Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 10-11


Never trust your in-laws

 I’ve been having stomachache these days (ate too much sushi last week), so I’ve been doing nothing but sleeping. But stomachache or not, I still end up sleeping for the whole day anyway.



THIS is what happens if you piss off your in-laws

It turns out that Tohara and Kitora do have some hidden agenda when they invite Livi, and that is to “take back” Nike forcefully no matter what. Talk about extremely-attached grandmothers. What she’s doing is not without reason though, since she claims that Nike’s power will be used for bad deeds if it ever falls into the hands of big kingdoms such as Livi’s. So she wants Livi to promise not to use Nike’s power no matter what. Of course, Livi didn’t give in to Tohara’s demand (which is a good thing since he already used Nike’s power anyway), but then he has to refuse by saying that Nike is his woman. Well, that’s not exactly wrong, but did he have to say it like that, to his grandmother-in-law? Good job, Livi. You just piss her off even more. Now take that super-cold-but-now-colder rainstorm.


At first, I found Tohara to be too worried about Nike. It’s just calling the rain, so what’s her deal? Well, according to Nike’s mother, it turned out that Rain Principality did destroy one land and three nations with that same power. And judging by the hints dropped by Nike’s mother, it seems that Nike will be that greatest singer who will receive the secret jutsu that was used to destroy the nations. That’s why Nike needs to stay at the Rain Principality, so that people can watch over her power. But of course Livin doesn’t want that. Who wants to be separated with their wife? I bet the married Metanorn bloggers don’t want that either, so Livi’s refusal is justified. Besides, he has the power to protect Nike too so I’m sure he can keep his promise to protect Nike.



Speaking about Nike, once again I am astonished at her character. I thought she was about to degenerate into one of those generic female protagonist in shoujo anime, but she proved me wrong. She literally injured herself just to go to Livi. I was all   ( ˃̶ω˂̶ ૃ) when that happened because it’s SO DAMN SWEET. Of course, there’s nothing unique about the said moment. It’s the usual shoujo scene where the girl spills all her love relationship to the enemy and all, but somehow, with Nike doing it, everything feels different. Maybe it’s because of her unique character that is against the shoujo troupe. And it seems that Nike finally sees Livi as a man, with her being more conscious about Livi every time he’s around. I bet the day when they will consummate their love won’t be far ヽ( ★ω★)ノ (although it won’t happen any time soon)



Now, if Nike is all good with Livi, it seems that someone can only watch them from far away. Yep, it’s no other than Kitora. Poor guy has to become the victim of the childhood friend troupe. Well, now at least Luna has a friend. But even if Livi is out of the picture, I still can’t imagine Kitora being with Nike. Nike is aggressive but oblivious, so she needs someone to make a move on her first. Making a move on a girl requires gut of course, and that is something Kitora doesn’t have. He’s too passive, and he is one of those people who would rather stay behind the scene. So is it Livi’s fault if Nike is smitten with him? No, because Livi is the kind of guy Nike needs. If only Kitora is as assertive and confident as Livi, I am pretty sure Nike would notice him more as a man…. But then if that happens, Soreseka won’t happen in the first place. After all, this is a story between Nike and Livi, teheh. At least now Kitora understands that Livi is the right man for Nike, and the love between the two is mutual. Kitora knows nothing can be done if everything is mutual, so he back off. I’m not so sure about Tohara though, since it seems that she’s not giving up. I wonder what she’s planning to do?

 Yep, here it is, one of the biggest factor in Soreseka, which is Nike’s power and the conflict between Tohara and Livi. I can already guess that Nike’s power will somehow contribute to the final arc in the manga. Or at least I can imagine that the story would focus more on Livi protecting Nike from people who want her power. Whatever it is, I can see that Nike’s power and the conflict between Tohara and Livi will play a big role in the story, so it’s good that the mangaka laid everything down from the start. The mangaka knows how the story is going to be and how it’s going to end. Not many mangaka knows that *applaud then stare at Naruto manga*. Besides that, I’m happy that I got what I wanted, which is more story about Rain Principality and Nike’s family + power. After watching the episodes, it seems to me that the Rain Principality has more secret than the Sun Kingdom. They’re much more… mystique and isolated, not to mention the secretive old people who won’t open their mouth. I’m pretty sad that the story about Rain Principality will end soon, but at least it will be involved with the climax this week… I think? Or maybe the climax is about Nike’s power going out of control? She is wearing that dress from the OP, and I’ve been curious about that OP scene where Livi hugs Nike. Whatever the ending is, I’m pretty sure it will make me go all kira-kira over Livi and Nike. Shotacon FTW!

Preview: Nike sitting at the edge of the window. Sluggish Nike?


Nike wants another cour


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6 Responses to “Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 10-11”

  1. skylion says:

    Ah, yes. One of the better romances I’ve seen in quite some time, and done darn right from the start. After this I wouldn’t try to keep a piece of toast away from Nike, if she really wanted it.

    But oh, that preview. I think we get to self-absorbed about death flags, right? So,no. Not that…

    • BlackBriar says:

      After this I wouldn’t try to keep a piece of toast away from Nike, if she really wanted it.

      Not that you’d be able to stop her if you did. This is the woman that defied the supposedly harshest king in the world on multiple occasions and was able to tame him. A woman like her is hard to come by.

    • anaaga says:

      Nooooooo not death flags. I don’t think Nike’s going to die because this is her story. And if she dies, the world is going to be troubled because a certain king will be mad… He conquered the world because of his feelings about his mother’s death, so imagine if Nike dies

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I’m amazed with how much I’m enjoying this shoujo series. Normally, anything that’s mostly consumed by romance isn’t in my strike zone but this one is passing along smoothly and the two leads are fun to look at in their interactions. Livi is badass and doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind and Nike is a force of nature (no pun intended) and sincere. I’m eager to see how this all caps off.

    • anaaga says:

      I love how the characters actually develop properly. This is a rare case when it comes to shoujo (and even if it does, it will be like Kimi ni Todoke). So yeah, kudos to the mangaka for making this series. He/she just made some fanboys change their minds about shoujo anime

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