Seikoku no Dragonar – 10

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Watch out for this king!

 Wooooooo!! Welcome back to more LOLi Dragon fun on Metanorn! I hope you enjoy the post this week because I am seriously on the side of almost dropping this forever and never looking back, but thankfully Skylion is here to motivate me to keep going I will give it my best shot.


Well, the gang is on the way to the Cappy-tail ! What kinda hijinks can they get up to there?


Time for A Field Trip

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Double Kirabosh yo!

I knew we would eventually meet Silvia’s dad and I sort of guessed that he would be mental just like his other daughter, but I have a feeling that most people will probably dislike him because his relationship to his daughter is a bit strange! Yeah he is a bit out there; however I thought his scenes were hilarious and thankfully he was around to provide some kind of comical moments to a series that I feel is seriously lacking in that lately or has it been fine so far for you? Personally I feel we have hit the oh my god lets get super serious and yeah I know that Seikoku no Dragonar is probably not the go to series for gut busting laughs when there are far better comedic anime to watch this season.

Besides the goofy dad this week what did I manage to find fun this week? I guess the mystery about Silvia’s brother has me curious as to how he survived along with my questions as to what Milgauss really is?! I still think he is a humanoid dragon like Eco or some freaky robot and why is  Eco so damn important for their master plan? I guess since she is the main characters partner that sort of automatically sets her up as being special but what is the goal? Are they going to force her to transform into a real dragon? I mean sure that sounds interesting because I bet she has a lot of power stored up in her body or would you hate Dragonar if that became a possibility? I suppose if she were able to change back and fourth then it might prove to be cool just like Frederica in Chiaka?

The Plot Explosion

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LOLi-dragon-maid? What a perfect combination.

The Continental Congress does rather sound like a big deal, what with the preventing war and all, but it’s always a nice useful narrative trope to get lots of important folks together and stage a big threat. And you know, taking Eco’s Econess threatens me quite a bit. Grrrrrr. I like how she is beginning to transition from the mascot status she got pegged with, to a fuller character. The clumsy romance with Ash helps out, and I have to admit to loving the tsundere on the sides. Well, all the sides actually. My goodness the slow awareness both Eco and Ash have of all the rabu rabu going on around them was just priceless. And for the record, Eco, pick the cheese and raspberry crepe. Also isn’t it funny how Eco doesn’t pick up on the romance at first but can pick up on the fact that Ash is jealous of it? Oh, but the rabu rabu doesn’t end there. Did you catch how quickly Silvia “promoted” Ash in her own mind? The look on her face when she realized he could marry royalty if he rose high enough was just too darn cute. And when she says “royalty” what she really means is…..

You know I could see Eco in miedo, but I could tell she didn’t care for it, and neither did I really, not our LOLi dragon’s style. Her style is to not cause to much trouble so to make it to dessert. And to be outshone by Silvia.  And my goodness the tropes don’t end there! Isn’t it kinda awesome that the King can give Kawiasou’s Shiro a run for the hentai money. Likes getting beaten by his daughter, hidden qualities obscured by a love of laziness. But at least he’s cool enough to recognize Ash and Eco’s worth. And I love it how easy Eco took to him. “This dude is easy to talk to!” But he seems to be comfortable being a stay at home king.  No wonder Victoria pretty much runs the show. What with an executed Prince and all…..What, maybe he wasn’t executed? Oh, that sounds like trouble.

And can you get any more villain than Klaus Wittenhaus? Nice of him to come all the way as a representative, eh? Also he’s good at pretty much confirming that Milgauss is indeed Prince Julius, dragonslayer. Well he also carries some sort of magical tech designed to awaken Eco to maturity. They play the silly buggers game with “that” so we don’t quite know what’s in it. But I bet it might be a big wallop of astral energy to make her grow. I wonder how pleased Navi will get? One other thing I loved about this episode was just how well Victoria can play spy games. She knew of Milgauss, had some suspicion,  but is smart enough not to let the rumor of him being Julius spread. Cannot hurt the family name after all. Lautremont and Lannister’s think alike

Extra Loli Dragons

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No love for the king…

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A triple threat of maids!

