Sabagebu – 03

sabagebu (7)

Mission three start-o!!

Are you ready for more comical gunplay with Sabagebu! Currently I am having a lot of fun with this series so far, but I wonder if anyone has dropped this yet? I sure hope nobody drops it because it always brings a smile to my face.


Super Elite Club Adviser

sabagebu (6)

Sakura was unbearably cute!

Wow! That is all I can really say about the introduction to Ena Sakura who is the current survival club adviser who I guess was apparently way too busy to appear in the first two episodes, but the other girls are quick to tell Momoka that she is dangerous because she is very clumsy and not the brightest adult around; however watching her act completely crazy was easily one of the best parts of the first half, especially when she was wearing that bear costume of hers which reminded me of Mayoi Katase from Acchi Kocchi. Besides the goofball teacher moments I guess the power of money really is the best motivation to get a club some extra funds and at the same time it gives the girls a chance to mess around with their guns while killing some pesky hornets. Now I am no expert with any guns, but do you think that it is possible to kill a bunch of killer hornets with airsoft bullets? I mean sure why not plastic flying at high speeds against a bug should do the job fairly quickly, but we have to give credit to Miou for the idea about using the bug spray and lighter combo to create a homemade flamethrower or was it a terrible idea because they did end up burning down their clubhouse! Maybe they should have used fire at the start?

Blonde LOLi Assassin

sabagebu (8)

Beware of this blonde LOLi!

Sure Rozeria Haguro isn’t really an assassin themed character; however she definitely brings a certain tsundere attitude to the world of Sabagebu and of course she fits in with all the other crazy characters that we have seen so far! So what was her issue with the survival club? I guess we learned that she was angry at Miou for winning a stuffed teddy bear at some festival years ago and now she wants revenge! Damn that is hardcore! Just kidding I mean it sort of felt that she was created to be the annoying little sister type or a will she become another rival for Momoka to mess around with? Like she needs any more rivals am I right? While those two fought it was interesting to see another survival club get thrown into the mix. I bet most of the audience watching this week would love to see some kind of spin-off series that follows the adventures of Rozeria and her elementary survival club or are you fine with the high school girls? Either way, I hope we have not seen the last of her and who knows maybe there will be some survival club tournament just like we saw in C3-bu later on? That puts several grade levels against each other just for fun? Now that would love to see happen sometime in the future.

Extra Moe Guns

sabagebu (3)

Bullets and fake bloodshed! YES!

sabagebu (5)

Best character.

sabagebu (2)

Hnnngg she hit my heart-o!

sabagebu (1)

Urara vs Chuck Norris who will win!?

End thoughts

Oh my god that was another great episode! I loved watching Sakura the club adviser appearance and knowing that it is Yui Horie providing her voice it had me laughing because every time I hear her in any anime series my mind always pictures her as Tsubasa Hanekawa is that weird or do you do the same thing with certain voice actors? I know for me another actor Mr. Hiroshi Kamiya will always be Araragi in my mind! So what about Rozeria? Did you find her character to be fun to watch or was she too annoying for you to handle? For me I found her to be quite entertaining even though she is just another run of the mill tsundere character and that adorable voice of hers?! I only know her as Satoko Houjou from Higurashi; however I really hope she comes back later on or maybe like I said above she could appear in some kind of survival game tournament! Anyway this was a lot of fun and I am curious to see what other kinds of characters appear next week.


sabagebu (4)

Momoka’s mom gets in on the fun~


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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6 Responses to “Sabagebu – 03”

  1. Wanderer says:

    The blond loli is a perfectly fine addition to the cast, although I was totally expecting Momoka to just shoot her in the head anyway, despite the change in rules at the end, there.

    PS: Do not attempt to engage hornets with airsoft guns. You won’t hit them, and they will get pissed at you.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Blond loli’s with guns are always welcome in any anime series for me! Yeah I expected Momoka to shoot her before the end of her episode.

      AGREED! Unless you want to visit the hospital?

  2. Highway says:

    I could skip Rozeria. Not a character type I’m interested in at all.

    This made me think of my own hornet tribulations this week: Had a bald-faced hornet nest on my house. Didn’t get an airsoft club to take care of it, tho (and no, I didn’t set my house on fire).

    I liked the way they set up the teacher as a huge badass in Momoka’s mind, and then she turned out to be a badass klutz, just as bad but in a different way.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh? Yeah I imagine some would find her quite annoying if she was always around.

      Damn! I hate dealing with hornets, wasps and bees! I have been stung a few times and yeaaaah not the best feeling T___T

      LOL the teacher was super funny! badass klutz is a great way to describe her.

  3. skylion says:

    Sometimes you just have to love a show that is so endearing in it’s level of brain damage. This particular episode was dropped on it’s head so many times as a tot, that Shinon’s Mum is saying “Hey…that’s bad”

    For me, Yui Horie is always Minorin first and Tsubasa second. As for Mika Kanai, I’m just happy that none of Satoko’s horrible speech pattern’s creeped in. I hope they pay homage to Higurashi at some point in future…either she lays traps or Momoka tortures her…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahahah yeah out of the first three episodes this one wasn’t as funny as the others, but it had some great moments.

      <3 Yui Horie yo and ill agree with you on Mika Kanai I always hated her Satoko's voice ahahaha

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