Captain Earth – 18

Captain Earth (5)

Solid mecha action this week!

Welcome back to another thrilling Mini-talk with Captain Earth with Skylion! So what is going on this week? It seems that Salty Dog and the Arc Faction are not going to give up on kidnapping Hana! I wish they would accomplish that mission to give us something interesting to talk about, but this is another setup episode for things to come.


Extra mecha fun

Captain Earth (2)

Fk ya Shark-chan invades Captain Earth!

Captain Earth (3)

Awweee yeah those pillows <3

Captain Earth (4)

Dat stash~

Captain Earth (6)

Never trust anime scientists…


Captain Earth (1)

Hana getting owned?


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15 Responses to “Captain Earth – 18”

  1. belatkuro says:

    Puck getting it on with a new woman. All his scheming and playing around with women is gonna end up with him on a nice boat eventually. Watch your back you lecherous AI.

    Again, how is there a pool in space? How does that work?
    The water drops fall so naturally from Teppei’s hair. And they’re even drinking juice! Then again, if they have 3 big robots that they can send to space and back so easily, artificial gravity that can hold that water must be easy.

    Still decent I guess.

    • skylion says:

      I think most of us are waiting for the Nice Boat ending…and will be upset if it doesn’t play out like that…

      I will take a stab at why the water stays put. The station is at a Lagrange point….where gravity is somewhat stable just above (or below…I’m making this stuff up!) microgravity…

    • Irenesharda says:

      I too was thinking School Days considering that Puck/Kube is sleeping with every girl in the building. That secretary could just go nuts and kill him.

      Skylion’s hypothesis that she will be the one to end this whole thing by killing him out of revenge would be hilarious.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Dat SCHOOL DAYS END = Nice spaceship xD

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      I will explain how it works.

      The answer is:


      Discussion ended.

  2. Highway says:

    I totally thought that guy was going to poison Daichi or something by shaking his hand. Physically poison, not just his mind. And Salty Dog and the Kivotos Faction are just pathetic villains.

    But as usual, I liked Hana’s appearances, and thought her reassurance of Akari’s mom was really nice.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I thought that scientist was going to do SOMETHING to daichi but nope! He just let him walk right out without doing anything and agreed the villains are quite weak and not really all that threatening.

      Yeah not a bad scene at all for Hana.

  3. Irenesharda says:

    Weird, after one of the worst episodes in a while, we actually get one of the best episodes in long while as well.

    Despite the continued boring antics of Salty Dog, we get the most touching moment in the entire show, with Hana and Akari’s mom. I hope we get another one between her and her actual daughter.

    Teppei has some really interesting dialog with Daichi as he questions what are they really fighting for, as well as stating that he has no problem with taking out another living person if it means protecting his friends. He also explains that Daichi’s idea of always trying to save everyone, is naive and that it will cause him to lose something precious someday. I’m guessing some of Teppei’s kiltagang roots are beginning to show.

    Puck is astounded that a girl would dump him if he happens to be going out with every girl in the building. Yeah, real shocker.
    The poor AI has let his new human form go too his head, and now he’s being compared to a monkey in heat.

    So, while Puck is banging every girl in Macbeth Corp. we have a new sinister bad guy in this professor. While he sounds evil, Salty Dog still doesn’t seem to be a threat. I’m hopping they can do more than just send machines after the crew only for them to win every episode. But then again, this is Captain Earth, I gave up for this show to live up to its true potential weeks ago.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh one of the best? I thought it was alright but not too terrible.

      Hana and Akari’s mom together was quite nice I just wonder what they actually talked about before the scene changed! Id guess adoption talk since Hana has no real family or something like that.

      Teppei always has something interesting going on whenever he is interacting with Daichi lately and I agree with him that Daichi needs to figure out what he is fighting for and face reality that one day he might have to fight actual people.

      Puck is going to get sooooo screwed by all those girls! I can totally see a handful of yandere chicks stabbing in his future.

      Totally! Salty Dog doesn’t really feel all that threatening xD

  4. BlackBriar says:

    No alien battles this time. Show’s probably decided to go for a change of pace. A good episode nonetheless.

    Having rolls in the hay with multiple women and he’s surprised he got dumped? That’s arrogance for you. Puck, you have just a valuable life lesson: Cheaters never prosper. For an AI, his consciousness is very human-like. There’s no situation uglier than making a woman jealous. Especially when they don’t deserve it.

    I know the Planetary Gears are the main villains of the series but to me, the very humans the Midsummer Knights fight to protect seem like a threat, an ungrateful one at that. These kids risk their lives and look what happens; they get stabbed in the back because some idiotically ambitious group can’t see beyond themselves and want to promote themselves as humanity’s grand savior. Which makes agree with Teppei’s inquisition on who they’re fighting for and why. At the end of the day, is it worth it?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah gotta change it up cause people will complain if they go back to space fight of the week every episode.

      Puck sure gets around huh? I can’t wait to see the girls get some revenge! Jealous girls are dangerous.

      As much as I love watching the Planetary Gears I don’t feel that they are very “evil” even the other groups that want Hana seem to be very weak and not threatening to me.

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