire Haru standing up for himself amidst the pressure from all sides, he really needs to brace up and think about his future. He isn’t getting any younger and things aren’t going to be the same forever. His friends are already ahead of him in thinking of what their next step will be. Sure, they’ll be with him as support but they shouldn’t be an excuse for dragging his feet. Eventually each will go their separate way and after that display with Rin, odds are he’s going to get an earful.

    Sousuke needs to drop his façade. Rin and the others will find out anyway but keeping quiet will only make the confrontation rockier than it has to be. He has an arm injury, it can’t be helped. The guy is only human. It doesn’t mean no one will understand.

    • Highway says:

      It’s not a race (hah!). If he doesn’t have a calling for a vocation, that’s ok. He’s an 18-year old. I think there would be a lot of things he could do that would be better than chasing a dream of swimming competitively, which if you haven’t made a bigger impression by 18 you probably never will. Haru’s not stupid, he’d probably end up finding something to do. But pressuring him to do something he doesn’t want to do is bad.

      • Kyokai says:

        I think we were pretty much stuck in between will Haru go pro or not. I’m still not convinced that he will not. Let’s see how things roll but we have to concur that he loves swimming even more when it’s with his friends.

  4. anaaga says:

    I am one of the few who agree with Haru’s decision. Many think that he did a stupid thing, but it doesn’t look stupid for me. It’s Haru we are talking about. It would make sense for him to stop halfway if he doesn’t like what he’s doing. Though I agree that what he did is very irresponsible, I’m not that angry with Haru because I realized that he’s one of those indifferent people who doesn’t know the definition of “responsibility” yet. Maybe in this season, he will learn all about it

    • Kyokai says:

      Knowing Haru, his outburst seems valid after his pondering about. I just hope things work out for him and we finally find out his deal.

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