Tokyo ESP – 03


Wolverine?!! No, wait…

I’m not sure if they put that reference in on purpose, or it was just a great coincidence amongst all the X-Men comparisons. Anyway, I’m not sure if it was the unnecessary fanservice last week that turned me off (Not that it was a big deal, but it still irked me. There’s nothing I dislike more than unnecessary fanservice) or what, but I just can’t seem to get into this show…



So this week Azuma continued to push for Rinka to follow him in being an ally of justice. We also got more of backstory on him, finding out what inspired him to be a hero, which, as it turns out, includes something Rinka did half a year ago. What exactly she did we don’t know yet, but it was enough for him to find her inspiring and to end up being there at the moment she got her powers. Rinka however seems to just want to get back to normal, but she keeps getting dragged around by him, which eventually leads to her being in the middle of a takeover by a yakuza lackey who’s got powers of his own, as well as a few nifty espers in his new crew. This yakuza guy and his crew is the first inkling we have of an organization who wants to use and abuse their powers for ~evil~ and take down anyone who steps in their way. Of course this isn’t the big bad organization that we saw take down the government in episode one, but it’s probably one of many organizations looking to take control with their new powers.


While I expected people were going to abuse their powers, I didn’t expect there was a way to abuse the flying goldfish and the powers they give it by coaxing people to buy powers. However, this shady character who seems to have a way to bring about the goldfish was saying that the goldfish ‘choose’ who they give the powers to. Coincidentally at that time, Murasaki, the yakuza boss’s daughter, wished to be stronger and then had a fish go to her. Yet, in Rinka’s and her father’s case, it seemed to have happened to them randomly, so how do these mystical/magical fish decide? It’s definitely not on the basis of who’s more morally good as we already have people using their powers to do some bad things. Then there’s still the mystery of where they came from, and that shady character gave us quite a clue with the piece of stone he was holding that had the texture of fish scales. I doubt there will be anything more than this about the origin of the flying goldfish though, seeing as it’s still pretty earlier in the series so I won’t expect much next episode.


Tokyo ESP isn’t necessarily a bad show, but for me there’s no hook. There’s no aspect in this show that I enjoy, except maybe the flying penguin, who’s pretty adorable (and can fly!). The characters are too bland for my taste (at least at this point), and the story is nothing too special either, but that doesn’t really matter. I mean, just because it’s a story idea that’s been done many times before doesn’t mean it can’t be good or enjoyable, but for some reason Tokyo ESP doesn’t have that special hook that makes it enjoyable, at least for me.

My main problem is that the show moves too fast, kind of like a slideshow without any pauses. I understand what’s going on, but I feel like I have no time to fully digest the events that are happening in the story before we move on to another event, or have the time to really enjoy the characters. It’s like they’re trying to rush us through introducing all these characters and getting through this introductory story line so the show can get to the bigger, better story line that leads to the chaotic events we saw in the first episode. I honestly can’t stand it. Not to mention there’s scenes and one-liners here that I can’t take seriously because they look/sound so cheesy. I’m usually a person who can tolerate cheesy one liners and such, but combined with the other problems I have with Tokyo ESP, it’s just not tolerable. I’ll continue to watch the series to see what happens and to see maybe (hopefully) if I’ll like this series more. Until next time then~


No but seriously, when will I be able to get a flying penguin to carry me around?


A tired, over-dramatic 20 year old college student who likes manga and cheesy Korean boy bands. Prone to succumb to laziness and refuse to work for hours on end.
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16 Responses to “Tokyo ESP – 03”

  1. Wanderer says:

    I’m not sure if they put that reference in on purpose, or it was just a great coincidence amongst all the X-Men comparisons.

    The manga reveals that he was, in fact, called Wolverine by some criminals, back during his police days. It’s definitely not a coincidence. Neither was it a coincidence when the Ghostbusters showed up, nor that Murasaki’s father looks like Leonidas from 300.

    My main problem is that the show moves too fast, kind of like a slideshow without any pauses.

    They cut out some fairly significant material in this episode. More characterization, people learning how to use their powers, two more “hero adventures” (so to speak). The events in the anime feel abrupt because they are: the content that should have made it all smooth has been cut out.

    • zztop says:

      I hear it’s because mangaka Segawa Hajime enjoys Western movies and shows. It’s a shoutout to his likes.

      • Hoshi says:

        ~Yeah I was reading comments on the manga and I’ve seen a few point out cameos of Western actors in background, or something like that.

      • d-LaN says:

        Hell, in Part 2 there a character who blatantly look like Chucky and Green Lantern.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Thanks for that because I would’ve gone on thinking it was some coincidence LOL.

  2. skylion says:

    First…HOSHI! I love seeing you here. ::muhwah::

    I’ve been reading X-Men comics for nearly thirty years. But I love seeing a new take on it. I think they’ve managed to put their own stamp on that sort of storytelling.

    Oh, I loved that Yukaza guy had some sort of control of the fish through his “guest” That has some layers behind it.

    I find the show well paced, and fun. How fast they move is about equal to how they stop and give us some character development in good spots.

    I was expecting an oddball ride from the start…and I got it…

    • Hoshi says:


      Yeah my problem with the pacing is purely personal because I’m more of a manga reader than an anime watcher, and (good) manga usually takes its time with characters, story, etc. This is also why I have can’t enjoy the pacing to the Tokyo Ghoul anime, which isn’t too bad but still. Nothing I can do about it though; it’s like complaining about a novel’s movie adaption lol. They’re just not the same medium.

  3. Joojoobees says:

    I actually am liking this series more now. The first episode didn’t do anything for me, but with episodes 2 and 3, there is more of a story, and I feel I understand the characters better.

    • skylion says:

      I am still amazed that people didn’t liek that first outing. En Media Res! Catch up, yo!

      • Hoshi says:

        ~Same here. I thought it was pretty great.
        Someone’s gotta do something like Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs one of these days.

  4. zztop says:

    This is Yakuzaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    • BlackBriar says:

      It must be awkward being involved with a sweet innocent girl to later learn she’s the daughter of an infamous gang leader.

  5. Masu says:

    as for pacing and how the characters seem bland, i thought the same thing about Legend of Legendary Heroes back when i started watching it. then i watched more. now i feel like it was an amazing show that was kind of under the radar the season it was out. i’d say stick with it.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    I hope the story reaches the mayhem the first episode presented soon because though it’s on the third episode, it doesn’t feel like anything’s going fast. The fact there’s promise is the reason for my patience and series with superpowered beings are one of a few things in my strike zone. I’ll be optimistic and say all the origin part of the show will close up in about two more episodes.

    My main problem is that the show moves too fast, kind of like a slideshow without any pauses.

    You can put the blame on the episode count for its speedy pace. MAL indicated this is a standard one cour series.

  7. Kyokai says:

    There’s a clutter of characters here but I’ll be sticking around 2 more episodes to see how it goes just because of the potential.

  8. Masu says:

    so i actually started watching this, and holy shit why wasnt i watching it on release?

    ga-rei:zero was my favorite anime of its respective season because of how the series ran an anachronistic plot. plus, the character development and tone were right up my alley in terms of what i like to see in fantastic stories.

    it seems that tokyo esp is following in suit.

    also, there is no reason why an animated adaption (which is what this is, there so no reason to believe it is a straight media translation) cant add original points to the story. by this i mean the references in the first episode to ga-rei:zero. This might just be my nerd talking, but if we take this to be in the same cannon, then the events of this show take place before ga-rei:zero (which in turn take place before the ga-rei manga). i guess this is one of those moments where they dangled a carrot in front of me and now im chasing it with all i have. they caught me hook line and sinker.

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