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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

  Welcome back to Puella Magi Madoka Magica the BATERU! Seriously! Can you believe they almost pulled that? Or are they     gonna pull that?


In the White Room


wixoss 11-1

Mayu is getting more distinct as episodes go by

I have to admit, I rather like the riff on Madoka they put out there. Only to pull it back, and then to put it forward again. It could be a huge case of having cake and eating it too, and as Mami points out, the least you could wish for would be cake. I think they want to acknowledge the source, back a bit away from it, and they take it from a different angle. I mean, Ru is not saviour material at the outset, no matter how much her wish resembles Madoka’s. She even insists that by wishing for the girls to be free, she would as well. And this wish even gets a tacit bit of sight unseen approval from Ru’s Grandma. If it’s Ru’s wish for her friends, than it is a good one.

I love how quickly Yuzuki shut her down. As delivered from her via Mayu in the White Space. It’s something we suspected all along, that the wish the Selectors make is something they could normally achieve given the right and normal circumstances. So you cannot break the laws of reality. No time travel, no wishing for more wishes, no bring people back from the dead. All that stuff Robin Williams told us. That dovetails right into something else we’ve discussed. Why play this screwed up game to begin with? Of course the Selectors don’t know this, so the real question is; why devise a system like this to begin with. As I’ve said in a few posts, I suspect that WIXOSS is a smaller game that determines the move of one much larger. With one episode left for this cour, and a sure fire cliffhanger coming up, the amount of space they have for maximum WHAM is going to come at a premium.

..and I’m home..

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 Is eavesdropping good or bad?

Anyone else love the conversation that Mayu has with Yuzuki. It’s not only informative, but it can be very telling of future indications. She keeps switching from space to space in the blink of an eye. Always divided by a gate. To me that just speaks of multiple places, multiple views collapsing into one. Further evidence for a larger game? But also, Mayu does manage to make one neat drop. Yes, you can. You can be special, born with a mysterious power. In this case, who would we be talking about? Ru or Tama? Is this Tama’s first time as and LRIG? Is this Ru’s trip as a former LRIG?

wixoss 11-3

 She still loves bateru

And before we forget, Hitoe makes a very sudden and dramatic return. It was almost out of an action film. She shows up, grabs her LRIG!Yuzuki and books it to a rented cab with her mother in wait. I mean, did they drive around town just looking for Ru? She coulda just grabbed the card and booked it, Ru had less reasons to chase than had. That’s Hitoe’s card now. And how about that reveal that she did retain her memories? It was just painful to bring them up. But through all this she still maintains the desire to play and achieve her wish in battle. I guess it takes some special convincing to get her to understand her wish was already achieved. Unless she has a new one.

One of the character holes I wanted plugged in, was a bit more about Ru’s past. It isn’t that surprising she comes from divorced parents, as children that grow up like that often have trouble keeping friends. But what is most surprising is how Grandma flat out tells Miyako, that she was never meant to be a parent, so don’t assume to act like one now. I like how they followed that scene of past separation with one in the present. And it’s Tama. She is very much against the idea of Ru having to suffer becoming an LRIG herself. Even though Tama might be able to change this system as hinted, she would rather her friend not be hurt in the process.

Hell is Repetition

wixoss 11-5

The man in black fled across the desert…

And now, we get to the Tower; can’t seem to let that structure come into frame without Grandma’s thoughts on it from way back in episode one. I don’t know about you, but don’t you think it’s a bit fishy that Iona’s family own’s that place? Seems a bit too convenient for me from a storytelling perspective. “Hey Dad? Can I borrow the nearly completed tower?”, “Sure, sweety, just make sure to gas her back up when you bring it back!” But with that aside, I do have to admire Iona automatically putting herself in the finals of the tourney, it’s her party after all. I wonder what she will do when she gets back to that White Room? And I wonder what she and Urusi have cooked up, either separately or in cahoots.

Well, with one episode left in this cour before it’s summer break, we got quite the stage set. As Iona and Urusi said, there have no Eternal Girls born of the tournament, but several did lose the requisite three times. Seems like her wish is to mow down anyone standing in her way, not that she needs to be a Selector to do that. And we are left with the fact that Iona was indeed an LRIG in the past, and that Tama may have some special ability. Is this due to Tama being on this trip for the first time? Lots of questions. But I feel we are going into cliffhanger territory for the next episode. I expect one more big WHAM that will answer some questions, but ask a few more. What did you folks think?


