Black Bullet – 13 [END]

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The lantern festival with some tech added…

 Let’s bring the Bug Hunt to a close shall we?


Everyone has two faces…

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I really liked this shot…with the lanterns still hanging in the air

I think that this, the Third Kanto Battle, was the second strongest of the three arcs presented in the series; with the intro being first and the Sprout arc a distant third. There were some very honest, very genuine moments in this, the final episode, and they provided a fine and lasting impression on one of the major themes they explored. “I want to become the person that is worthy of you.” Rentarou’s words to Enju got me to my heart. And in the series, which I though had major flaws, his treatment of this girl was very well done.  They didn’t have to tell us about how much he cared. It was placed with care throughout. He never used her as an Initiator unless he really needed to, even if it kept their BS overall score down. He sheltered her, and was intensely protective and proactive in her raising.

The rest, however, was left by the wayside. There were three LN’s this entire series covered, and even thou I’ve only read the first one, there was a great deal of development not covered. D-Lan, zztop, and others have filled in many of the blanks during my coverage (Thank you, guys!). If they would have stopped with two, and had Tina’s reconciliation as a show ender, would they have been able to give the material more time? It really was needed. Entire passages were given maybe one or two isolated lines, and not followed up. Shame really, as the world of the LN’s, like most narrative fiction, was the story it needed to tell. Not an LN ad that is for sure. Good stories sell themselves.

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To bypass error, please install Heroic Sacrifice

It was the broad strokes of a rushed, crammed production that killed the beauty. Shouma’s sacrifice would have had more impact had we really gotten to know the character,  same with Fuse. Kagetane was a great villain, but we could have felt his motivations a bit more if we had seen the cat and mouse game he played behind the scenes. Kisara’s descent would have felt more genuine had we seen more interaction with the one’s she wanted to target, and her not serving as a placeholder for most of the run. I could go on, but you get the general idea. I’ve joked often, if they had only kept the show Kickass LOLis Kill Bugs Dead, that would have been enough. But in dropping the joke, they had some great material to work with.

black bullet 13-11

To be worthy of you…

And so, Kisara is now “evil” and may become Ren’s enemy at some point. The shot of Kisara alone in the office while Ren and Enju attend the Classroom memorial was something. For a show that didn’t do as much as I would have liked right, that one transitional scene spoke some volumes. But what I hope is that Rentarou will realize that his word before battle, we all high light and dark faces applies to everyone. Espcially those close to him now. It’s one thing to consider her an enemy. But if he wants to do right by her, he should be a friend. Much harder perhaps, seeing as how she has blood on her feet hands; but who did she just kill? Was that true justice? Interesting questions, with interesting answers indeed.

And what did you folk thing of Shouma’s sacrifice play? I wanted to know the character much more to feel the impact of his actions. But yeah, again, crunch writing…

Final Rounds

Show ▼

I’ve spent quite some time talking about the series as a whole. But as an epiosde, I think it works very well, especially the denouement…the type of storytelling they should have been engaged in all along. Well, this wasn’t the best show of the season, and for me, it wasn’t the worst. As I said in the latest Metaverse podcast, it was the most disappointing. Now, that is just my opinion. Just because I got a blog about it, doesn’t mean that I’m the final word. And I am not the sort to judge someone by what they enjoy. If this show was great for you from start to finish, than I support that. For me it was lacking. I won’t belabour why in my final words, I’ve done that for many weeks leading up. I cordially invite differences of opinion in comments….which leads right to…what did you folks think?

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Thanks to everyone for your comments and support. And a special thank you to Karakuri for tagging the FI. See you in the Summer season! I know I have a few more Kickass LOLis to cover

Thanks for Watching!


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26 Responses to “Black Bullet – 13 [END]”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Okay, one more time; hopefully previously the SSH relay ate the comment -_-

    Having skimmed through the information regarding the series and the background, I would say that the series was supposed to be dark and dystopian, more like SnK (not SNK) as it is supposed to be about sacrifices. Perhaps those enlightened on the LNs can tell us how much adaptation decay happened.

    I take it that why the Gastrea Virus exists hasn’t been explained in the LNs yet? From what it sounds like, it looks like someone’s kemonomimi virus mutated and went out of control (whistles innocently). It doesn’t have to do with any dreams of legal kemonomimi lolis and shotas. (whistles more innocently) 0:3

    To end this, I just want to say:
    (who the heck thought of all these wierd names…)

    • skylion says:

      We were supposed to disavow that work, Di Gi.

      If it was supposed to be dark and foreboding, then they fumbled that ball whenever they tried. They got some recovering in places…but still.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    okay, someone save one of the 3 comments from spammy.

