First Impressions – Rokujouma no Shinryakusha

Invading your heart, one girl at a time!

Will it blend? That is the question! And the answer as it pertains to this show is, yes.



I am excited to see this series because it has a lot of crazy characters yo!



 Let’s roll the dice, and hope it doesn’t come up Flag!



Free-for-all Madness!

Rokujouma (3)

Skylion adds another LOLi to his harem.

Sumairii // Let’s get the particulars out of the way before we get to the content. If you take a look at the cast list for 6-Tatami Invaders, you will notice that the main cast consists of all new voice actresses. And what a proving ground  they have chosen for their first (second for Sanae’s VA) roles! I’m not sure what kind of decision-making goes behind putting so many newbies into one show, but my best guess is that this way they won’t feel too intimidated working alongside other bigger names. Plus, it kind of makes sense that VAs arrive in industry in batches since one would assume they are essentially “products” shipped out by some sort of production company or vocational school. Anyway, back to the show. The only good way to describe it so far is “crazy good fun with a hell of a cast.” And there really is no better response if someone held a gun to your head and demanded a one-sentence summary of the show. It is what it is. Now, if you’re wondering whether a show can get any more hectic than this, it actually looks like the next episode will introduce yet more invaders! The signs are certainly there, if not only in the form of the conspicuous next episode title preview, as skylion will go into more detail later in this post.

Home Invasion!

Rokujouma (7)

 Don’t mess with this alien! She is dangerous~  

Fosh //  While I originally called this series a Kore wa zombe desu ka clone I feel that comparison is extremely wasted on Rokujouma no Shinryakusha because both series are so different or are they? I suppose both have similar character types that include magical girls and ghost types! That said Zombie had more of a overall story and better characters, but I know it is too early to write Rokujouma off as another Zombie clone. So what does this series bring to the table as far as blending various character types? I guess that would be the comedy side of things or did you not really find it as funny? I found some of the humor to be great; however it relied heavily on slapstick and overused boob jokes that we have seen over and over again every season! Right now I don’t really have a favorite characters besides Satomi aka the main dude who will not give up and chooses to fight for his tiny ass apartment. Next would easily be that cute ghost girl Sane who is kind of a copy of Haruna from Zombie or is she more of a LOLi version of Nanana? I mean both of them have purple hair, but I think her primary role is to provide Satomi someone to play off of just to create some comical gags. My last favorite would be that super powerful alien girl Theiamilla?! She was interesting because she has a bit of Nanoha thrown into her character thanks to her talking computer thingy! So ya I think those two will be the ones I tune into every week to watch, but by the end I think I’ll grow to like all the characters.

My 5000 yen apartment can’t be this cute

Rokujouma (6)

Join the underground! They have GOLD!

skylion //  Well they locked and loaded the Chekov’s gun right in the first act; and didn’t say one word about it the rest of the episode. I’m talking about Koutarou’s impromptu spelunking mit der Shrine Maiden. I counted nine lights, and we have four invaders. It’s still to early, and I’m to darn lazy to do a color match at this point, but there were some Blue Nights, Purples Ghosts, and Green Clovers . Anyway with four invaders now, and the next episode asking about new ones, we might just get an even more full house by the close of the cour. Like Fosh, I favor Theimillia; only I place her first. I love that spoiled attitude of hers….(and FFF’s choice of dubbing pettanko as Fun Size), and her willingness to destroy the place even thou she has a clear mission not to. Yep, she’s a bid dodgy, but that’s still interesting. But for my money, I hope the keep the cast small and tight, as we can become rather fatigued from Harem Expansion Syndrome.


Rokujouma (4)

I love the cute little fireball of death~

Rokujouma (5)

Nothing like a little magical in our lives.

Rokujouma (2)


Rokujouma (1)


End thoughts

There is definitely a lot of potential for 6-Tatami Invaders to do good. It’s fun, it’s chaotic, and it doesn’t give a damn about holding back. However, as hilarious as it is to clown car the cast into one tiny room, things can certainly get bogged down if the show doesn’t manage the large number of characters well. Now, methinks the show should be able to handle itself well enough if this premiere is any indication. But as usual, future predictions are always up in the air and practically anything can happen from now till the end of the run. So let’s just hope that it keeps up the energy and maintains the focus without becoming something too ridiculous.