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10/10 best smile 2014~

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1/10 worst drawn booty of 2014…

End thoughts

Not a bad episode but not the best episode! Lately I haven’t found much excitement in Dragonar as of late because it feels kind of slow and I think the payoff for the overall series will fall flat like finding out what Milgauss really is and why Eco is so important for the goals of the bad guys, but I am trying my best to at least find something interesting to talk about each week; however I do enjoy all the cute moments with Eco and Ash being all lovey dovey around each other and I always enjoy when Lucca is around! So what did you like about this episode? Eco wearing cute outfits or more plot reveals?

After a weak first arc or so, and a very strong Lucca/Dragon Dance arc, I’m happy to see this final one coming out of the gate with a strong start. Looks like we got some international betrayal coming into the works, as well as some internal conspiracies afoot. What did you folks think.


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20 Responses to “Seikoku no Dragonar – 10”

  1. skylion says:

    This is behind the scenes. I knew Fosh was losing interest in the show, so I encouraged him to just bash me more finding some solid points. You guys are more than free to do just that. Just start with “Skylion just got dropped on the head, yo”.

    • thorgriim says:

      damn you fosh, LAZY! I tell ya.. Is it odd that fosh is losing interest, and im gaining interest? lol

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        How can someone lose interest in LOLi-DRAGON-PETTANKO-MEIDO?!

        On another note, there is a lack of bukkake…

        On a more serious note, I think they haven’t been balancing plot and cute eco from what fozz is saying. Maybe will pick it up but the idea of having to pick up the LN just to fill up gaps isn’t too enticing. Mainly because once I pick up the LN, I won’t stop reading until finished… The impending mondaiji backlog already looks threatening.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Don’t make me feed you to the spam monster bro!

        • Di Gi Kazune says:

          speaking of spam monsters and lost… what happened to date-a-live 2?

          • Foshizzel says:

            I am doing a video for a series review since it only has ten episodes! That and I didn’t really find it all that amazing…

            • BlackBriar says:

              It did get amazing once best girl Kurumi Tokisaki was back to steal the show.

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              Ah… I did do a speed run of 1-9 yesterday and do understand your point so more commentary when it’s done.

            • Foshizzel says:

              @BB: Yeah along with Miku those two are my favorites

              @Di Gi Kazune: Yeah it really isn’t all that amazing…

        • BlackBriar says:

          You guys must’ve finally got him under control if you’re using him as a threat. 😉

  2. thorgriim says:

    I thought the “date” part of the episode was ultra cute, that smile on Eco face when she was in the fountain was precious. Eco can be soo cute when shes not full on Tsuu with a large dose of dere that ruins the shot, but its part of her character so ill overlook it!

    Now I say im gaining interest, but not by much, its decent, but I dunno it lack the impact I want out of it, But here to the end! hopefully we will have some fun with it till then.

    ALSO…. i miss LOLi elf..come back…

  3. tatsuya says:

    LOL ..

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Odd that Fosh is losing interest. This is a lot better than ecchi shows like Maken-ki, even if a notch below those like High School DxD.

    Eccentric king is eccentric and a masochist. About half of me was disillusioned after seeing what Silvia and Veronica’s father was like. More so after believing him to be a strict, no nonsense, all about nobility and appearance kind of leader. Considering how um… “High strong” Veronica appears and acts since her introduction. Still, he knows when there’s a time to be serious and like all fathers who have daughters, has an overprotective defense mechanism when their girls are around the opposite sex.

    It’s should be a bittersweet moment for Ash getting appointed Dragonar. Good for him that he’s making it big since I’m sure the thought of him excelling this much never crossed his mind. Even better giving him a stronger chance to pair up with Silvia who’s steadily falling for him. I’m still put off however it hasn’t occurred to them they’ve met before as children. On the other hand, it’s more incentive for Jessica to keep stalking in her ongoing attempt to jump his bones.

    • skylion says:

      I don’t think it is odd to lose interest in a series. This season I almost dropped Chaika, and was concerned about blogging WIXOSS around the second or so episode. It happens.

      What makes Ash’s advancement bitter, I get the sweet part.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Dragonar is fun don’t get me wrong I just have been bored with the recent arcs! I liked Lucca but this current is so damn slow, but if the mysteries remains solid that will keep me coming back for more and I hope we learn more about Eco! I am curious about her the most as in why is she so special other than being a humanoid dragon…

      DxD > Dragonar any day! I recently re-watched both seasons with my brother Thorgriim and he actually liked it because he skipped out on it but now we want that third season!

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