Captain Earth – 13

captain earth (4)

Am I the only one who sees a thumbs up?!

Yoooooooooooo!! How is everyone doing?! I hope you are doing better than poor old Baku aka Bugbear this week! I hope you enjoy listening to me chat with Jrow and Skylion about this meh episode of Captain Earth…


Fk Ya Extra Mecha!

captain earth (5)

A drink and maybe something else after?! Good times.

captain earth (1)

because it is the best color ever.

captain earth (6)

Baku-“Maybe I can cut myself with this cute little bear…”

captain earth (2)

Nothing like a sunrise after kicking the enemy’s ass.


captain earth (3)

Is Hana evil or nope? We shall see next week!


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10 Responses to “Captain Earth – 13”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    Well, it seems my theory about the girl, the yakuza, and all the bad dreams and the immortality were all true. It was all part of Baku’s ability and he did it to save the girl. But like always, a person who has died cannot be brought back to life in these shows, so it was inevitable that everyone would disappear when Baku awoke to himself and his power wasn’t able to sustain it.

    I like that he joined the gears because he had no one else and a man with nothing tends to become angry and desperate. He’s a dangerous guy because he has nothing to live for and he could easily start having a death wish. Life gave him a harsh hand and his only light in the world was the girl he loved, and yet even then, fate took her away too. He wants to destroy a world that has given him nothing but pain and then took away even the small solace he had. I have a feeling that he will die in battle and be happy to die and be with his love. His whole arc was sad but not unexpected.

    Amara doing the fight announcer thing was hilarious though. The fight was boring, but I liked that bit.

    Well, this show has hit the half way mark and has done nothing to really endear me. We’ve met all the planetary gears and the plot has progress a little, but it’s going at such a snail’s pace, that it hurts. This has to be one of the first shows that I have watched were I have absolutely no interest in the main characters and I could do without practically all their scenes and sappy, uninspired, cliche dialogue. And next week is the “beach episode” one of my absolute dreaded tropes in this medium.

    I think I may just take a vacation for a few weeks until this show decides it wants to climb out of the rut it put itself into. At least they’ve finally introduced all of the Planetary Gears now, hopefully they’ll find Setsuna and end this whole thing.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Fufufu you got it right and yeah I kind of liked that twist on his powers! I was going with the theory that the immortality was caused by a Planetary Gear using their singularity on a human by mistake grants them immortality? If that was the case then Daichi’s dad would also be alive somewhere? LOL I know that is a shot in the dark and this week shoots that idea down thanks to Baku’s powers.

      Finally Baku joined right!? DAMN I was hoping he would last week so we could final focus on the story of Captain Earth, but whatever we have to sit through more of Baku.

      Amara’s a good announcer LOL

      No interest in seeing what happens to Teppei? I assume he will have to make the choice to stay with GLOBE or join the Planetary Gears? I could see that being a plot point and what about Hana? Is she going to be revealed as another unknown gear? I am still hanging on for that! Even if I wasn’t blogging this series I can manage to find something to keep me interested or maybe I am just to much of a Bones supporter to not watch? I dunno I have faith they will deliver on this anime.

      Yeah but it’s a Hana focused episode and it appears her true side will finally be revealed…maybe…

      • Highway says:

        I thought Teppei already made that choice, sacrificing his Planetary Gear in his earlier fight. And that’s why he was able to spawn a Livlaster (with a dopey name that I can’t recall).

        I would like to know what’s happened to the Design Children that failed to reconnect. They seem to have just disappeared, but maybe that’s because Amarok and Mocca just aren’t interested in them since they’re not useful anymore?

        • Irenesharda says:

          Okay, it think he destroyed his Ego Block, and he never joined the Planetary Gears, and I’m not sure if he was transformed from a Killtgang into a Neoteny, or if he’s still a killtgang and Neoteny is just what they call a person who wields (or is guided by) a livluster. All that they made up for this show I believe were an attempt to have some hard core world building. However, if just all came out as convoluted and messy.

          For instance, the Planetary Gears. First off, there are the aliens themselves called the Killtgang that have souls that are encased in an object called an Ego Block, however, they have bio-engineered human bodies that act as avatars for their original alien selves that are called Designer Children. However, when the Designer Child awakens to who they really are as a Killtgang, they usually join up and become part of the Planetary Gears, which is the name of their group as they stay in their Designer Children bodies, but their powers and memories are awakened to the point where they know who and what they really are.

          See how confusing that is? They could have just stuck to one term for these guys, but they just decided to be convoluted with it.

      • Foshizzel says:

        @HWY: True never mind Teppei did choose already LOL I figured it could come up again or something? I also wonder when Amara/Moco will figure out how to destroy their own ego blocks to get their own livalasters xD

        @Irene: LOL now that you mention it it does sound a bit crazy…

  2. BlackBriar says:

    That was an eye opener to remember. On the one hand the entire deal was like an individual trying to escape a reality they refuse to accept though on the other, Baku gets leniency since he’s lost the only thing that mattered in a hellish nightmare of a lifestyle. You can’t blame his choice of action. So in his eyes, it’s worth putting up with the yakuza. A real gray area ordeal.

    Amara made an amusing makeshift fight announcer. He a lot from that one match against Baku last episode.

    Side note: We’re now halfway through the series, so the chance of another OP is more than likely.

    • Irenesharda says:

      Oh, yeah, the new OP is called Tokyo Dreamer by NICO Touches the and the new ED is going to be called Glory Days by Tia.

      • Irenesharda says:

        I don’t know how that typo happened, but it’s “NICO Touches the Wall” 😛

        And while I usually like NICO, this song is only okay so far.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hmm, I’ll have to listen to the entire OP track to give a full opinion. Right now, it fails to impress and sounds lazy. The first OP is a lot livelier.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Fk yaaaaaaaaaaaa new OP

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