First Impressions – Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Time to welcome back your favorite demon butler-rich kid combo~

You thought first impressions were done? Nooooo! Though this one will probably be one of the shortest ones you’ll see as Kuroshitsuji decided on starting with a pretty typical chapter…

Sebastian can do everything and anything; what else is new?


So Book of Circus has started off pretty much like every other Kuroshitsuji season with the usual ‘butler saves the day’ shenanigans, which immediately made this episode dull. I’m assuming most people watching have already seen the actual series, so it feels like there was no point to it other than a nostalgia factor for us fans, specifically for those who miss the ‘one hell of a butler’ acts. I guess I can say it brought us back into the groove of the original series, seeing as it has been a couple of years now. It’s a nice gesture and all, but I get it!

Extra Ciel (because why not?!)

Show ▼

Basically it was just routine: Ciel and Sebastian go about their usual day, guy tries to take out Ciel and become new ruler of the underworld, Sebastian does epic things and saves the day by taking care of the threat. It was a throughly pointless episode, at least for me and, I assume, a lot of fans. I was hoping we’d just get straight into the arc without this little episode; I mean, there’s no time to be wasted! Well, at least there was the opening animation that looked cool (as well as the opening song by SID), and we did get to see those tidbits of Ciel’s past. Next week we’ll finally get into the main story, so look forward to a (hopefully) more meatier post than this, as well as Mamrou Miyano playing Joker, heh. Until next week then~


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5 Responses to “First Impressions – Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus”

  1. Namika says:

    Yaaaaay~ ^_^
    Though this episode was indeed quite pointless, I enjoyed it. Personally, I missed this show a lot. I really enjoy watching it regardless of it’s flaws, so Kuroshitsuji has some right for episodes like this. In understandable quantities, of course.
    I hope the story will be nice, but personally, I have almost no clues to where it may go and how will they connect it to Ciel’s past.
    The thing I liked the most was the music and the opening. It looked gorgeous, if you ask me. And more Sebastian. Nyan ^w^

  2. Namika says:

    Spammy ate my comment again. I get it when the post is active and stuff, but now? 😀 Come on!

  3. zztop says:

    There’s a live-action Black Butler movie released earlier in January 2014, starring Japanese actors Mizushima Hiro as Sebastian, and Goriki Ayame as Genpou Shiori.

    The film’s different from the anime since it’s set in future Asia, and features a largely Japanese cast. The film ties back to the manga by saying the Genpous are descended from the Phantomhives.

    No idea if the movie’s any good, though.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Tsk, nothing’s worse than being late for a party. To be more precise, I missed both previous seasons so for me, this wasn’t a pointless episode but a good enough introduction to give a decent work up. Curiosity was buzzing about after all the word of mouth and now it’s clear why Black Butler is talked about so much. Sebastian is an awesome butler. Ciel gets marks as well for planning three steps ahead of his adversary.

  5. Kyokai says:

    Maaya Sakamoto voiced shouta is baaaack with the awesome butler by OD of course. I feel all this nostalgia even when the first episode was just a re-re-introduction of how things go down in Phantomhive manor. Hopefully, things get exciting in next episode because the circus characters seem quite interesting.

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