Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii – 06 – 09


Livi wouldn’t like the answer I would give him

I don’t get how I always end up having a post with mass episodes explained in it when I keep telling myself that I’ll do it every week. Oh well.


‘Tis the Season for Affairs // If episode 2 to 5 is all about making the couple know each other better, then episode 6 to 9 is all about the couple and how the others see their relationship. Some agree, some disagree, and some… Get jealous, such as Livi’s childhood friend, Luna. There is nothing much about her except that she’s the first princess of Sea Kingdom and has the biggest crush on Livi… Until Livi went through mind rape that flipped his attitude from cute innocent shota into a sadistic arrogant shota. Not that I’m complaining since he’s great either way, but I guess it’s not good for Luna’s heart. That’s probably why she ran away.


Suddenly Lelouch

I can understand why she ran away though, despite the fact that it’s somehow “cowardly” in the world of shoujo genre. Being a princess or not, she was still a child that cannot comprehend what happened to Livi. Well, she actually can, but she decided not to face the evil Livi. Moreover, Luna saw the changes from the beginning, which means that she went through Livi’s most sadistic phase. However, what she did is still not right in the shoujo world. Unlike Nike who received the evil Livi with open arms, Luna ran away, which is not a good move in the shoujo genre. In typical shoujo, the female protagonist is supposed to accept the male love interest no matter how mean or rude he is . So yeah, though Luna had a chance to be the female love interest, she blew it off. That and the fact that she’s the childhood friends. Poor Luna has to be the trope that only has 49% chance of hooking up with the main character. But oh well, it seems that Luna finally understands that she’s no match to Nike’s persistence and idiocy, so she decided to let it go. At least she knows when to stop chasing after Livi and does not do some crazy stunt that would make her a typical rich brat. This is what I call a good rival. Some shoujo characters need to learn from her.

Back to the love affairs. If Livi has Luna, then Nike has Bard (and Kitora sometime later in episode 9). He’s the typical playboy trope. Y’know, all touchy touchy but no feeling since he’s hooked on Livi’s mother. The only thing that bothers me is his blond hair since Livi’s hair is black. It makes me wonder about Livi’s dad’s hair color and where the hell his dad is or what happened to him. I know that the death of Livi’s mother has some hints of murder, but what about his dad? Anyway, back to Bard. Livi sure did flip when everything is all about Bard. His hatred seems so intense. So intense to the point where Livi threatened Nike to destroy Principality of Rain. This is where I raised my eyebrow because Nike decided to forget his threat in the next episode? The sudden shift of tone was hella awkward, but I guess Nike is just filling the “I’m-going-to-accept-your-evil-side-too-!” trope for female protagonists.


Everybody loves shota boys

But some said that the feelings might be the exact opposite, so I guess this is applied to Livi. He cares about Bard so much to the point where that love turns into hatred when Bard left him. After all, Bard is his father figure. I guess no matter how evil or powerful Livi is, he is still a child who was forced to face the world as an adult. Thankfully, Bard is back to his side, so I guess Livi’s family is complete again now.

Principality of Rain // Finally, some stuff about Nike! It seems that the Principality of Rain was known as the prototype of Sun Kingdom. Though they didn’t end up conquering the whole world, the fact that they destroyed three kingdoms at the same time showed how gruesome the country was. There is also that weird temperature that makes it hard for outsiders to invade them. And considering their mystical power, Principality of Rain could have attacked Sun Kingdom easily. It makes me wonder about their power. What was the reason for their decline in power? Anyway, hearing all the rumors, the Principality of Rain was hella of a kingdom.


One thing they both have in common: tendencies to stalk/dote over Nike

Being the previous leader of PoR, Tohara must have been powerful. It wasn’t shown during the interactions among the characters though, since Tohara was acting like a doting grandmother to Nike. She accepts Livi easily. In fact, too easily. Why would she do that? I have the a feeling that she has something up in her sleeve, considering how she didn’t respond on Kitora’s statement about taking Nike back. She said something about working hard at the end of episode 8 too, so is there some kind of internal conflict going on? The visit to the Principality of Rain looked fun, but it seems that the fun won’t last long. I sense trouble for Nike and Livi, and remembering their blossoming feeling, it seems that the trouble will involve the relationship between the two.


Finallyyy after 8 episodes

I am sick of Tender Rain. I don’t give a shoot if it’s the official rain song or what, but it has to stop. Thank god for the alternative song the sisters gave the audience. That was definitely a break from all those damn tender rain.

