MetaVerse Episode 44: Terror in Summer ’14


What we’re liking and what we’re throwing out so far this summer season

While we weren’t exactly at the 3rd episode of shows to apply the popular “3-episode rule”, the cast got together to talk about what shows they’re liking and what shows they didn’t enjoy.


00:41 – Intros

01:44 – In The News

04:58 – Summer ’14 Discussion

  • Garbage of the Season
  • We Tried, But Couldn’t
  • Better Than I Thought
  • Favorite
  • Wild-Card Topics


OP: “unravel” by TK from Tokyo Ghoul

ED: “Startear” by Haruna Luna from Sword Art Online II

BGM: Zankyou no Terror OST


Peace out!


The team behind Metanorn's Podcast, MetaVerse. Our aniblogging experience gives us the expertise to dish out detailed opinions on which series to watch and ones to drop. And remember, we take fangirling seriously!
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11 Responses to “MetaVerse Episode 44: Terror in Summer ’14”

  1. skylion says:

    Garbage: The Rock Thing. It was a good effort. I guess. But the MC reminds me of how we used to justify character origins when we made characters for D&D back in junior high.

    Tried but couldn’t: Ao Haru Ride: Typically I like romance anime. I thought Say I Love You was incredibly watchable, but something about this just didn’t click with me. I got no real hook out of the first ten or fifteen minutes.

    Better than I thought: Sabagebu! First episode was just to darn quirky and odd. I couldn’t get a handle on the characters at all. But the second episode clicked with me more than I thought it would. The characters didn’t settle down but they did start making more sense…well, I found the method to the madness.

    Favorite: Barakamon. Hands down it’s a piece of art, and it very much draws you in and keeps your attention. Haru rules! But the rest of the world has to come alive, and it very much does. But you don’t have to read it from me here, you know?

    Honorable Mentions: Favorites The shows that I am blogging. Again, you don’t need to take it from me here.
    A/Z. Great action, and the characters have come quite the way in just three episodes. They don’t mull it out and about, and got to the developments right away.

    Better than I thought: Jinsei. Yes, again, another cute girls doing club anime. But I found I like these characters, and what they chatter on and on about. Plus it has that quirky romance angle to it.

    Tried but couldn’t. Argevollon. Felt like a rather generic mech show. Nothing clicked. And Tokyo Ghoul. The story and the characters are not bad at all, quite engaging in many spots…but that MC…I just want him to die right now and concentrate on the rest of the cast.

    Garbage. Blade Dance. Yeah. It was just a bad start out of the gate, just like lvlln spells it all out. But that’s in the source and the source gets much better, but there is the question of whether or not the anime will get to the good parts quick enough. But, since I did the FI and want to keep going in some capacity, I’ll promote this to Tried, and will still Try.

    • Jrow says:

      I did have a note on the doc I called “What could’ve been with Bakumatsu”. There is a way that the show could be fun and rockin’ and all that, but the execution just doesn’t seem right to me.

      When Kyokai said what she did about shoujo, I thought maybe I felt the same way too, as I wasn’t feeling Ao Haru Ride the same I have other shows in the past, like Kimi no Todoke and also Say I Love You.

      Seeing you and OC mention how boring Kaneki is in Tokyo Ghoul does concern me, but by the end I’ll have heard all you guys have to say about it and then decide later on if it is worth my time like I’m kinda hoping it is.

      • Highway says:

        I get a different feeling from Ao Haru Ride than from the other series you guys mention, mainly because it’s not nearly as focused on the romance between the two main characters. It’s far more focused on Futaba’s personality shifting so far, and you can hardly even see a path forward for the couple so far. Those other two series were much more of a “both of these characters are interested in each other, they just have to get together” (which Sukitte did well, and Kimi ni Todoke horribly failed at before I dropped it – seriously, I much dislike that series).

    • Foshizzel says:

      FK YA BARAKAMON! I love Naru she brings so much fun and brightness to the series <3

      YAYYYYYY Sabagebu! I love to laugh and that is the perfect series to watch along side Gekkan~

      I completely agree with you on Argvollen it really is 100% generic mecha themes with a derpy main character and a super advanced robot! I am still watching because I am curious to see how bad it becomes, but I can say the same about M3...

  2. Sumairii says:

    >Yaoi sharks

    Sounds like another quality scifi channel original b-flick. The tagline will be “hold on to yer butts, cuz they’re cumin’ for ’em”.

  3. Highway says:

    Garbage: I have to go with the same shows as everyone else: Bakumatsu Rock and Argevollen. I think you could probably thrown Momo Kyun Sword in there, but that one I’m going to keep watching.

    Tried but Couldn’t: I don’t know if anything’s there besides those two above, but Tokyo Ghoul might fit in here, if it doesn’t improve (to me) significantly in the third episode.

    Better than I thought: I have a big weak spot apparently for shows that show people (usually girls in anime) outperforming themselves and achieving things they didn’t think they could, so for me this goes to Locodol. It makes me think a lot of Super Sonico.

    Favorite: It’s hard to choose so I’ll pick both: Glasslip and Hanayamata. Glasslip gives that very unsettled feeling and delicious worrying. Hanayamata just seems like great fun, and seeing that group come together will be enjoyable.

    Wild Cards: I think that this category screams out for Sabagebu and 6-Tatami Invaders. You never seem to know what either show is going to do, but it’s fun to watch.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Totally on board with your garbage list even though I am still watching Argevollen and Momo Kyun Sword haha

      Ghoul I can understand.

      Locodol = Super Sonico? Hmmmm possibly! I couldn’t survive it sadly maybe ill go back and check it out again? I just hated the blob-ish character designs LOL

      Hanayamata! Good fun and it feels much like a sports anime to me since Naru is inexperienced at dancing, but with Hana at her side she will give it a go! I like that <3

      Sabagebu and 6-Tatami invaders are fun watches even though I favor the guns vs we-wanna-be-kore-wa-zombie-so-badly series which I plan n watching anyway hahah

    • BlackBriar says:

      Momo Kyun Sword‘s saving grace is the established rivalry between Momoko and Onihime. It’s going to be fun watching them butt heads.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Garbage of the Season: Bakumatsu Rock
    Tried, But Couldn’t: Glasslip, Jinsei, Hanayamata, Ao Haru Ride
    Better Than I Thought: Zankyou no Terror
    Favorite: This one is hard so I have three: Akame ga Kill, Aldnoah.Zero, Tokyo Ghoul.

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