Well that was certainly insane! Well the start was a bit slow until the main girls started appearing one after another! Wow when that scene started it felt like I was going mental, but I did find it annoying how every girl was quickly introduced or is that a blessing? I suppose it does skip that whole character of the week introduction formula; however Kanajo ga Flag also suffered from that so I really hope the cast of Rokujouma can stay small! I don’t want to be drowning in supernatural characters…so who was your favorite girl and are you planning on watching more or did it fail to grab your attention??

…and all the while, I forget to mention the Corona Accords. Landlady status must give characters intense special powers and privileges in anime. I know she scares them now, but how long will that last. So overall, I thought this could have become a clusterpiggeldy of character introductions, but they paced them out very well, and the overlap actually broadened each girl’s personality to a degree. I’m looking forward to finding out just what this pad has going for it that everyone short of Ika Musume is tripping over each to get the goods. You feel the same?


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21 Responses to “First Impressions – Rokujouma no Shinryakusha”

  1. skylion says:

    Skylion adds another LOLi to his harem.

    …again…I’m being baited. Summer FI’s are brutal!

    So, in accord with this I shall enact skylion’s LAw of LOLi #4. skylion shall always do his own LOLi promotion…

    • BlackBriar says:

      …again…I’m being baited.

      You’ve got to use a certain kind of bait to land a specific fish. In your case, skylion, it’s definitely LOLis.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      *is glad weakness is not LOLis or SHOtas specifically* :3

    • BlackBriar says:

      Summer FI’s are brutal!

      Speaking of those, I’m surprised no one’s covered the First Impressions for Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, Tokyo ESP and Zankyou no Terror. The openings of those three respective series were awesome!

  2. Highway says:

    My favorite was Karama and Korama, the two tiki familiars. Especially when they lit up and spun around, or when they push Yurika’s passed out face around. And Kiriha wasn’t bad either.

    But overall a really fun show opening. Just putting everyone in there to begin with. I think you guys are wrong about the number of characters going up. Looking at the Novel page, it just has the ones we already know about. Actually, every character on there has already been introduced. So I’d be surprised if there are any more down the road.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I can see why those who’ve seen it would immediately compare this to Kore wa Zombie. There’s a similar feel there. Though Sanae is following the same schtick of being a ghost girl bound to her room like last season’s Nanana, like Fosh, she made me think of Kore wa Zombie’s Haruna for the most part.

    Not a bad opening but not really well either. As it sounds, I’m stuck in the middle. Personally, having so many girls show up one after the next, like within minutes of each is pushing it. I felt forced, like there wasn’t enough time to learn their names. Some of which have already proven annoying. My reference on the magical girl who sounds so pathetic when she speaks. A rushed pacing like this, including the introductions dampers the appeal but since this is just the start, it still has a chance at saving itself from mediocrity. Nice touch making the landlady a yandere, though. She’s direct and uses somewhat elegant words to address her threats. “Finding eternal peace” Subtle yet intimidating.

    • skylion says:

      But, they did pace that so well to allow the overlapping intros build well. With characters there is no greater action than interaction…

    • Highway says:

      I thought the pace of introduction was really good. It’ll turn out even better if this truly is the entire cast. The conceit was that it was just piling on one after another after another, with no respite, no time to get used to it. That’s a lot better than trickling them all in one at a time in this case.

      And “I do not think that word means what you think it means”. Shizuka isn’t a yandere, at least not yet, because she’s not interested in Koutarou. She’s more the hannya landlady, wanting to keep the peace and not disturb the other residents, and willing to use supernatural powers to do so.

  4. belatkuro says:

    Let’s start some waifu wars!

    Club sempai>Dorm Lady>Underground>Cosplay>Ghost>Space Princess

    • skylion says:

      >space princess as last

      Oh, the fail here is just to obvious. Please try again!

    • Highway says:

      My order is:

      1. Kiriha (underground) not solely because she brings those two tikis… and Karama and Korama
      2. Shizuka Ooya-san (landlady)
      3. Sakuraba-senpai (Knitting club)
      4. Sanae (ghost)
      5. Ruth (responsible alien lady)
      6. Yurika (Mahou Shoujo)
      7. (tie) Makkenji
      7. (tie) Theiamilla (alien brat)

  5. BlackBriar says:

    I’m in need of assistance. Spammy is up to no good again.

  6. Di Gi Kazune says:

    This looks like very generic harem. And unfortunately, I have given up on harem shows that lack definitive plot. This season’s harem slot has already gone to seireitsukai, only because… A CAT IS FINE TOO!

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