Ao Haru Ride – 07

Ao Haru Ride-Personal changes

Decisions, decisions…

One big decision down, but another bigger decision to go.spring14-highw And no, I’m not talking about Futaba’s choice of shampoo


So I Love Him, Now What?

Ao Haru Ride-Indirect Kiss

I liked the way this episode picked right up where the previous episode left, with Futaba and Kou at the train station still. So we get to see Futaba’s worry about all sorts of things now that she’s admitting she likes Kou, things like regretting her “boorish facade” and indirect kisses. And her happiness at Kou saying that the way she smells is nice. But she’s working herself up to telling Yuuri the truth, and accepting what would happen when she runs into an old friend from middle school.

Ao Haru Ride-The wrong confession to hear

This is not the confession that Futaba wanted to hear

At just the wrong time, her (ex?) friend Yumi tells her why she finally stopped talking to her in middle school, even though Yumi was one of the last ones to abandon Futaba when the girls started stabbing her in the back because of the guys. And the reason is awfully topical: Yumi liked Naitou, and at some point became convinced that Futaba liked Naitou also, so she got mad at her and stopped talking to her. And even worse, it’s because Futaba liked Kou that she was even looking at Naitou, who was his friend. But it’s not the lesson that Futaba wants to learn: When you fall in love with your friend’s crush, they hate you.

Ao Haru Ride-Can I help

That’s not the look of someone who hates you, tho

Relationships Aren’t One Direction

Ao Haru Ride-Close to you

Knowing that Kou notices she changed her shampoo may be the final straw

Even watching Yuuri be happy about Kou talking with her starts to make Futaba feel jealous, and then feel like a creep because she’s being terrible and not telling Yuuri. So she starts distancing herself from Yuuri, because she feels bad about moving in on Kou. But you can’t do something like that and expect the other person to not notice. So Yuuri starts wondering if she’s done something to drive Futaba away (awww, she’s so adorable). And Futaba is trying to convince herself to just stay away from Kou… yeah right. She changes small things to even interest him a little bit. So she can’t do that. And Yuuri’s not going to let it go, grabbing the bull by the horns to ask Futaba to the donut shop after school. She’s going to have it out and get the truth whether it hurts her or not.

Ao Haru Ride-Yuuri won't give up

Never give up, Yuuri! Ganbatte!


I really like this core of steel that Yuuri has had the entire show. She wasn’t destroyed by other people sniping at her, just kept being herself. And now when it seems that Futaba is pulling away from her, she’s not going to just let her go, like Futaba did with Yumi-chan in middle school. And she even asks with a giant smile on her face. And even though it took all episode, I liked the last line of Futaba’s as she decides to go with Yuuri and tell her the truth: “Today might be the day that I lose a very important friend.”

This show has really been hitting those last lines of episodes. They’ve been getting the episodes just right to end on a great emotional wave. Yuuri confessing her love for Kou to Futaba, Futaba confessing her love for Kou to herself, and now Futaba realizing that she might lose her friend, but she has to tell her now. I think we all figure that Yuuri’s not going to abandon Futaba like Yumi did, and this show’s pretty much on rails with the OTP, but it’s still been a great internal battle to watch for Futaba.


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2 Responses to “Ao Haru Ride – 07”

  1. JPNIgor says:


    I guess I would be kinda intimidated to tell Yuuri about Kou. You know, she had that reaction against the second guy (whose name I forgot) just for a pudding. And having experienced something similar (even though she just came to know about it on the best moment possible) makes her even more hesitant. I really hope that Futaba is strong enough to still tell Yuuri about it.

    Because if she doesn’t tell, Yuuri will discover in the worst possible way, seeing Kou too close to Futaba, just like he did when he was running from Tanaka-sensei.

    • Highway says:

      Kou really is perfect, isn’t he. Maybe something about Youichi is hiding under the surface to make him not perfect, but you know that will be some perfect flaw, too.

      I hope that the other lesson that Futaba learned from her run-in with Yumi was that she doesn’t want Yuuri to feel the way that Futaba felt when Yumi abandoned her. That’s one of those things that has to sink in, so hopefully she will tell Yuuri soon.

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