    • Irenesharda says:

      Mine got lost too, if some one can rescue it. 🙂

  3. BlackBriar says:

    It may have its flaws all over the place, in spite of that, Black Bullet was one of my series of the Spring season. I enjoyed it. Most of the charm comes from post-apocalyptic world building and the characters who try to maintain a life within despite the imminent threats of the infectious Gastrea. The faction that always had my sympathy was the mistreated Cursed Children. How it pissed me off to see them labeled as monsters and denied any sense of decency. Even more deplorable when they’re used and discarded like objects in the service of a city full of hypocritical ingrates. Basically, I get pissed when a different species that doesn’t want any trouble get oppressed by humans.

    Yuki Kaji is the perfect seiyuu for Rentarou as he really gives emotion to him through his voice, no matter what the mood. Ren, himself, is very capable, down to earth and cares deeply for his friends which makes him admirable. The only off putting aspect that’s reproachable is that he can be a bit too idealistic. But then again, that particular part can take a nose dive when he confronts something horrible. Like the puppet master behind Kagetane or coming to terms with the deaths of his Cursed Children students.

    Kisara raised some eyebrows taking matters into her own hands and blatantly murdering one of the conspirators against her parents. If she was ever in power, seeing what she’s becoming, she’d find an excuse to take out anyone similar to them. Anymore and I can see Kisara becoming close to what Kagetane hopes out of Rentarou. If she and Rentarou separate, it’ll be over a difference of views.

    The cliffhanger finale is alright in its own way and the drama acceptable. Shoma died a hero’s death. The disappointing part was the erratic pacing. I’m a stranger to the LN, therefore an anime only viewer but the feeling of the story being rushed was always present. Had this been a two cour series, enough breathing room would’ve been applied to better explain the story. I don’t know if a second season is possible but it would be most welcomed with me.

    • skylion says:

      Kaji is a much maligned VA,that doesn’t deserve half the grief he gets. VA’s aren’t exactly spoiled for choice, and most go where directed.

      They could go the “Kisara almost goes the Kagetane route” we could get more backstory about our Smiling Man, and the opportunity for Ren to “save her”…

      I don’t know if two cour would have made a difference. I still argue my one cour alternate take.

      • thorgriim says:

        Ya, i do joke about Kaji a lot, more so in the past, I do like when he VA’s a comically role, and its is true that they don’t really get to pick how they want to act, just told to say a few lines and act on it. Though lately Kaji is starting to grow on me as a VA hehe, poor arm jokes.. i don’t think they will get old..

        Ya, that bit with Kisara was a bit…strange, just just becomes evil just like that, I was waiting for her to suddenly bust out crying and asking what did she just do to herself, more socked and sick to make her feel human or something.

        I’d actually would watch a second season, if they did, then the could answer some of the unanswered questions like what Skylion said, more back story and all that jazz, but ehh.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I would like to see where that dark road takes Kisara. It’s got to be pretty weird in the office there. Will Ren still work for her? Or is it going to be too awkward now? I mean, you can’t really come back from that. It’s like stepping over a line of no return.

      • skylion says:

        I’ve had an awkward office romance once or twice. That doesn’t even cover this….and I’m glad!

  4. Foshizzel says:

    DEM FIGHTING SIBLINGS! Couldn’t they have just played a game of cards instead or reenacting a Mortal Kombat fight and now shes apparently “evil” what?! That is kinda crazy and I suppose that is a hint towards another season depending on DVD sales or is there not enough content left to even do another? I have no idea how popular this series is in Japan so who knows.

    Black Bullet definitely had potential to be a GREAT series I mean it has a kick ass opening and a fantastic ending with decent fighting and interesting characters but what happened with the story? I can only assume Black Bullet ran into the same issues that Guilty Crown had because of failed writing…ah well I had some fun with this series even though it got really boring around the Tina arc.

    I will miss my weekly dose of Enju! She was one of the best characters besides the psycho sword loli and her masked father who kinda remind me a tiny bit of Accelerator and Last Order.

    • skylion says:

      Accelerator and Last Order FTW!

      The 7th LN volume was released back in April this year. By the time production began, I could only assume at least 4 volumes. So they probably did what they could and wanted to wait for more material.

    • d-LaN says:

      Nah, BB ran into the issue of botched and rushed anime adaptation. It should be a 2 cour show instead. KADOKAWA! And there def enough material for S2 if they want to make one.

      Wasn’t its always hinted that Kisara is a bit more revengeful than what she seems? She is the girl who refuse to have a kidney transplant in order to have revenge against her entire family after all and IIRC she plans to end the bloodline at herself.