Anyhow, the anime shifts quickly from the couple to the other characters. Not that it’s a bad thing, since the main couple’s story was actually thoroughly explained by the other characters (and their actions). I mean, who would’ve thought that Nike comes from a badass ancestry that is as evil as the Sun Kingdom? Damn, I am still not over that fact yet.

So far the anime has been progressing in a good way, having the next episode always better than the previous one. I see nothing bad, but it seems that the story is getting more and more cliché; so for those who is not used to shoujo, expect yourself to barf at the ending because seriously, everything seems to be sparkling more than before. Even Nike is slowly turning into a shoujo trope. However, I am still disturbed at the odd shift of mood at the end of episode 7 to the beginning of episode 8. The dude literally pulled Nike’s hair and threatened her to destroy her country. It was all evil and bad. Then the next episode all is good and well again? What in the world? How the anime would jump from one scene to another disturbs me also, as if they lack the drawings to fill in the frames. Maybe that’s why they use still images. Maybe that’s why they jump from one scene to another in a snap like that. Maybe they do lack money… But I can let that slide. This is drama, so I’m not expecting much. And it has been fun anyway.

Preview: Filler for next week? But it’s Sugitan, so it’s all good.


The new Johnny face?


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14 Responses to “Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii – 06 – 09”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    What is a husband for?
    A: Moneeeeeyyy!!! And a slave.

    But seriously, the answer is your other half. And yes, shotacons are we… and speaking of shotas… himegoto next season is full of trappulicious ones.

    • anaaga says:

      Is that a serious non-serious answer?

      And OMG THAT HIMEGOTO ANIME. Another series with potential of yaoi doujin and hentai. Me gusta

  2. skylion says:

    Yes. I was willing to hang on to Tender Rain for a bit longer than most. But please….bury it deep, bury it now!

    The switch between scenes is rather nuts at times, and yes, thank you for putting it out there. Livi was insane one moment, and cute and adorable the next. If I was Nike, I could have punched him a few times.

    And I do rather like that theme that, “in the past, we were totally evil” but now OK. You don’t have to inherit the sins of the past. But it does take work…

    • anaaga says:

      Heck, Nike from episode one would’ve punched Livi if he said that. But nooo she’s stuck in love with that shota to the point where she doesn’t say anything about his threat.

      Rain Dukedom is pretty laid back, it’s understandable Livi didn’t believe the terrifying rumors about them. It would be interesting if Tohara can explain the reason of their decline though. But it seems that the story will focus on Kitora instead

  3. zztop says:

    The Rain Duchy’s clothes and buildings are clearly modeled after the Tibetans, esp. the Potala style palace.

    • skylion says:

      I knew that. But since it’s anime I thought of it as an amalgam of both the Water Tribe and the Air Tribe. Which makes sense!

      • anaaga says:

        I see more as a Water Tribe, with the Sun Kingdom represents Fire. Because it’s more romantic that way <3

    • Highway says:

      That wasn’t a Potala-style. It was directly a ripoff of the White and Red Palace. 🙂

  4. zztop says:

    What is a husband for?

    Being your eternal love slave. 😀

  5. Highway says:

    I still like the show, but admit it’s plateaued while other shows have climbed past it. I thought it was quite a bit over the top with the ‘throw them in prison!’ bit. I start to wish that Livi was like a 14 year old, not a 10 or 11 year old like they’ve said he is. I understand the precocious stuff, but that’s just a little much.

    • anaaga says:

      What you’re feeling now is the repetition of the same formula, which is quite common in shoujo stories. They usually use the same type of subplot again and again until they reach the main conflict, and once it’s done the same thing will be repeated again. Sometimes the formula is spiced with other things such as new characters, settings, perspectives, and so on. Not saying that all shoujo is like this, but this is usually the kind of stuff that is done in many typical shoujo manga

      Yeahhh Livi flipping at the end of episode 7 was not pretty. The weird part is how the story decided to ignore his tantrum instead of delve into his evil personality further, which would definitely spice things up. And damn, Nike let is slide just like that.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Hahaha!!! Sounds like you have procrastination issues like I do. It’s such a bitch to deal with, isn’t it?

    The answer to Livi’s question would be: Sugar daddy.

    For his question about what does he have a Prime Minister for, it’s to be his patsy when he’s unavailable.

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