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15 Responses to “selector infected WIXOSS – 11”

  1. Dangerism says:

    Any chance that Iona’s LRIG is actually the real Iona, and by some dumb luck they got back together? Still don’t know what their real wish is then.

    • skylion says:

      …it could be dumb luck that they got back to each other. Or calculated…that makes it more interesting. It’s a wish they could have fulfilled anyway, right?

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Whoa a tower of girls fighting for wishes?! What is this sword art online?! Is Ruko related to Kirito-chan? I hope she wins and I guess that Iona is going to lose on purpose to return to the “white room” as in the Psych ward? That is where she belongs…

    So new things discovered the card and the Selector have to agree on the wish in order for it to succeed? Interesting! So Hanayo wanted to get with Kazuya after all?

    Good stuff this week! I will miss seeing this after we finish episode twelve because the drama and deals with the wishes kept me glued to my screen xD

    • skylion says:

      That’s our wish that Iona goes to a ward. That would be all well and good, but I don’t want to play this game! My wish is for my own Shinobu Oshino. I’m not risking never watching the Monogatari franchise.

      Re: Hayano and Kazuki. At this point, we can be ironic. She could have been creeped out by the incest, but knew it didn’t matter. Plus, she has a chance to bone. She had to take that…

      Yep, a long summer wait til the second cour. But more on that next episode.

      • thorgriim says:

        Wishes eh, so Skylion wants a shinobu, and fosh has a thing for chick in the psych ward, or slow talking girls like the one from one weeks friends. Hmm.. What do I want.. hmm

        That sounds cool, id actually maybe pay to see this ‘Tower of Girls Fighting for their wishes, who will become champion! We totally need some commentators for this event.

        Haha, all Hayano wanted was to get laid eh.. and freedom second. totally something to agree on.

        Ya, for a series that seemed ok at the start is now one of my favorite and interesting of the bunch. watching each episode trying to figure out all the mysteries around this game provided me with plenty of entertainment, enough to want more! come quickly Season 2!

        • thorgriim says:

          Also, the chick in the white room… maybe it’s Tama’s mom?! And could Tama and Urisu be ying and yang, meaning they are the same but split, i always figured Urisu was a Black card, and Tama is clearly white.

          well that came out weird.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I can definitely picture your wish to have your own Shinobu Oshino. No way that’d be a surprise. However, would you have the determination to see it through to the end?

        • skylion says:

          Both of us would need our own WIXOSS deck. But between the two of us, who would be most comfortable being the Eternal Girl? That’s the trick right there, man.

          • thorgriim says:

            who would be most comfortable being the Eternal Girl?

            To be an Eternal Girl or Not to be an Eternal Girl?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh ya and I have a feeling that Grandma has some sort of connection to the WIXOSS game.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    So Iona is out to make an impromptu WIXOSS tournament to sate her all-consuming desire for battle and establish an experiment for trial and error because of unclear conditions. She picked the perfect means to get the word out. News on the net spreads faster than a contagion. You can be sure of that. That’s one hell of a roster she’s made. It’s huge. Those who entered were gambling and losses piled because like it occurred near the end, most of the Selectors had to have been on their last leg.

    Honestly, seeing everything happening to Yuzuki since becoming an Eternal Girl is making me cringe. Regardless of if they’re flashbacks or not. During what she was being told about the conditions of Selectors, LRIGs and wishes from Mayu, at one point, I just said in my mind “You rotten bitch!”.

    I had a feeling Ruko’s wish would be somewhere along the lines or rescuing everyone afflicted by the game’s rules. The whims of an optimist never seem to have a chance. Anything that near insurmountable has a price that has to be paid. So all LRIGs won’t be freed. Hitoe’s change since her discharge from the hospital raised some eyebrows. The girl was cold and ruthless during her battle with Ruko.

  4. Highway says:

    Interesting that the “conditions have to be met” are really “the LRIG has to think she can actually do it.” (or at least one of them is). Oh, and also, the LRIG has to get over any fear or revulsion at the idea of the wish.

    I really would fear for a world where Ulith is someone with the influence and opportunity of Iona. She seems to be all “can’t wait until I get out of here, I’m gonna F all your S up…”

    • skylion says:

      I rather think that episode 12 is gonna be the Iona really does F up all your S. How that plays out just might be explained in the first episode of the second cour.

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