  5. thorgriim says:

    Damnit Tina.. you where suppose to go out in a bang, But thank goddness you didn’t die after all, though your ach still feel flat.

    Well I actually enjoyed this series for what it was, some bits however made it drop in place on my top 10 this season, it very low well say. But as far as enjoyment level with all its flaws.. It passes in entertaining at least.

    The final episode, Great, it made me get nearly teary eyed, OH Enju won’t you stay cute! The exchanges between Ren and Enju indeed hit me in the heart aswell Skylion, good moments in this episode with those two.

    Shouma’s sacrifice, ya I agree, if we got to know him more and all that I’m sure would have been a bit better impact, Though it was a surprise, i was waiting for Ren to do it and come back alive somehow, because…I didn’t think they kill him off with that.

    The rest, well the fighting was…fun, i told fosh ren should be like..”hey Stop all this steal killing guys.. let me kill the little ones too!” Take his loli and leaves.. but wait your target is the big boss!” Well it was nice to give us a few more quick kill shots.

    as for Kisara, when she leaves a room she really leaves an impression..all over the place, really knocks them dead…ehh…ehh… Ok i’ll stop before someone falls apart..

    Anyways Enju you will be missed! that last Screenshot, HEART Explosion! Dawws.. and Woot Skylion! first series I knew that i’d follow you with, it was awesomely fun to read these each week and try to comment, thanks! and ill ask fosh what your blogging in the summer time so Prepare yourself Loli Defender!

    • skylion says:

      We are, more/less, finalized in the blogging stuffs. You see me sooner rather than later.

      Thanks for coming out and supporting the blog, thorgrim. I look forward to more from you. And from everyone else.

  6. zztop says:

    LN readers on Animesuki say we can expect more pain and misfortune in store for Rentaro and company.
    Highlights include:
    Show ▼

    Still can’t find any info on the Gastrea mystery, so I’m assuming the author hasn’t covered that one yet. Perhaps someone can help fill in the blanks?

    • Kyokai says:

      Btw, gave you LN Informant title.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Awesome! Now only Irenesharda and thorgriim are missing titles. Then this would be a title studded comment section. 😀

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      The Loli version of Game of Thrones.

      Speaking of Lolis and death and Game of Thrones, has anyone notice the behaviour towards the lolis is similar to that of the anti-loli crowd on the Internets? 😛

      LOLicons and defenders unite!

      • skylion says:

        I saw it as a metaphor for how the current generation, and indeed past generations, are leaving things like credit debt and environmental damage for their kids to take care off.

  7. d-LaN says:

    I think this is the first time I got 2 consecutive comments getting eaten. Pls help?

    Also apparently some parts of this episode is anime original frm what I’ve heard but we shall see in my comparison post after my mid terms.

  8. jimbobi says:

    One of the main problems with this show has been rushing. It’s unfortunate, especially with the final part of this episode, which should have been intensely emotional and ended up losing a lot of effect. As you’ve mentioned, it seems to be a case of the anime adaption – the show would have benefited from taking a bit more time and pacing things.

    Still, I enjoyed Rentaro’s interactions with his loli crew and particularly liked Kagetane as a villain (though his second manifestation seemed to be lacking). If the show gets a S2 I’ll be coming back for those. By the way, does anyone know of any news on that front?

    Thanks for your great, thought-provoking and humorous articles Skylion – what shows will you be picking up this summer season?

    • skylion says:

      Thanks for your comments, jimbobi.

      I’ll be picking up Prisma-Illya, Majimoji, and Blade Dance. You’ll see me on some Tags here and there. I might pick up another show as well. I’ll see how my RL stuffs work out.

  9. inuyome says:

    this is why I think Tokyo should put a ban on elementary school main characters until they can treat them with respect and dignity again. do you think rini tsukino was just in sailor moon to fufill the loli role and that’s it no we the audience go to know her as a person and sympathize with her plight. nowadays elementary girl characters are just the token crush girl and nothing else

    • skylion says:

      Thanks for stopping by inuyome, good to have a new commenter on the board.

      I am not incredibly comfortable with any governing agency banning any form of art, commercial or otherwise. One, people’s definitions change, and honestly are never quite honest to begin with. Two, there exists a much better regulatory practice, one that is already in place, has been for quite some time, and will remain as such. Turn the thing that you don’t like away from you. The TV, the manga, the movie, the sculptor, the whatever it is that you don’t like, don’t pay for it in attention or dollars….

  10. inuyome says:

    I wish Rentaro and Enju’s relationship was familial only not crush on her side just a sister like figure looking after her brother like figure

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